Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

Today before we restart the compilation of the Shri Krishna Caitanya book, I will speak little bit as to what I did today. We had some physical therapy and I tried using my tricycle for the first time in six months. So I did about 152 pedals in the hallway and the physiotherapist said that I should do this in the future. We also met some senior doctors at lunchtime. Like this there were activities, talking to different devotees and doing some physical exercises. Sending out our GBC proposal. Today is the deadline there. Tomorrow morning at 10 o clock we have an internet meeting on TOVP. So that is what I did today. I had idi appam for breakfast, chutney and sambhar. Lunch was bitter saag, and sabzi. Night we had paniyaaram with chutney and soup. So like this my doctor now I should eat enough, exercise and rest. I should regain my strength to serve Krishna. So now we will read from the Caitanya books.

Om Tat sat. All the students were in wonder and they were listening with rapt attention. Nobody expressed their impatience or any complaint from their mouths.

So these students were all Krishna’s eternal associates. You should know this for certain. Whoever Krishna teaches, is that person is an associate of the Lord.

After some time, Lord Vishwambhar He achieved His external consciousness and He looked at everybody’s face and He was feeling ashamed inside Himself.

The Lord asked, so the dhaatu sutra or the essence of the verbs, why don’t you refute it? No students replied because Your explanation was true.

The word which meaning was explained by you, what person can give another explanation?

Whatever You explained is perfectly true. But the purpose for which we studied is different.

So the students were saying the meaning of the words that You have presented thru vidwad rudhi is the only actual eternal truth The meaning of the words that we explained thru aagya rudhi though giving the apparent meaning, is not the actual truth but useless interpretation. Om Tat Sat.

The Lord said explain to Me everything that I said. Perhaps due to disturbed vaayu, or due to My being overwhelmed, I have explained things overly.

What basis or meanings that I give for all the explanation of the sutras said Nimai Pandit. The students replied, some way everything is simply Hari naam in all of the sutras.

Nimai Pandit, You have explained how Krishna alone is the real meaning of the sutras, the great explanation and the commentaries, but who is qualified to understand Your explanation?

When you hear the explanation of devotional service, transformation should go thru. One can never think You as an ordinary human being.

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The body hairs stood on end, the golden form was smeared with perspiration, saliva and dust.

Anyone who saw You was struck with wonder and said this person is Narayana.

Someone said that the mercy He has received is like the mercy received by Vyasa, Shukadev Goswami, Narada muni and Prahlad.

Facebook there is no sound today. (Now it has resumed). When the devotees desire the sound comes.

Everyone joined together and with all their strength to hold You. After sometime shortly You again achieved Your external consciousness.

We don’t know how this happened, we will tell you more. Please listen to us, what we have to say.

For the past ten days You have explained that devotional service to Krishna and the holy name of Krishna is the meaning of every word in every shaastra.

So for the past ten days, till today, our studies have been held up. We were afraid to tell You of this.

You know the unlimited meaning of every word everything is new knowledge. Even the explanations You give lightheartedly, who is there who can contradict? The meaning You explained that Nimai Pandit You are alone expert in linguistic literature, You are the most experienced person. In explaining the meaning of the words through various brief explanations under the categories of yoga, rudhi, yoga rudhi, ..mukhya and abhidhaat. Vishwambhar was very expert in explaining the meaning of words.

The Lord said ten days of your studies were held up, so why didn’t you tell Me? I should have been informed of this.

The students all replied, Your explanation is correct. It is true that Krishna is the Absolute Truth and He is the purport of all the scriptures, He knew this.

Two more verses.

This is real study. This is the essence of all scriptures. Who does not accept this, it is our fault, if we do not accept this.

What You have explained is the fundamental truth and the only knowledge is the holy name. This is just due to our own karma, our misdeeds, but we do not accept it. The aim of the purport of all the scriptures is to understand Krishna. Due to our own offences we do not accept Your scriptural explanations based on Krishna. Actually our only goal is to realize the meaning of the words as You explained, but due to our faults or misdeeds, it is the misfortune of our mind that we are not able to grasp the true purports of the essence of all the scriptures as explained by You, said the students.

The Lord was very happy, very pleased, hearing the words of the students. Out of great compassion. He began to speak as follows.

So do you want a question and answer session tomorrow night? Or continuation of the class?

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Devotees are requesting repeat class of today. Guru Maharaj said, we have taped it so we will send the tape.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
15 December 2018