Nama Om…
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Namaha Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

Merry Christmas to all those in the western world. We know that some orthodox Christians, they observe Christmas on some other day. Anyway, today we went cycling in the evening and I did 540 cycles. We also had the TOVP exhibits meeting in the morning. That went on for three hours where people from four continents. So it was a bit tiring and I managed to do 21 sets of exercise of 36 each and apart from that two sets by myself. In the evening I did 11 sets of 36 each. So my main activities are – eating, exercising, meeting and resting. So I am hoping to get strong enough to return to Mayapur end of next month. So now we are compiling the Krishna Caitanya book and we are combining different scriptures that say about the leelas of Lord Caitanya. But for some reason, this whole section is from Caitanya Bhagavat. I don’t know why other sections of the scriptures are not mentioned. Maybe because they don’t say anything on these pastimes. So this is a new chapter we are starting today. ‘The bhaktas bless Vishwambhar’. He just started His devotional activities. Lord Nityananda had not come to meet Him yet. Which is just the beginning of His sankirtan pastimes.

The devotees seeing Vishwambhar’s humility, they gave their sincere blessings to Vishwambhar, continually. So in the Vedas, there is an explanation of one of the purposes of human life. Dharma, artha, kaama and moksha. Religiosity, earning money, enjoying sense gratification and achieving salvation. So all these desires other than desiring to serve Krishna is considered as duplicitous but the devotees give their non-duplicitous sincere blessing to Lord Caitanya because they only desired to serve Lord Krishna, not the desire for these other four goals.

Worship Krishna, remember Krishna, listen to Krishna’s holy names. Let Krishna be the life and wealth of everyone.

Please chant, please chant the name of Krishna. Become Krishna’s servitor. May Krishna manifest in your heart. So the point is that up to this point, Lord Caitanya had not revealed who He really was, to anyone of the devotees in Navadvip. So they just thought He was a very special, dependent, devotee. So as such they blessed Him with these words:
“May the Absolute Truth Lord Krishna, His names, forms, qualities, associates, characteristics and pastimes as well as devotional service to Krishna and love of Krishna, be manifest in Your pure transcendental heart.”

So seeing Lord Caitanya’s, Vishwambhar’s devotion and ecstatic symptoms, the elderly brahmana devotees offered these blessings and their heartfelt appreciation of Lord Caitanya’s devotion.

May nothing other than Krishna appear in your heart. From You may all our miseries be dispelled.

May the fallen persons who ridicule and laugh at the kirtan from You, may they be immersed in the transcendental mellows of Krishna’s service. So the devotees are referring to those people who ridicule or taunt the chanting of the names of Krishna. Who don’t understand that this is the prime duty of all human beings. And they rather consider that chanting Krishna’s names is an obstacle to their enjoying sense gratification. Let such persons who are devoid of the knowledge of Krishna drown in the service of Krishna by drinking a drop from the nectarean ocean of devotional service to Krishna, and receive a particle of love from Yourself. So You are acting as Jagatguru and You give the intelligence to serve Krishna. You should engage them always in the worship of Krishna. So the devotees in Navadvip accepted Lord Caitanya as a Jagatguru or guru of the world. So they considered by His mercy, those who are inimical to the chanting could be changed and become favorable to devotees, or become faithful devotees of the Lord themselves.

So just as You conquered the whole world with Your mastery of the scriptures, You should destroy the atheists by worshiping Krishna. So they don’t mean that to kill the atheists, but what they mean is to destroy the atheistic viewpoint or consciousness and let them become relishers of devotional service.

By Your mercy, may we all be blessed to chant, to sing, the names of Krishna, and by dancing may we become completely overwhelmed in bliss.

In this way devotees placed their hands on the Lord’s body and blessed Him while submitting their sorrows.

In this Navadvip, my dear, all the professors and teachers when the opportunity arises for them to glorify Krishna’s devotion, all of them act dumb. So the little bird for dumb used in this verse is a crane or a kind of a duck. It refers to an imposter brahmana, who follows the vows like a duck. He looks down to make a show of his humility, but he is very cruel and pretends to be submissive. So the word dumb in this verse refers to baak or a person who refrains from speaking in order to cheat others. Although a person is very skilled in discussions not related to Krishna, or one manifests millions of mouths for describing the scriptures in non-devotional ways, they should know that all the scriptures’ purports leads one to the devotional service of God. So due to this cheating propensity, one may exhibit silence like a duplicitous, cunning, cheating, imitating, greedy, fish eating crane. So this is a purport told by Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad. So there are many teachers, they know better but they don’t want to glorify Krishna. They don’t want to show the benefits of devotional service. Of course not everyone is like that. One of the popular yogis in the western world at the time of Srila Prabhupad, some of his followers expressed an interest in Krishna bhakti. So then he directed them to Srila Abhaycharan Aravinda Bhakti Vedanta Saraswati Prabhupad, telling them he was the authority of the present day on devotional service to Krishna.

There are many sanyasis, many persons who perform austerities, and what to speak of those who are following the path of impersonal, speculative knowledge – big, big names in this Navadvip. Many are present – big, big names in Navadvip but no one explains my dear, the glories of Krishna kirtan. No one explains, rather they always criticize. Therefore, this statement of the devotees who prayed to Vishwambhar, it was evident that at that time, there was no shortage of non-devotee karmis, non-devotee yogis, gyanis, sanyasis and tapasvis – those who perform austerities, in the holy town of Navadvip. But the shortage was of pure devotees. Always there are less pure devotees than non-devotees. But in the Brahma Vaivartha purana, Krishna predicts there will be a 10-thousand-year period, a golden age, in which all over the world, people will be chanting the holy names of Krishna and devotional service will be significant. So we will stop here. Are there any questions?

Names of the devotees attending online class was told by repeater prabhu.

Question: Saurabh Pramanick: How a devotee can develop the transcendental taste of Krishna consciousness so that no material desire can contaminate him?

Guru maharaj: The process of Krishna consciousness is a gradual process. By following the process, you go stage by stage. When you reach the level of bhaava, ecstatic love for Krishna, you will be 99% Krishna conscious. And only 1% of maya. And then when you get Krishna Prema you will be 100% Krishna conscious. So when we start out we are in 1% Krishna consciousness and 99% in maya. When we are constant and fixed up then we are about 50: 50. When we get a taste to serve the Lord, we are 62% – when we have a taste, that is the stage called ruchi. 10/16s and 12/16s is aasakti and then 99% is bhaava. So all this is systematic. One simply has to remain in the process.

Continuing to say the names of the devotees attending online class.

Question: Krishna Kishora das: In the previous class you mentioned that the prediction about the names going to every town and village also means that in every town and village, there will be someone who is eager to receive the holy name. Will it be like this during the golden age or is the prediction that everyone will be chanting?

Guru maharaj: I have to look at the exact prediction but I remember that Prabhupad said that it is not that everyone will chant Hare Krishna but chanting of Hare Krishna will be present in every place and a significant of people will then take to chanting. But maybe in some places it may be more than other places. But everywhere there will be chanting of the names of the Lord.

Question: Rashmi Singh: How can we get mercy of Lord Gauranga the same way He was giving when He was present?

Guru maharaj: By following His instructions, that is called vaani seva, one can also get the mercy of Lord Caitanya. While the bona fide spiritual master is the representative of Lord Nityananda and Lord Nityananda is the representative of Lord Caitanya. This is the guru parampara system.

Thank you very much. How many on the internet? 153 devotees on the internet.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
25 December 2018