Nama Om Vishnu Paadaya, ….
Hari Haraaya Naam Krishna Yadavaya Naama Hari…
Mukham karoti…

So today we are observing the Shata tila Ekadasi and especially it is said that one should take pumpkin, guava and some coconut. Offer the Lord and take prasadam.I hope all of you have taken your guava, coconut and pumpkin. And also give in charity to the brahmanas with clay pot of til seeds. Today, we had no physio or voice therapy from outside therapists. So we did ourselves and we cycled 875 cycles. Which is 8 times 108 plus. So today is the last day of January and it is Haribasar, the day of Ekadasi, it is the day of Hari. Any spiritual activity performed today, you get 100 times the benefit. A 100 times, that means if the Mercedes Benz costs 100 thousand dollars, you can get it for 1000 dollars. Just put it in something that you can understand. A mobile phone of 1000 dollars you can get it at 10 dollars! So today we will continue the topic of Advaita Gosain who saw the universal form of Lord Caitanya and as I said, the class begins between 8 to 9, so today we are more on time, but still 15 minutes late. Someday I may try to start at 8!! Today I was ready but the others were not ready. Devagauranga will read the Bengali and I will translate.

These topics of the universal form, came directly from the lotus mouth of Sri Advaita Acharya. One who does not accept these, he is certainly a dushkriti. Kriti means one who does meritorious work, and dushkriti means a miscreant. He is certainly a miscreant who does not accept Advaita’s words.

Who does not glorify Lord Gaurachandra as the Lord of all, cannot qualify to be seen by a vaishnava. He is a sinner, for all times, or a perpetual sinner!

Gaurangasundar is the Lord of My Lord! I depend on this and maintain it within My heart.

Such pastimes were enacted all in Navadvip dham. But except for the devotees, no one knew of them.

Bhakti yoga, bhakti yoga, bhakti yoga, devotional service, devotional service, devotional service, is the greatest treasure! Bhakti means, devotional service means, chanting the name of Krishna and remembering the name of Krishna and crying. So devotional service or bhakti yoga is mentioned three times. First time means, realizing our eternal relationship with Krishna, realizing our relationship with God. The second devotional service, is to indicate engaging in our constitutional position, in that relationship to the Lord. And the third bhakti was written, to indicate prayojana or the goal of life. So devotional service manifests by hearing, chanting and remembering, and that causes the softened heart to cry and feel ecstasy. But if one’s heart has become hard, HARDDD, because of false arguments and desire to control material energy, the non-devotional desires render perversions in the soul’s constitutional characteristics or position. Lord Caitanya taught, jivera swarup hoi krishnera nitya das. The eternal nature of the soul is to be a servant of Krishna eternally. Hare Krishna!

If one cries while they chant the name of Krishna, then the pure name of Krishna manifests. Being born with wealth and aristocratic family are useless if one does not worship Krishna. If you are not a devotee of God, even if you have wealth, high birth, doesn’t count, if one doesn’t worship Krishna. So Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur, he says high birth and material prestige, various opulences, are simply insignificant, if one does not have the service of Krishna. When a prideless person repeatedly calls unto the names of Krishna, with a melted heart and realizes that the name of Krishna and Krishna are non-different, he attains the eternal service of the holy name. If a person afflicted with material suffering cries out of distress, ohhhhhhhhhhhh I am suffering! Help me God! That doesn’t attain one devotional service, that does not help one to attain devotional service. So crying out of distress is born out of dominating the material world, and that is completely different from the devotee who cries out of ecstatic happiness, resulting from eternal happiness. So one is experiencing suffering and the other is experiencing ecstasy.

So anyone who hears the topics concerning the two Lords, vision of the universal form, attains the treasure of Krishna consciousness. Haribol! HARIBOL! YOU HEARD IT! YOU HEARD IT! It means you all attained Krishna consciousness, HARIBOL! And all of you on the internet also attained Krishna consciousness. HARIBOL!

After a short time, Gaurachandra concealed His universal form, and He returned to His own home, taking the devotees with Him.

Advaita and Nityananda prabhu after seeing the universal form of the Lord, They lost all their external consciousness and They were in great ecstasy.

In the happiness of seeing the Lord’s opulence, the two Lords, Nityananda prabhu and Advaita prabhu, rolled on the ground, covering Themselves with the dust, and They were all in Srivas Thakur’s courtyard. They rolled on the ground throughout Srivas Thakur’s courtyard and They were covered with the dust.

Someone danced, others singing and one was clapping, and the two swayed to and fro, while the two powerful Lords were chanting.

In this way the two Lords enjoyed great happiness, at the end however, the two Lords began to abuse each other verbally, gaala gaali kore. What is another word for gaala gaali? Prema koloho – bhaalo bhaasha – the two began to criticize each other, out of love. In South America if you are very affectionate to someone you call him as gordo – means fatso! If they are very affectionate they say, hey gordo! Like in Australia, they do that. So Advaita and Nityananda, they started to criticize each other. I don’t know the exact word but I can’t see that. They were criticizing each other in a loving mood. What’s the word? Mild insult. Any way that was the last verse. (Devotee is suggesting, teasing.) Teasing – They tease each other. Good! They were teasing each other. Wasn’t a serious thing. Just teasing.

That ends the chapter entitle Advaita Acharya’s vision of the Lord ‘s universal form, from the book Krishna Caitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead as a devotee.

I will take two questions on the internet and two here.

Question: Since we are all aspiring to be devotees when is the time when we can say we are actually devotees? What is the test that a person who is trying or aspiring to be a devotee does finally become one? Kaivalya Sundari devi dasi

Guru maharaj: Krishna says to Arjuna, that who says they are My devotees are not My devotees. The ones who say that they are devotees of My devotees, they are My real devotees. When you are a devotee of a devotee, then you can say that. And Krishna will recognize you as His devotee.

Question: The Panchattatva are eternally in the spiritual world and They appeared here. So is Narada muni an expansion of Srivas Thakur or is Srivas Thakur an expansion of Narada muni?

Guru maharaj: You see the associates of Lord Caitanya, when He came to this material world, all had some previous relationship with Krishna – at least the prominent ones. So, like Murari Gupta, he was Hanuman and Srivas is Narada Muni. Haridas Thakur was Lord Brahma. That means, previously they were having different pastimes with the Lord, and when He came as Krishna Caitanya, they also came and took up different roles. So when the Lord comes, He enjoys His pastimes and the devotees come and enjoy with Him. By serving Him, they also get great happiness. Everybody is happy. You want to be happy? Haribol!

Question: Krishna has shown His universal form to Arjuna who is an eternal associate though a jiva, and Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Krishna who has shown His universal form to Advaita and Nityananda prabhu who were also Lords. Is it ok to compare these two universal forms? If yes, then how come Arjuna got fear, whereas They, the Lords lost their external consciousness and went into ecstasy?

Guru maharaj: Advaita had asked Lord Caitanya to show Him the same form that He showed to Arjuna. So therefore, we think that He showed the same form. And He saw Arjuna seeing Krishna show Him the universal form. So Arjuna as a friend of Krishna, he s sometimes would put his foot on Krishna or sit together. So when he saw Krishna’s greatness he got afraid and thought he had committed some offence. But when the two Prabhus saw Lord Caitanya or Krishna’s universal form, they felt ecstasy. So different strokes for different folks!

One more question on the internet. How are you liking this? If there is any word you had difficulty in understanding, when I was saying, those who are here write it down to Ekarani (raise your hand Ekarani) and those who are on the internet, send it in.

No more questions?

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Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
31 January 2019