Nama Om…
Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today we had the voice therapy in the morning and then physiotherapy. I had to go for the cycling in the morning but it turned out that I had no time, so I went downstairs for some therapy, gave a gift of Nrsimhadev oil to Charu Hasini Radhika dev dasi for her birthday and then on to the sunlight to say my midday my Gayatri. This afternoon I gave a class to the namahatta gathering and then after going cycling, this evening I am giving class.

Here is a translation by Srila Prabhupad:

“Thereafter the Lord delivered Krishna to His mother Sachi devi, nullifying her offence at the feet of Advaita Acharya. Thus there was a meeting with Advaita Acharya who later had a vision of the Lord’s universal form.”

So when Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu was manifesting His form as Lord Krishna in the form of Vishnu with four hands, He mentioned that mother Sachi had offended the lotus feet of Advaita Gosain and till she got forgiven by Him, she could not get love of Godhead. So hearing this all the devotees went to bring Advaita Acharya there. So Advaita Acharya was glorifying mother Sachi, going to the house of Srivas. So when Advaita Acharya reached the house of Srivas and saw the Lord and mother Sachi, he fell down in ecstasy. The Lord advised mother Sachi that she should take the dust from His lotus feet to be forgiven for any offences to Him. So she took the dust from Advaita Acharya’s lotus feet and put on her head. Then Lord Caitanya said, now your offences to Advaita Acharya has been nullified, has been rectified and now she can achieve love of Godhead, love of Krishna without difficulty. So Lord Caitanya taught that although one may advance in Krishna consciousness, if one offends at the lotus feet of a vaishnava, his advancement will not bear fruit. So we should therefore be verrrry cautious not to offend a vaishnava. So this is the first offence to the holy name, the mad elephant which may trample all the plants in your garden. If you commit one offense at the lotus feet of a vaishnava, one may spoil all the devotional service that he has accumulated in his life. So after this incident Advaita Acharya requested Lord Caitanya to display the universal form that He had kindly showed to Arjuna. Lord Caitanya agreed to this proposal and Advaita Acharya was fortunate enough to see the universal form of the Lord! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!

This was the purport by Srila Prabhupad.

If someone has committed an offence, an aparadh at the lotus feet of a vaishnava, even if he gets the mercy of Krishna, they are deprived – their achievement of love of Godhead is checked. Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur said, by the influence of naama aparadh, the offender of a vaishnava is unable to worship Krishna. Even though others perceive that they are receiving the Lord’s mercy, by making a show of chanting the holy names, the Supreme Lord is never pleased for those who are averse to the devotees. That is why of the ten offences to be avoided in chanting the holy name, blasphemy of devotees is the first to be given up. So Srila Prabhupad taught that in Iskcon we should respect all the other devotees. This is what Lord Caitanya said in Shikshashtakam. Amaanina maana dena kirtaniya sadaa Harihi. Give respect to others, but don’t expect respect for yourself. In this way you can chant the holy name of Krishna all the time.

It is not my words, this is the statement of the Vedas and in her presence, the son of mother Sachi has personally declared this.

Mother Sachi in whose womb Gaurachandra appeared from the spiritual world, had once committed an offence to a vaishnava. Mother Sachi, the mother of Shri Gaurasundar committed an offence to Shri Advaita Prabhu. She was not able to get love of Godhead until that offence was nullified.

The Lord personally saw that that offence was removed. Then He gave His mother ecstatic love of Krishna, to teach everyone.

Please listen carefully to this wonderful topic. For by hearing, one will be freed from offenses to vaishnavas.

One day Lord Gaurangasundar Mahaprabhu climbed and sat on Lord Vishnu’s altar.

So His divine forms as Shaligram shilas, He took for His own luck and He joyfully manifested Himself. Or I will say Lord Gaurachandra joyfully manifested Himself.

I am Kali yuga Krishna and I am Narayana, in the form of Lord Rama I built a bridge over the ocean.

I was sleeping in the ocean of milk but My sleep was broken by the loud cries of Advaita Gosain.

I have descended to the world to spread ecstatic love of Krishna, Oh, Naada Advaita Acharya, oh Srivas, ask for some benediction.

Seeing the Lord’s divine, great manifestation, Nityananda Prabhu immediately lifted an umbrella over the Lord’s head.

On the left side of the Lord, Gadaadhar prabhu offered betel nuts. And outside devotees fanned the Lord with chamaras.

As the Lord Gaurasundar Maheshwar distributed love of Godhead, in pure devotional service, the devotees asked for benedictions according to their desire and received those boons.

Someone said my father is sinful minded. I will be relieved if his heart becomes good.

According to their respective desires, someone requested a benediction for their guru, someone for their disciple or student, someone for his son, someone for his wife. So the Lord was distributing the benedictions after displaying His divine manifestation. So various people asked for various benedictions, for their offensive guru, for their offensive son, offensive disciple, or offensive wife. In other words, when they prayed for their benediction in devotional service for their loved ones, the Lord awarded them suitable benediction. Many people come and they say, my husband is not interested or my wife, she is a materialist. Different people have different problems. Someone says my family is favorable but they are not into doing devotional service. So if you could bless them, that they can do devotional service I will be very happy. In one case the mother, daughter, son, everybody was initiated, everyone was very enthusiastic except the father was not interested. Then he was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor said he had little time to live. One day he saw some bright, black bodied, hair individuals walk through his wall and they were carrying leather ropes. And they were approaching him. He said, oh, no, no, no! Not me! Not me! Not me! And then they disappeared. So then he called his wife and said, I want neck beads! I want to read Bhagavad Gita. I want japa. So in one second he was transformed. It seems that the Yamadutas, the messengers of the God of Death, they did a preaching for us! Ha! Then he became very favorable.

Lord Vishwambhar makes all words of His devotees come true. Smiling He gave everyone the benediction of loving devotional service. Who wants this benediction from the Lord? Haribol!

Srivas Mahashay said, Oh Lord, we all want You to give us ecstatic love to mother Sachi.

Thus ends the chapter entitled Srivas Requests the Lord to give love of Godhead to mother Sachi from the book Sri Krishna Caitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead as a devotee.

So we will take two questions if there are any questions. And here we have our birthday girl Sri Charu Hasini Radhika devi dasi! So everyone please give your blessings to her! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare!

Question: What about our offences and sins which we have committed before coming to Iskcon?

Guru maharaj: In the 18th chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says, sarva dharmaan parityajya maam ekam sharanam vraja, aham tvaam sarva paapebhyo mokshaishyaami maa suchaha. So there He says He will destroy all the sinful reactions. If you have offended any devotees, then you should see how you can beg forgiveness and touch their lotus feet. Or do something which will make others to be Krishna conscious and get forgiven for the offences. Like Madhai he apologized to Nitai that I hit You but Nityananda said no, I took it like a mother kicked the baby. Then Madhai said I have offended many other vaishnavas of the dham, how can I get forgiven for that? So then Nityananda prabhu advised him to build a bathing ghat so that he will facilitate people to go and take bath in the Ganges, and thereby he would get forgiven for his offences. So one of the ghats in Navadvip is Madhai Ghat. Hare Krishna!

One more question.

Question: Guru maharaj, devotional aparadh is like committing spiritual suicide, but still knowingly or unknowingly we are committing aparadh, so what is the root cause of commiting the aparadh and how to overcome this? Ajitagopinath das

Guru maharaj: When we are envious against other vaishnavas, they become intolerant when another vaishnava is praised, and they think oh, why I am not getting the praise? I worked harder! I worked more! I should be appreciated! Why am I not appreciated? That girl is a oohhh and you commit some vaishnava aparadh! So we have to be very, very careful. We are trying to please guru, Gauranga and Krishna and we don’t care if others get more glory, we simply want to please the Lord. And sometimes people will see it and sometimes they won’t. But the Lord sees it. So we are not working for popularity. Like that some politicians they get their names published in newspapers or newscast and therefore an insignificant person becomes famous. We just want to please the Lord and if we get recognize that is nice and if not doesn’t matter. We still go on with our service. Hare Krishna!

So if there were any words you had difficulty in understanding my pronunciation, if you are on internet, send them in, and Giteshwari Vishnupriya and her sister Kairavachandrika devi dasis are receiving from the internet and forwarding to me and here Ekarani devi dasi is receiving from the devotees. Hare Krishna! Thank you all very much for blessing our birthday disciple, Charu Hasini Radhika devi dasi!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
19 January 2019