Nama Om…
Hari Haraya naama Krishna Yadavaya namaha, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So we are compiling the Krishna Caitanya book to give the different pastimes of the Lord, in as much as chronological order as we can. Before I start the writing, I give my health report today. After the morning breakfast, which was basically oats porridge and crepes with raspberry sauce, the physio therapist came. After doing basic exercises, he had me sit up myself and had me sit without any support. And doing this for one minute. Then there were various other exercises in the sitting position. So this went on till about 10 in the morning. Then we had some different programs and now Raseshwari and her sister are here and they are cooking. So I had some Italian preparation this noon!! We had some ravioli and then standard sabzis and spinach, bitter melon. Before lunch I went down in the sun and chanted my Gayatri in the sun as they said that I need sunlight. Then I took prasad and took rest. Then I had some predinner physiotherapy. Had dinner and now we are having class. So thank you for being present. We will start now, the reading.

This is Advaita Gosain telling about His dream. He said He saw many vaishnavas at the house of Srivas Thakur and they were all experiencing rare realizations, which are even rare for Lord Brahma and souls of his level.

Therefore, You should eat your meal. I am departing now but I will come again at the time of Your eating.

When I opened my eyes I saw this Vishwambhar but He disappeared from My sight, as I was watching Him.

I cannot understand Krishna’s mysteries – which form He manifests in or in whom He manifests. This is explained in the Caitanya Caritamrita Adi Lila Chapter 3 verse 18. Lord Krishna tries to hide Himself in various ways but nevertheless His pure devotees know Him as He is. Caitanya Caritamrita Antya lila Chapter 6, verse 124 also states:

“The SPG always resides either in the heart or in the home of a devotee. This fact is sometimes hidden and sometimes manifest, for the Supreme Personality of Godhead is fully independent.”

His elder brother Vishwarupa, used to come and in My association would study the Bhagavad Gita with Me.

This child Vishwambhar, was most enchanting and attractive. His form was very sweet. He came to My house to call His brother.

Seeing the beauty of the child, My heart and consciousness became captivated. I gave My blessing to the child, with the words, may You attain devotional service to Krishna.

He is from a very aristocratic family, He is the son of a very noble person, Nilambhar Chakravarti. His daughter is the mother of Vishwambhar.

He has all good qualities, He is a great Pandit, so it is befitting that He has devotion for Lord Krishna.

To hear this news, I am very happy. Please all give your blessings saying thathasthu – may be so!

May the mercy of Lord Krishna be manifest to all. May the name of Krishna make the entire world become intoxicated by chanting the names of Krishna.

If this is true, then everyone will come to the house of this insignificant brahmana.

In great transcendental bliss, Advaita Acharya, roared loudly in ecstasy. HARIBOL! And all the vaishnavas they also chanted all glories, all glories in jubilation JAI! JAI! JAI!

Hari Hari!! All the vaishnavas present chanted the names of Lord Krishna, Hari Hari! And in the form of kirtan, Krishna manifested.

So what this means is that all the residents of Sri Navadvip Mayapur began to hear and chant, the vibration of Sri Hari’s names which are non-different from Hari Himself. As a result, Lord Krishna who is non-different from His holy names appeared there in the form of His glorification, the sound vibration of His holy names.

Some said Nimai Pandit has become good. When He is a devotee, then we will have tumultuous kirtans. Then sankirtan will be performed with great enthusiasm.

So all the vaishnavas present, all the devotees, they offered their obeisances to Advaita Acharya and left in great happiness, chanting the names of Hari in sankirtan.

So we have finished this chapter. Devotees described Nimai’s love of Krishna to Advaita Acharya, who narrates His dream. Any questions?

Devotees watching class online – names were read by the repeater.

Question: Gauranga Karunasindhu das: Can your Holiness kindly explain why is Lord Krishna’s holy names considered the highest and most merciful compared to all other manifestations of the Lord since all are on the Absolute platform?

Guru maharaj: So the Lord is present as His deity form in the temple, but there are some rules and regulations about visiting the temple. But you can chant the holy names of Krishna anytime and anywhere and there are no hard and fast rules. Maybe you are sick in bed, you can chant the names of Krishna. You can’t be in the temple then.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
21 December 2018