Nama Om…
Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today we are discussing how mother Sachi can redeem her offences. The Lord instructs this to her. So today, being Sunday, our physiotherapist he didn’t come. Our voice therapist, Dr. Prakash, he came, about midday and so we practiced speaking some words with him. Words which you said you had difficulty in understanding, he had me repeat those. He said that he had instructed me how to start the word, we haven’t got to the point how to end the word, so that may be one reason why some of the words were not easily understood. Any way, you can continue to send me the words you had difficult. Those who are on internet can send it in and those who are here can give it to Ekaranai or you can raise your hand at the back. This evening I had a class with Jamshedpur girl students there and after that I had dinner which were goji berries noodles, made in China, marketed in Malaysia and brought here and cooked here! If you want to have goji berry noodles talk to Prasanna prabhu! We are very late today, let us start the class.

The Lord said, Srivas prabhu don’t say that I won’t give her love of Godhead and the delight of ecstatic love of Krishna that it brings. So Srivas prabhu had requested Lord Caitanya to give love of Godhead to mother Sachi. And Lord Vishwambhar said, don’t say I won’t give her the delight of ecstatic love of Krishna.

Mother Sachi has committed an offence to the vaishnava, so therefore it is impossible for her to achieve prema bhakti or ecstatic love, because Srivas prabhu saw everyone there drowning there in love of Krishna, so he requested Lord Shri Gaurahari to give that ecstatic love to His mother. So then the Lord replied that she was the offender of a vaishnava, so there is no possibility of her to achieve the ecstatic love God. One reason why Prabhupad said that the preaching was spreading so quickly in the western world, was that at first there were no vaishnavas and so no vaishnava aparadh!! So it spread very quick! So after some time when the vaishnavas were there and they started to offend them then the spreading of love of Godhead got impeded.

The Caitanya Chandrodaya Nataka – Bhagavan says, devi, oh Sachi goddess, although you are the mother of the whole universe, since you have offended vaishnavas like Srivas and others, due to the vaishnava aparadh, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Lord, will not consider you for His mercy. Unless the offence is removed the Supreme Lord will not be merciful to you. An offence to a devotee blocks the sunlight of the Lord’s mercy, this is from the Caitanya Chandrodaya Nataka.

The eloquent Srivas Prabhu again spoke. Oh Lord, these words will cause us to leave our bodies! So the Caitanya Chandrodaya Nataka says:

“Advaita said, Lord, it is not so, the mother of the universe within whose womb You the Supreme Lord have taken birth can never commit offences. Alas, sons can commit offences to their mother, but a mother can never commit offences to her sons.”

For a son like You, who has taken His appearance from her womb, she will not get ecstatic love of Krishna? She doesn’t have the eligibility to achieve ecstatic love of God? So mother Sachi was considered the mother of the whole universe since she had given birth to the Personality of Godhead and so if she is not eligible to get love of Godhead, this will cause such anxiety to the devotees and it will cause the devotees to give up their bodies! They are saying that the mother of Gaurasundar is the mother of the whole universe. Therefore, everyone very sincerely requested the Lord that she be given ecstatic love so that she would become inclined towards the Lord’s devotional service. Hare Krishna!

Mother Sachi is the life of everyone and the mother of the whole universe. Oh Lord, remove this illusion Prabhu!! Please be the bestower of the devotional service on her! So we have seven more verses, we will continue from here tomorrow. Since it is late, I will just have two questions. Who has the questions?

Question: We hear that Lord Caitanya used to hear about the pastimes of Dhruva maharaj and Prahlad maharaj more often, and sometimes up to 100 times. What is the significance, if any?

Guru maharaj: At first, I normally like to answer questions which are pertaining to the verses which we read. Some nights we just have question and answer, and then you can give any question. But since this question was read out I will speak on it. First, I would like to know which shaastra this reference is found, that Dhruva maharaj lila was read a 100 times by Lord Caitanya? I don’t deny it, I just would like to know your reference. (this was an internet question from the past, not today, the repeater said, it was sent by some devotee.)

Names of devotees who were watching on line were read out by the repeater.

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Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
20 January2019