Nama Om…
Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

Today on the compilation of the Shri Krishna Caitanya book, we are starting a new chapter “The Raving of the envious people on hearing the Krishna Naam kirtan”. Unfortunately, in this material world, no matter how good a thing you are doing, someone will always find fault with it. And they say, you cannot please everyone all the time! So today we had physiotherapy in the morning and a meeting in the afternoon. And at noon time I went for cycling because the doctor said that cycling is very good for me. I have a special tricycle which is for people in my state. So we thank all those who have been noting the words which are difficult for you to understand. The voice therapist asked me to pronounce all those words which you find as difficult. So please, you should note any words you have difficulty in understanding me, and send them over by internet and they will be noted and will help me in my speech therapy. So the temple is gearing up for the Ratha Yatra which is coming up. So I will probably be attending by my caravan. Now we will go on with the class.

The materialists who are enjoying the happiness of sleep had their sleep broken and they became angryyyy!! And they would say whatever they would like to say, raving as they desired. So they were very critical of this loud chanting when they were in sweet slumber!!

So someone said, what craziness has come upon them? So another said, we don’t get to sleep at night.

Someone else said, the Lord will become angry at the loud shouting of His names! And this will cause these mad people to be destroyed. That will be their result.

Another said, rather than cultivating knowledge, they are acting with great arrogance. This is their behavior.

Someone said, who knows what type of kirtan they are doing? This Srivas is a foolish brahmana, Srivas is certainly behind all this. This foolish brahmana Srivas is the root cause of all this conspiracy, intrigue and evil desires. So they are considering that Srivas is the one who has promoted this kirtan and he is the troublemaker or he is crooked. So they are disrespecting him as a foolish brahmana.

These four brothers in order to fill their bellies, they have combined together to chant the names of Krishna as if they are afflicted by insanity. The four brothers loudly called out the names of Krishna as if they were afflicted by insanity.

They did not achieve pious results by mentally chanting, this chanting loudly gives more pious results.

Someone else said, oh brothers! We are doomed because of this Srivas! The whole country will be ruined! These envious materialists, they are warning, because of Srivas’s loud chanting of the holy name of Krishna all the country will be ruined, annihilated, destroyed. That this danger is coming from Srivas! What a calamity!

This morning I heard that on the king’s order, two boats are on the way here.

The king heard about the loud kirtan in Nadia district. Not in Nadia district. The king’s order is to arrest them and bring them before him.

Srivas Pandit will sleep off or run away in this direction or that, and all of us will be here to face certain ruin! Sarvanash! We will be destroyed! Because of Srivas’s loud kirtan! Help! Help!!

I told you so! I TOLD YOU! We should throw Srivas’s house into the Ganges! Because He is always trouble!

You all took it at that time as a joke – you did not pay any notice! Now see how we will be destroyed!! Just see how this destruction is present before us!

Someone else said, what responsibility do we have to do with this? We will tie up Srivas with ropes and give him to whoever demands for him!

In this way, from town to town, the news was spread. The king’s boats are coming to arrest the vaishnavas!

Thus ends the 54th chapter, of ‘raving of the envious people on hearing the Lord’s Krishna naam kirtan’ in the book Shri Krishna Caitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead as a devotee. Haribol! So see how the envious people can give a false news is that today, they are saying, false news kills! Even on the social media people create false news. We are seeing that 500 years ago they did not have internet but they had false news! And the envious people are creating all this false news, how the vaishnavas are going to be arrested, how they are going to be destroyed, how they will be ruined, the rumormongers, of course. The atheists, they were fearing their own ruination also. So this is an example of false news. We see even today for nothing; people create a false news. Also the political parties create false news about some other party. So we have to be very careful not fall victim to false news. How the envious people spread so many false news about chanting Hare Krishna. Are there any questions? What time is it? And if you had difficulty in understanding any words? (Guru maharaj was given a list of words)

Question: What we should do when envious people blaspheme or complain or tell us to stop singing the holy names on the streets? Hari naam sankirtan. Ys Rukmini Raman das

Guru maharaj: Someone asked Prabhupad once what to do when people cover their ears when they walked by the kirtan, Prabhupad said, pull their hands away for hearing!! Ha! Of course, that may be not legal, but the point is that we want people to hear. Unless there is some law about chanting, we shouldn’t have to listen to anybody. We go on chanting! If there is some law that is not permitted or something, you need to get the permit.

Q: What if we are victims of false news? How does Krishna punish that person?

Guru maharaj: Well we don’t worry about that. That is not our department. Our department is helping others. Even Lord Nityananda helped Jagai and Madhai although they were the most envious people. They attacked Nityananda Prabhu physically and caused Him to bleed, by breaking a wine bottle on His head! He said just because you are causing Me to bleed, does that mean I will not give you love of Godhead?! See he is causing Him to bleed and He is talking of love!! He is not an ordinary person, bow down, BOW DOWN! BOW DOWN! Jagai told Madhai to bow down. Lord Caitanya He promised that He would not lift any weapon of violence but He was so angry, He promised to always protect His devotees and that promise took precedence. So He called Chakraaa! Chakra. He called Sudarshan chakra, the invincible weapon but by that time Jagai and Madhai bowed down and Lord Nityananda, He pleaded please have mercy on them. So if people tell us to stop chanting, you just listen and say that it is the order of our guru,that we have to chant. So come and join us! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare (Guru maharaj sang in kirtan). Thank you Malini Nitai devi dasi for noting those names down.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
10 January 2018