Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So we would like to welcome everyone, also those who are watching on the internet. Today in Facebook someone published my photo with a caption that “Looks like his liver and kidney are okay”. They transplanted my new liver and kidney successfully but it was very painful. I was in ICU for about 45 days. And then I was allowed to come back to the residence in October. So every day I take a large number of medications for suppressing my immunity system so that the body does not reject the new liver and kidney. So far the liver and kidney are working very well. But if I get an infection and the body rejects the new organs it will be a very critical situation. So that is why I am in a very protected environment. The devotees that come close to me wear these sterile garments, gloves, caps and mask. So by Krishna’s mercy so far it seems that my health is progressing. I had been in the ICU for such a long time that I became physically very weak. I used to walk hundreds of steps. At first I could not walk any steps, I could hardly stand up. Now I am standing up and gradually I am gradually walking 5 steps, 7 steps, 12 steps, I got up to 20 steps. Mahavaraha das says I have to walk much more before I get to Mayapur. So I am looking better but I am not so strong. So I am trying to get my strength built up. I do various physio therapies so that I can get stronger legs, arms, chest, so that I can breathe more and be able to expel the carbon dioxide. So this is my health report.

Now I will continue with the Krishna Caitanya book compilation. Lord Caitanya, Nimai Pandit, He went to Gaya, got initiated and then now He is back in Navadvip. He is very much in devotional ecstasy so the people are amazed and many don’t understand what happened. His students at first thought that He was diseased with some disturbed air in His body, vaayu dosh. So they went to Gangadas pandit, Nimai Pandit’s teacher and complained to him. So Nimai Pandit, He said don’t worry, I am still the best in Navadvip. Who is there that can stand before Me and present some logic or philosophy? I can defeat them and then I can prove their original stand to be correct and then I can disprove it. I am Nimai Pandit THE SAME, THE GREAT! So they are all assured that He is very great. Then He went and sat in front of a house of a devotee. In the gateway He sat down and challenged all the people who came by. So the students were very happy. This is the Nimai Pandit we know! Then some devotee came by and was chanting the glories of Krishna. How Krishna was so merciful and Lord Caitanya, He started crying, He fell on the ground, laughing, crying, hairs standing on end in His body and the neighbors, when they saw His ecstasy they paid Him obeisances. So then to make the story short when Nimai Pandit got His external consciousness He asked His students what happened? What did I say? The students said You are glorious and they started to praise Him. But Gadaadhar prabhu stopped them. So He said don’t praise Him, that is not what He wants. So then Lord Caitanya is going to the Ganges.

Lord Vishwambhar He went and offered His obeisances to the Ganges. He took some Ganges water and put it on His head. Along with His associates, He sat down on the bank of the Ganges. Hare Krishna!

Nanda maharaj’s son would sit on the side of the Jamuna, being surrounded by His cowherd friends and He would do various activities. In the same way, Sachinandan, on the side of the Ganges, along with His devotees, He was enjoying discussing the topics of Lord Krishna.

So Maharaj Nanda’s son, Lord Krishna enjoyed His pastimes with the gopis on the banks of the Kalindhi river. In the same way, the son of Sachi, surrounded by His students similarly engaged in glorifying the topics of Shri Krishna, His names, forms, qualities and pastimes on the bank of the Ganges. There are many apasampradayas that give some speculative interpretation to Lord Caitanya’s activities. Rather than accepting that Gaurasundar spent His time discussing topics of Krishna, the foolish gaura naagaris, one of the 13 apasampradayas mentioned by Bhakti Vinod Thakur imagined that Caitanya Mahaprabhu was a naagara or an amorous lover. In order to negate such speculations, the author has used the phrase that Nimai Pandit discussed the topics related to Krishna while discussing the pastimes of Gaurasundar’s Krishna kirtan. Haribol!

After some time Vishwambhar sent everyone home to their houses. Then He returned to His own home and temple.

So the Lord of the entire universe, He took His meal and then He glanced at the yoga nidhra, the transcendental rest.

So this is the end of the chapter.

So any questions?

I am supposed to practice saying mmmmmmmmmmm. As a part of my voice therapy. Like ‘Merry Madhav enjoyed Mango jam’. So let us see if you have any questions with mmmm.?

Question: Siddha Hari prabhu: Please explain how Lord Caitanya’s discussions with His students are the same as Krishna’s discussion on the bank of the Kalindhi?

Guru Maharaj: Shri Krishna would discuss with His friends on the banks of the Kalindhi. Shri Gaurasundar who is the avatar of Krishna, as a devotee, He discussed the pastimes, qualities, names, etc. of Lord Krishna with His students and friends on the bank of the Ganges. So He was also enjoying this transcendental association. In one sense, they were both very similar.

See most people on Facebook, they say Hari bol! Jai Gurudev! So now we can take the questions.

Question: Gauranga Karunasindhu das: What should be our attitude towards the apasampradayas? How to think of them and deal with them?

Guru maharaj: We don’t let them chant in the temple and in Mayapur of course we have many visitors. So sometimes these apasampradayas come and they want to chant their speculative mantras. Nitai Gaur Radhey Shyam, Hare Krishna Hare Rama. So we say in this temple we only chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare. So we don’t associate closely with the apasampradayas. They have all kinds of strange ideas. Aul, boul, korta bhajis, naranari, anga naagari. Some dressed like ladies, they dress in saree but they have beard. Some things they do so gross that I can’t even mention.

Question: How to preach more Gita and how to remove material stress and frustration?

Guru maharaj: What can be more stressful than fighting a war? But Arjuna, He was very peaceful after hearing the Bhagavad Gita spoken by Krishna. Similarly, if we read the Bhagavad Gita, we can also become peaceful. We can leave the stress behind us and we can do our duty without any impediment. When we are convinced about Bhagavad Gita then naturally we are able to distribute more.

(Names of the devotees who are attending the online class were read out by the repeater.)

Question: Rama Shastry: Mahaprabhu mentions that we have to become humble. How do we become more humble?

Guru maharaj: Read the 3rd verse of the Shikshashtakam and follow that again and again. Read it every day and in this way be more humble than a straw, more tolerant than a tree, ready to offer all respect to others and not desire respect for oneself. This is the way given by Lord Caitanya. If you are able to do anything correctly then you think it is the mercy of guru and Krishna, but if you fail to do right, then take it as your own shortcoming.

Question: Nirjhar Ojha: How to see things with equal vision? How can I see Krishna’s hand behind every situation?

Guru Maharaj: There is a verse in Bhagavad Gita that explains that a pandit is samadarshina. He sees everything as being similar, since all the living entities have the same kind of atma and their bodies are different. So that way you can see everybody as equal, at the same time can distinguish the different life forms. Krishna says that nothing happens without His sanction. So somebody wants to do something bad, and he wants to do it to a person, Krishna would see the person’s karma what he did in his last 100 births, whether he or she deserves and accordingly He allows the person to do the bad thing or the other person to escape – or the victim escapes. We heard how one airplane crashed in New York and it split open. 8 passengers flew out of the plane. Some of the attendants – eight persons. And they landed on their feet and walked away unhurt. Other people all died. So all these things are Krishna’s arrangement.

Sometimes people ask personal questions and they are not appropriate for the public forum. So in those cases we don’t read those questions. Any other questions?

Question: More explanation about apasampradayas?

Guru Maharaj: You see, naagara means enjoyer of the ladies. Lord Krishna He would dance with the gopis. So He was a naagara. And He married 16 thousand wives but He would expand Himself into 16 thousand forms. And simultaneously enter into each palace of each queen. Gaurasundar, He came as a devotee. He married twice. Once He married hand the wife died and then He married again. He showed how to be an ideal householder. He never said anything joking to any lady. When a lady was walking on the street, He would go on the other side of the street. He was not interacting with any ladies. So the gaura naagaris tried to play that Lord Caitanya is like Krishna who plays with ladies as their amorous lover. So that was not the mood of Lord Caitanya. He came down and He took the attitude of Radharani. He was feeling separation for Krishna. He wasn’t exchanging any pastimes with the ladies, apart from His wife. So the gaura naagaris they have this misconception and they present Lord Caitanya as a naagara. Therefore, they are called gaura naagaris. Ok? Did you understand? I cannot say more than that. Alright.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
12 December 2018