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Go to Bengaluru, to the three temples – the ICC, Gandharvika Giridhari and the Jagannath mandir at Sheshadripuram. Then he (HH Gopal Krishna Goswami maharaj) came here to Chennai and I got the blessing of his visit.

So today we had a physio in the morning. We chanted our noon Gayatri in the sun, because the doctor said I need sunlight. I was to go cycling this evening but His Holiness Gopal Krishna maharaj and we talked for an hour and a half and there was no time. Dinner tonight was Italian type and this class is Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s leelas.

Everyone is intoxicated by the ordinary dealings of the material world. They are very proud of this. They do not consider glorifying vaishnavas as an auspicious activity. Ordinary people are intoxicated by material conceptions, they don’t care, of the glorification of the most auspicious devotional service of Lord Vishnu. Such people were absorbed in material activity, so therefore they could not understand that the vaishnavas are certainly most exalted, most elevated and most gloooorious, because they are engaging in the eternal service of the eternal Lord!

They spend their wealth on the festivals for their sons and daughters. None of them know anything about Krishna puja, Krishna dharma, about the devotional service of Lord Krishna. The materialistic people, they consider that removing the suffering and the distress for enjoying the material world, getting the results of karma, they consider as dharma. Fathers thought that whatever wealth they accumulated should be spent on the marriages and other occasions, for increasing the happiness of their children. None of them accepted that their accumulated wealth should be spent for the worship of Lord Krishna or to achieve knowledge of devotional service to Krishna. What to speak of them, even today, many thoughtless people consider they are helping the people who are suffering the results of their karma, is superior to worshipping Krishna or achieving knowledge of devotional service to Krishna. They say such speculative things like daridra Narayan. Narayan is never daridra. And if the people are given prasadam, if they are taught about Krishna consciousness, they can actually get freed of their bad karmas and they can get unlimited spiritual bliss, and at the end of life, they can go back to Godhead. This is the actual purpose of human life, and not having big festivals for the children, and neglecting devotional service.

All the teachers, professors, simply engage in useless arguments, and taught this as their subject matter. Krishna bhakti, Krishna worship, is something they don’t know anything about. So these learned teachers attempted to establish the predominance of mundane, useless, arguments. These learned teachers failed to understand that service to Krishna and worship of Krishna are supreme, ARE SUPREME and devotional service to Krishna are supreme. Haribol!

If any of these learned teachers teach or read the Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavad Gita, they do not refer to devotional service, but simply engaged in dry speculation. So in spite of their teaching the students vaishnava literature, like Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, teachers engage in useless argumentation and dry speculation, rather than thinking of their own benefit and benefit of others. Rather than telling what is on every page of Bhagavad Gita or Srimad Bhagavatam, rendering pure devotional service to Krishna.

Vishwarup Thakur, Lord Vishwarup, He would wander here and there to all the different places and nowhere did He hear about bhakti yoga! So He got big sadness, big unhappiness because He didn’t hear anything about devotional service to the Lord, to Krishna. Hare Krishna!

Advaita Simha was like a lion, He had full Krishna’s potencies. He would explain devotional service to Krishna while teaching yoga vishishta. So Advaita prabhu had all of Krishna’s potencies. His designation was vaishnava aagraadi, the topmost vaishnava, was appropriate to Him. Vishwarup, the elder brother of Mahaprabhu was particularly unhappy, because of not hearing topics of Lord Hari anywhere in the world. He therefore felt great ecstasy, on attaining the association of Advaita prabhu. So getting the association of a pure devotee preacher gives other devotees ecstasy.

Who is able to understand Advaita’s explanation? The topmost of all the vaishnavas in the middle of Nadia!

Wherever Vishwarup prabhu went He felt unhappy. Yet He attained the happiness of ecstatic love of Krishna in the association of Advaita Gosain.

Constantly Vishwarup stayed in the association of Advaita prabhu. Vishwarup and Advaita together relished the mellows of ecstatic love of Krishna.

At that time Lord Gaurangasundar was a child with curly hair and enchanting dress.

Mother Sachi told him, Vishwambhar, run fast, call your brother and bring Him quickly.

On the order of mother Sachi, Lord Vishwambhar ran immediately to the house and arrived at the house of Advaita.

So Advaita was sitting with the vaishnavas all around him. Exalted devotees like Srivas and others. Great exalted devotees!

Vishwambhar said, brother, oh brother, come and eat Your rice! Don’t delay He said, smilingly.

Prabhu Vishwambhar captivated the minds of all present. They gazed at the Lord in His most attractive form, as a child. Paramasundar!

Being bewildered, Advaita Acharya, He looked at the face of the Lord, giving up all His work.

In this way every day on the mother’s order, Vishwambhar went to call His brother to the house of Advaita Acharya.

Advaita thought, when He saw Vishwambhar, this most attractive boy or child is stealing My heart!

Who else can steal away My heart? Is anyone else able to do it? Is this My Lord who bewilders My mind?

Lord Vishwambhar dwells in the hearts of all living entities. As soon as Advaita would think like this, the Lord departed for His home.

So tomorrow we will start from the next verse chapter 22, verse 103, Madhya Kanda, Caitanya Bhagavat.

So today there are more than 200 online viewers on the internet. Thank you! Susvagatam! Are there any questions?

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Q: Sachi mata and Jagannath Mishra – are they Vasudev and Devaki or Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda? Lalita Kartikeyan

Guru maharaj: Answer is 1,2,3 and the only answer is yes! Nice question! They are both Devaki Vasudev and Nanda and Yashoda. Because Lord Caitanya is both Krishna, Narayana, so sometimes Lakshmipriya said She was Lakshmi, sometimes Vishnupriya is Sita. So like that Sachi mata is sometimes Devaki and sometimes Yashoda. Hare Krishna!

One more question.

Question: How to feel Krishna by soul and not by mind? Srimadana Mohini

Guru maharaj: Why do you say your soul? You are the soul! Why don’t I realize Krishna myself or by my mind? Because we are conditioned souls, so we see things through our senses and through our mind, intelligence. But as you advance you will feel things beyond the mind and intelligence. Just like, I am a very insignificant soul, but in the 1970s I had a high fever. I was burning! Physical, great discomfort but I was listening to Prabhupad’s lectures in Vrndavan on Nectar of Devotion, and I was feeling so much happiness! In one sense my body was suffering, and in the other sense I was feeling great bliss! So I understood that I was different from my body! How many have you realized this? In Bengal they ask, how is your body? Tumar shori kaimon aache? We always say, how are you> Thia is the western, way. But actually, you is the soul and the soul is always good. But the covering of the soul, the mind and the body, they go through different things. So the real question is, how your body? And you are the soul. And your questions was, when will my soul feel this and not just my mind? But you are the soul. When will I realize this, not just my mind. Hare Krishna!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
24 January 2019