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So the topic of today is Explanation of offence of mother Sachi. So we will start Caitanya Bhagavat, Madhya Kanda, Chapter 22, 58th verses. So today, happy January 23 to all of you…
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Dhruva(?) who had extraterrestrial airplanes and how Krishna fired special weapons. So the people who are thinking that it is all mythology, but with the finding of the city of Dwaraka they are realizing that it is history and not mythology. So similarly the pastimes of Lord Caitanya are only 500 years old! Lord Caitanya was 6 years old when Christopher Columbus discovered America. So this is the thing which has been recorded in history. So we are very happy to be remembering how the Lord comes down to earth to show His pastimes. 5000 years ago Krishna came in His original form and 500 years ago Krishna came as a devotee to give people a chance to enter into His Nitya lila.

So today, I had my physiotherapy this morning. I went on cycle ride and did 720 cycles. And I am giving a class here! So that is just a short explanation we have.

If it is analyzed, mother Sachi did not really commit any offence. Even then, Prabhu Lord Caitanya said it was an offence.

Why do people call Him Advaita? And what dissatisfaction caused mother Sachi to call Him Dvaita?

I will narrate that topic, listen carefully! That topic is related to Vishwarup, the elder brother of Lord Caitanya.

Vishwarup mahashay was the Lord’s elder brother. He was greatly powerful and effulgent. His form was rare in this material world!

He was expert in all the scriptures and He was very sober. He is non-different from Nityananda prabhu! And His form is non-different from Nityananda prabhu.

There was no one in Navadvip who was able to understand His explanation of the shaastras. Yet He remained in a child mood. Prabhu remained in the association of young boys.

One day Jagannath Mishra went to an assembly of scholars. After him, Vishwarup prabhu his son, followed. He was very handsome.

As Jagannath Mishra entered the assembly of the Bhattacharyas, the learned brahmanas, seeing Vishwarup, everyone there became very pleased, on seeing Vishwarup!

The eternal blissful form is non-different from Prabhu Nityananda and Vishwarup was most beautiful. He stole away everyone’s heart, for He possesses all the potencies!

One Bhattacharya said, oh child, what are you studying? Vishwarup replied, I know a little of everything! So a Bhattacharya is a learned brahmana scholar. So when he asked Vishwarup oh child, how far have you progressed, in the field of education, and in reply Vishwarup replied that I have studied something from all scriptures. As a result of this His father Jagannath Mishra became disturbed and chastised the child Vishwarupa.

Considering Him a child, no one said anything else to Him. Jagannath Mishra was disturbed on hearing his son’s arrogance.

So after finishing his business, Jagannath Mishra headed for home. On the path, Jagannath Mishra slapped one time, Vishwarup.

Son, rather than telling them what books you read, why did You speak like that in the assembly?

Everyone thought You to be a fool! And You insulted me by embarrassing me!

The greatly magnanimous Jagannath Mishra who was most fortunate, returned to his home, after showing great anger to his son.

Meanwhile, Vishwarup went back to that assembly and spoke to the Bhattacharyas with a smile on His face!

None of you have questioned Me and so My father, He punished Me.

Whatever you want to ask Me, ask Me now! Or you all can unite and ask Me whatever you want!

One Bhattacharya with a smile on his face, said, listen child, today what You have read, please give some explanation.

Vishwarup Bhagavan started to explain some of the sutras. And everyone became struck that what He was saying was conclusive!

So everyone said, You have explained the sutras very nicely! The Lord said, My dear, I have cheated you, I have deceived you. You have understood nothing. Or you have not understood anything. Kicchu naa bhujilaa.

Whatever He had said, He refuted everything. Everyone’s heart was struck with wonder at that time!

In this way, He established and refuted His arguments three times. And then He would reestablish His arguments explanations’ three times. So after being chastised by His father, Vishwarup returned to the assembly of brahmanas or scholars or pandits, and then when he was questioned by the scholars, He began to explain the Vedanta sutras. He gave the audience great satisfaction with His explanations. He then refuted His explanations. And then He reestablished his refuted explanations. And then he refuted them again! Ha! Vishwarup ki jai! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Greatly intelligent, He explained everything very intellectually, but by the influence of the illusion of Vishnu maya, no one could understand what He said. Vishwarup is Himself the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore, all these scholars being bewildered by the illusory energy of Vishnu, they could not understand anything about the science of the Absolute Truth. Since devotional service, the eternal propensity of the soul, had not awakened in them, they were unable to understand those explanation This did not surprise Sankarshan prabhu. Vishwarup is the incarnation of Sankarshan, who is the expansion of Nityananda prabhu.

Vishwarup in this way lived, resided in Navadvip. Yet He was not happy or pleased that people were bereft of devotional service – not pleased.

So we will stop here verse 83 of chapter 22, Caitanya Bhagavat, Madhya Kanda.

This tells a little bit about the situation in Navadvip prior to the sankirtan movement.

Any questions?

Question: You explained that Jagannath Mishra slapped Vishwarup and was angry, on the way. It seemed like a little cruel to my mundane mind. Could you please explain this?

Guru maharaj: You know, in different cultures, they have different standards for bringing up children. So thinking that Vishwarup had acted in a very proud manner, he gave him a tap on His face, asking him why did you do like that? He obviously did not hit Vishwarup very hard but he displayed his displeasure with His proud answer. So there is saying, like spare the rod and spoil the child. So Prabhupad said that you threaten but don’t use the stick! So since some parents may get carried away, generally these corporal punishment is forbidden in many societies. Jagannath Mishra did not beat his son; he just gave Him a tap! Actually He was not in false ego, He told the truth and went back and defeated all the scholars. He also said, I was chastised by my father. He didn’t take it that He was beaten, but that He was chastised. If the parent shows all time their love to the child, but sometimes if they correct the child, the child knows they are correcting out of love. Hare Krishna!

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Question: The relation between Lord Caitanya and Vishwarup in the childhood is the same as Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda?

Guru maharaj: Vishwarup was much older than Lord Caitanya. Maybe like 4 or 5 years. So like when Lord Caitanya was a small toddler Vishwarup was like a nine-year-old student. So the difference between Lord Caitanya and – Lord Nityananda only joined Lord Caitanya at the beginning of the sankirtan movement. And so Vishwarup was acting as the elder brother to Vishwambhar. While Lord Nityananda acted more like an assistant of Lord Caitanya. Although He was higher up in the disciplic succession.

So I have some prasadam here from Srirangam and also some sweets there. So enjoy!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
23 January 2019