Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today is the sacred day of Odhana Shashti. Today is the day Lord Jagannath starts to wear winter clothes and the custom is in Jagannath Puri they put new clothes on Lord J. Normally we wash the clothes and then use them because they have starch in them but the custom in Jagannath Puri they put on the cloth with the starch. So Pundarik Vidyanidhi, he saw this and started criticizing the Sevaks of Lord Jagannath. How are you putting this new cloth on Lord Jagannath with all maadh and starch? In this way he criticized them. That night Lord Jagannath and Balaram came to visit Pundarik Vidyanidhi and they scolded him that why are you criticizing our servants? Whatever they do is according to customs and you have no right to disturb our servants and they started slapping him. So his face was swollen. When he woke up from his dream his face was still stolen. So he was embarrassed to go out with his cheeks swollen. So this is a very special day. In Mayapur we have new cloth for our Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra deity and hope that all over the world they give a woolen cloth for the Lord. So deities are actually an incarnation of the Lord. They are called the archa avatar because we are not qualified to see the spiritual form of the Lord, He comes as a worshipable deity and we get to see that, and we can serve the deity. So in every deity there is some customs. In Jagannath Puri the custom is that on Odhana Shashti they offer warm cloth on this day. I think as far as I remember they also offer some special prasadam. So this is a very memorable day.

So today we will continue with the compilation of the Caitanya book. Lord Caitanya has come back from Gaya initiated by Ishwara Puri. So now He is informing His students of His new realization that everything comes from Krishna. So we will continue from here.

So after the night passed all the students came and sat down with their books ready to study but there were also thinking of all the recent happenings.

So the Lord, He quickly came after taking His bath in the Ganges. He sat down and the Lord, He started to explain the books, the texts.

So Lord Vishwambhar He didn’t speak any other subject apart from Krishna. Every sound, every letter, He explained in relation to Krishna’s devotional service. So Gaurasundar explained every word through completely spiritual, perfectly pure, eternally liberated and most important, vidwad rudhi, as being related to devotional service. His tongue was naturally attracted to glorifying Krishna. He would not explain any word as not related to Krishna.

So the students all enquired what is the verb root definition? The Lord replied Shri Krishna’s energy, that which is called the energy of Lord Krishna. So Lord Caitanya, Nimai Pandit, He explained that since Lord Krishna’s energies or the parashakti and antaranga shakti and swarup shakti manifest Krishna’s Audharya, maadhurya and aishwarya pastimes, the energy and the energetic are thus inseparable. Similarly, when verbs are derived from their grammatical construction, the original root form of each such expressive word manifest an inseparable joint meaning and potency of Lord Krishna. In other words, potency of expression. Otherwise Lord Caitanya was explaining everything in relation to Krishna just as Krishna’s energy brings Krishna to enjoy different pastimes. Similarly, the verbs, the root verb meaning or dhaatus are like these spiritual energies and from them come the other meanings. So somehow He would explain everything in relation to Krishna’s devotional service.

Listen My dear brothers, the description I gave of the root verb roots and the aphorism, I would like to see who is the person who has the power to refute My explanation?

All the kings that we have seen have beautiful luxurious bodies decorated with gold, with sandalwood paste and very beautiful.

The words can send a person prosperity or death. They determine a person’s prosperity or death. In the same way, what happens to them when their dhaatu or life leaves their body? So in the Sanskrit grammar, dhaatu is the verbal root but in this aphorism the dhaatu is meaning consciousness, the life air or the fragmental part of Krishna’s spiritual energy. So Yamaraj is the predominating deity of religion or in other words, Dharmaraj. Lakshmi is the predominant deity of wealth, opulence, beauty and prosperity. The word vachane refers to the display of mercy of compassion. So He was using dhaatu in an external sense as life air of consciousness then applying that back to the Sanskrit grammar. So just like that when the life air or consciousness leaves the body is dead, similarly, a word which does not have any verbal root is lifeless. So Lord Caitanya was explaining the Sanskrit grammar by using Krishna conscious examples.

Where does the beautiful body go? Some bodies are burnt. Some are buried. Where has the beauty gone?

In every body the energy of Krishna resides as the living force or consciousness. And that who has affection for Krishna? That is the meaning of bhakti. It is meant for Krishna alone.

Because of illusion, other professors they don’t understand this. Yes, or no, brothers all, tell Me. Am I right or wrong? Consider carefully.

Now those we offer obeisances to, those who we respect, if their life air leaves them, if we touch their bodies we have to take bath.

The child who lies on the lap of the father, he stays there with great happiness. When the life air leaves the body of the father, that son he gives the fire cremation in the mouth of his father.

So that which is called dhaatu or life air, is the power of Krishna. The beloved of everyone. Now see if anyone can deny this? Anyone has the power to deny this? This tells us to refer to the Srimad Bhagavatam 10th canto, 14th chapter, 50-57 verses. Shri Shukadev Goswami tells Parikshit Maharaj that the dear most thing is certainly one’s own self. The dearness of everyone else, children, house and so on is only thru the dearness of one’s own self. So the conditioned soul is self centred. He is more attached to his own body and self than to his so called possessions like wealth, children, home. So if one considers the body as mine rather than me, then he won’t be so attached the same way. He won’t think the body as dear as his self. After all, even the body is getting old and diseased and one’s desire to remain living remains strong. So therefore his own self is the most dear to every embodied living being and it is simply for the satisfaction of this self, that the whole material creation is moving and nonmoving entities exist. So Krishna is the original soul of all living entities. For the benefit of the whole universe, He has appeared as an ordinary human being. He has done this by the potency of His internal energy. Those in the world who understand Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, such enlightened persons recognize no reality apart from the Supreme Lord Krishna. So the subtle material energy unmanifested is the origin of the material things. But the source of this energy is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna. What then should one think as separate from Him? So naturally as Shukadev Goswami taught to Parikshit Maharaj we should see everything in relation to Krishna. Everything is His energy. Every atom in the wall here has an expansion of Supersoul. Every person has Supersoul in the heart. So how can you see anything as separate?

So My dear brothers, please render unflinching devotional service unto Lord Krishna whose sacred energies are offered worship.

Chant the name of Lord Krishna, worship Lord Krishna, listen to the name of Krishna, day and night. Meditate on the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. So the point is that one should serve Krishna and consider one’s self as an ingredient for the transcendental service of Krishna. And one should not try to enjoy the mundane energy but rather absorb one’s self in the glories of the holy names of Lord Krishna. So the non-duplicitous self-service inclined tongue should chant the pure holy names rather than thinking ourselves as the enjoyers when we are enjoying external objects. We should rather do everything as a service to Lord Krishna So this is the goal. So we should apply the materially contaminated sound vibrations based on mundane enjoyment and hear the topics of glorifying Krishna’s holy names which are non-different from Krishna. So when we are hearing about the necessity of glorifying Shri Hari Lord Krishna, hearing about, glorifying and remembering, is given in the first canto of SB, 2nd chapter, 14th verse. Suta Goswami speaking to the great sages.

“Therefore with one pointed attention, one should hear about, glorify, remember and worship the Personality of Godhead, who is the protector of the devotees.”

Shukadev Goswami tells Parikshit Maharaj in the Srimad Bhagavatam 2nd canto 1st chapter, 5th verse:

“Oh descendant of King Bharata, one who desires to be free from all miseries must hear about, glorify and also remember the Personality of Godhead, who is the Supersoul, the controller and the savior from all miseries.”

Shukadev Goswami also told Parikshit Maharaj in the Srimad Bhagavatam 2nd canto 2nd chapter 36th verse:

“Oh king it is therefore essential that every human being hear about, glorify and remember the Supreme Lord, the Personality of Godhead, always and everywhere. “

Anyone who offers some dhurva grass water to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, he never is subjected to the punishment of Yamaraj. In the Srimad Bhagavatam 6th canto, 1st chapter 19th verse, Shukadev Goswami explains to Maharaj Parikshit: I am not giving the Sanskrit because Caitanya book will be very easy to read. Later on you can see the original text.

“Although not having fully realized Krishna, persons who have even once surrendered completely unto His lotus feet and who have become attracted to His name, form, qualities and pastimes are completely freed of all sinful reactions, for they have thus accepted the true method of atonement. Even in dreams, such surrendered souls do not see Yamaraj or his carriers, who are equipped with ropes to bind the sinful.”

There was one family where the wife, mother, daughters, the children were all initiated and practicing Krishna consciousness. But the father was not inclined. He was always criticizing. So then he was diagnosed with cancer. He was bed ridden. One day he saw walk through his wall, some subtle entities with dark hairy bodies, carrying ropes and ready to bind him. He got so frightened he started chanting and then they disappeared. Then he called his wife and said get me the beads, give me Gita, give me Bhagavatam, read every day, I want to practice it!! Ha! So this case the Yamadutas, they seem to preach – after that he became very committed Ha! Ha! Ha! So in the Skanda Purana it also mentions:

“Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Agni, Indra, myself (Yamaraj) and other demigods are unable to chastise the broadminded vaishnavas.”

Bhajo Bhajo, worship the lotus feet of Shri Nandanandana, Lord Krishna who has delivered the Aghasura, Bakasura and Putana. So He gives here the deliverance of Aghasura mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatam 10th canto 12th chapter 38-39verses. So if one can bring Lord Krishna’s pastimes in the mind, then they can also achieve deliverance by the Lord. By the causeless mercy of Lord Krishna, as did Aghasura. What can be said about those. Aghasura, he was the most sinful miscreant. He was elevated to be one of the associates of Lord Krishna and achieved swarupa mukti which is actually impossible for materially contaminated people to obtain. So if one even once brings the spiritual form of the Lord in his mind, he can achieve the causeless mercy of Lord Krishna. So the deliverance of Putana, the sister of Bakasura is mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatam 10th canto, 6th chapter, 35th verse. She came to kill Krishna. She was a serial killer, she went around and killed many, many babies by having poison on her breasts. She offered Krishna her poisoned breast. She wanted the blood of a human kid and that is why she came to kill Krishna. But because Krishna embraced her body and sucked her breast, although she was a great witch, she obtained the position of a mother, in the transcendental world, and thus achieved the highest perfection!!! Ha! Ha!

So we will end here. Are there any questions?

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
13 December 2018