Nama Om…
Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

Offence of mother Sachi removed, is the next chapter. Today from 7.30 to 9 we were having a TOVP Exhibits and Planetarium meeting, but there was not a quorum, therefore we will have a meeting again. Then a little after 9 the physiotherapist came and did my physical therapy. He said I needed to rest more, then I can advance faster. Due to long habit, I wake up at 4 o clock, many years attending mangala arati but from now he said I should sleep longer, so that my body will heal. Anyway, I went cycling. This afternoon we met some devotees from Madurai, they are all India chairmen of the young entrepreneurs. They showed a video in which 75,000 students from different schools were participating in Damodar vrata. Another video, where they are adopting a village with 110 families, and people are taking up the chanting, they are also worshiping Tulasi and they are being taught some cottage industry, so that they can survive economically when their agriculture is bad. So then I had dinner and here I am here for class. I had uttapam, south Indian dinner. So we will start to read out.

Thereafter all the devotees went to Advaita’s house, they explained everything to Advaita in detail.

On hearing their words, Advaita Acharya remembered Lord Vishnu and asked them, do you all want to take My life away? To kill Me? Advaita prabhu on hearing the devotees, He remembered Lord Vishnu and He was telling them by listening to their words, He was committing an offence by hearing their words. We are all dependent sons of Her, She, who bore the Supreme Personality of Godhead within Her womb! So can we ever think? CAN WE THINK that our mother is the offender? Rather than purifying myself by taking the dust from My mother’s feet on My head, you are out to destroy My respect and devotion for My mother!! AHH! Thus spoke Advaita prabhu.

The womb from which Mahaprabhu has descended from the spiritual world to this world, She is our mother, My mother! I am Her son!

I am the aspirant of the dust from the lotus feet of that mother. That mother’s glories I know not even a sesame seed of Her glories. In other words, He is saying, I don’t even know the least of Her glories!

She is the form, that mother is the form of Vishnu bhakti; She is the mother of the whole universe. Since She is the personification of devotional service to Vishnu. How can you say such things? Advaita Gosain is saying now that it is most unreasonable to speak such harsh words of mother Sachi?

If one utters the word aayi or mother as a mundane word, by addition of the word aayi or mother, that by the influence of that word, one would be freed from all suffering. So aayi is Bengali for mother, so if someone is referring to mother Sachi, mother of Sri Gauranga, uttering this word one can be free of the three fold miseries, adi aatmik, adi bhautik, adi daivik.

There is no difference between the Ganga and mother Sachi. In fact, She is not different from Devaki and Yashoda. That is the great quality of mother Sachi.

When Acharya Gosain was describing the glories of mother Sachi, He became overwhelmed with ecstatic love of Krishna and fell unconscious to the ground.

Realizing that Her opportunity had come, Her opportune moment had arrived, mother Sachi came forward, came outside, and took the dust from the lotus feet of Advaita Acharya and put it on Her head. This is the secret – if someone will not give forgiveness from the offence, then if he can get the dust from their lotus feet, he will be forgiven. I was noticing that someone was taking the dust from all the shoes, outside the temple. Hare Krishna!

Mother Sachi was a great vaishnavi, She was the personification of devotional service. She had the power to carry Vishwambhar in Her womb. Since Sachi devi was the mother of the Supreme Lord, therefore She had the service capacity to bear the Supreme Lord within Her womb. She was a devoted servant of the Supreme Lord. Since Advaita prabhu lost His external consciousness, She accepted the opportunity to take the dust from the lotus feet of Advaita Acharya, on Her head.

When mother Sachi took the dust from Advaita Acharya’s lotus feet, at that time, She immediately became overwhelmed in spiritual bliss! And fell unconscious to the ground. She was not conscious of the external world. So mother Sachi because of Her offence to Advaita Acharya was not able to have Krishna Prema. As soon as She took the dust from the lotus feet of Advaita Acharya, and put that on Her head, Her pure love of Krishna flourished and Sri Sachi devi lost her external consciousness and fell unconscious.

All the vaishnavas sang, All Glories to Lord Hari! Jai! Jai! Hari! Jai Jai Hari! Jai Jai Hari! Jai Jai Hari! Haribol! Then the tumultuous glorification of Shri Caitanya arose amongst them!

Advaita lost His external consciousness and was unconscious on the ground, by the influence of mother Sachi. Mother Sachi also lost Her external consciousness and was on the ground, by the influence of Advaita Acharya. Ha! Ha! So both of them were totally overwhelmed with Krishna Prema and unconscious! And all the other devotees seeing this amazing pastime, were chanting Hari Hari bol! All Glories to Hari! All Glories to Shri Caitanya!

So this verse says the same thing I realized. By the influence of each other, the two became overwhelmed, and the assembled vaishnavas all chanted the name of Lord Hari. Hari! Hari! Hari! Hari! Hari! Hari! How fortunate they were to be present? How many of you would like to be present? Haribol!

Lord Vishwambhar smiled as He sat on the throne of Lord Vishnu. Being pleased, the Lord spoke to His mother.

Now Krishna bhakti, Vishnu bhakti, devotional service to Lord Vishnu, is Yours. You don’t have any more offence to Advaita Gosain. So the next verse is from Caitanya Mangal.

The very fortunate mother Sachi, knew all the truths of spiritual life. Facing Her son, She spoke in very sweet words.

Listen, listen My Golden Son, I see that You have something very wonderful in the universe, which is very rare in all the worlds.

Wherever You go, whatever wealth You get in the travels, You always bring it to Me.

You went to Gaya and You got pure love for Krishna, which is a great treasure! Even the devas, the demigods, and angels find it very rare, more dear and more valuable than priceless jewels, even the demigods cannot achieve this.

If You have mercy in Your heart to Me, give Me Krishna Prema dhan, the wealth of pure love of Krishna! A love that I fear to ask for!

In this way Sachi devi spoke. His heart melting the Lord gazed at His mother and spoke.

By the mercy of the vaishnavas My dear mother, You will attain that pure love, ecstatic love of Krishna. Know this for certain! What I said is the truth.

Hearing these words mother Sachi became very joyful at heart. Then She got Krishna Prema at that moment! So you see how one shaastra has a slightly different version.

The hairs on Her limbs stood up, Her body trembled, endless flooding of tears from Her eyes flowed like rivers!

Mother Sachi called out, Krishna, Krishna! with a joyful heart! In this way, Lochanadas describes Lord Caitanya’s first manifestation of ecstatic love. So combining these two shaastras, mother Sachi asks Lord Caitanya to give Her pure love, as She always got the wealth that He brought during His travels. Then He said He can’t give Her because She offended Advaita, and then the pastime with Advaita happened. And then mother Sachi got pure love of Krishna, and all the ecstatic symptoms. That is how we combine the two.

When they hear Lord Caitanya’s words of mercy spoken from His mouth, they all chanted in unison Jai! Jai! All Glories to Lord Hari! Jai Jai Hari! Jai Jai Hari! Jai Jai Hari! Haribol! Haribol!

Using mother Sachi as an example, the Lord who is the instructing guru of everyone, cautioned everyone about vaishnava aparadh. Hare Krishna! So this pastime reveals how mother Sachi became freed from the offence against Advaita, revealed that even a great most powerful spiritual personality can be deprived of achieving all kinds of good fortune, because of committing an offence against a vaishnava – saavdhaan sadhu!

If someone as exalted as Lord Shiva, blasphemes a vaishnava devotee of the Lord, even He would soon be destroyed. This is the verdict of all scriptures.

Those sinful people who ignore this fact and blaspheme the devotees, they suffer the punishment of Providence, birth after birth.

What to speak of others, Gaurangasimha’s own mother was not exempt from being considered an offender of a vaishnava! So the most sinful offenders who display the audacity to blaspheme the vaishnavas, are totally destroyed by the wrath of Providence. So when a vaishnava aparadh displayed its power even on Sachi devi, who was fortunate enough to be Gaurasundar’s mother, then what to speak of others? They don’t stand a chance.

Thus ends the chapter entitled offence of mother Sachi removed.

Hari! Jai Jai Hari!

If knowingly or unknowingly I commit any offence on you, please forgive me!

Vaancha kalpataru bhayas ca, kripa sindhubhya eva ca, patitanaam paavanebhyo vaishnavebhyo namo namaha!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
22 January 2019