Nama Om…
Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today we are continuing with the Lord Caitanya instructs mother Sachi how she can get rid of the offences. The sins and offences are two different things. Sins are in the laws of karma and you suffer and enjoy according to your pious result or sinful result. But offence cuts at the spiritual root, and stops one’s spiritual progress, or slows one down, depending on how grievous is the offence.

So today was Monday, we had our physiotherapy in the morning, and then in the afternoon the dentist came and did a checkup, I went for some cycling and now we are giving class. I had dinner before this, Mexican tacos. Thank you all. And right after class we will have the class we will have the video of Prabhupad, if you had not come, translated into Tamil by Sumitra Krishna das and his good wife, Tarini Radha devi dasi.

Oh Lord, that person who is Your mother, she is the mother of everyone. Can a mother offend a son? What offence can a son think of his own mother?

Even if she has committed an offence against a vaishnava, even then, please destroy the offence and be merciful to her!

The Lord said, I could give instructions but I cannot destroy a vaishnava offence.

It is true that I can instruct anyone said the Lord, about devotional service, but I am never able to deliver one who has offended a vaishnava, out of envy.

If someone makes an offence against a vaishnava, the offence can be excused by that vaishnava – no one else.

You know how Durvasa’s offence against Ambarish maharaj was destroyed. Only a vaishnava who has been offended can excuse the offender. As was the case when Durvasa offended king Ambarish. So if mother Sachi gets forgiven by Advaita Gosain, or if she takes the dust of Advaita prabhu’s lotus feet on her head, then Advaita prabhu will forgive her offence. I will be able to instruct her, My mother, about devotional service to the Supreme Lord.

She has offended Naada. So she can attain ecstatic love for Krishna when Naada forgives her.

If mother Sachi takes the dust from Advaita prabhu’s lotus feet, and puts it on her head, she will get prema bhakti!! Ecstatic love for Krishna, by My order!!

Thus ends the chapter entitled The Lord instructs how to remove the offence of Mother Sachi, from the book Krishna Caitanya the Supreme Personality of Godhead as a devotee.

Jodi Prabhupad no hoito, in Tamil. Remake by Akhila. Singers are: Satyannath prabhu, Kirthana, Sridevi, Ramacharana. Tune: Radha Ranjini, Hari Gopal prabhu and Muthuswami. Music by Shyam. Kartals, mridanga, harmonium. Subtitle translated by Hemagopi devi dasi

(The video was played. We heard the audio only to start with. Then transmission stopped.)

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
21 January 2019