Nama Om Vishnu Paadaya, ….
Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naama Hari…
Mukham karoti…

So today, Monday, the 28th of January, 2019, we had the physical therapy in the morning, with Benny, and voice therapy with Lakshmi Narayan. Then in the evening we went on the cycle, Ekarani was counting, and up to here we had 540 cycles. Then I gave a short darshan to the Malaysian, Kuala Lumpur devotees. Now we are having the class. This is about Advaita Acharya’s vision of the Lord’s Universal Form.

Now this is from the Caitanya Caritamrita, so we will read you Prabhupad’s translation:

“Thereafter the Lord delivered love of Krishna to His mother Sachi devi, nullifying Her offence at the feet of Advaita Acharya. Thus there was meeting with Advaita Acharya who later had a vision of the Lord’s universal form.”

So this is explained now, Advaita refused to forgive Sachi mata because He thought, she was the best of the devotees, and He became ecstatic in glorifying Her, and fainted in ecstasy. She took the dust of His lotus feet on the advice of Lord Caitanya, put it on Her head, and in this way She was forgiven. And Lord Caitanya said, now My mother’s offence at the lotus feet of Advaita Acharya has been rectified and She may have love of Krishna without difficulty. So Lord Caitanya made His mother an example of vaishnava offence. Now we should be very careful not to offend another devotee, not to blaspheme a devotee. All devotees are very dear to Krishna; therefore, we should be careful not to offend a devotee. Even the husband and wife, both are devotees, they should also be very careful, not to offend each other. Of course it is not condoned morally to hit one’s wife, but if one does that, being a vaishnava, not only is he guilty of a sin, but he is also guilty of an offence, because his wife is a vaishnavi. We saw in Mayapur, one husband and wife, wife was chasing her husband down the road with an iron pan, a cooking pan. She was from Surinam or somewhere. Anyway that would also be offensive. So this was covered in the last chapter.

One day Advaita was dancing in the mood of a gopi. And everyone was performing kirtan with great enthusiasm. This is from the Caitanya Bhagavat, Madhya Kanda, 24.32.

Lamenting in separation, Advaita mahashay danced. Again and again, with a straw in His teeth, He fell to the ground.

Advaita, He rolled on the ground in the mellow of pure love of Krishna, as devotees in all the four directions were chanting very joyfully.

Six hours passed by and He was still dancing without any stopping. The Lord’s devotees became exhausted, after chanting and dancing, for such a long time.

So they all together, pacified Advaita Acharya. They sat around Him in a circle.

After Advaita Acharya sat down, somewhat pacified, Srivas, Ramai and other devotees, they went to take their bath.

As Advaita prabhu’s separation steadily increased, He rolled around, alone, on the ground of Srivas’s courtyard.

Vishwambhar prabhu, He was at His own house, engaged in some activities. He understood the lamentation that Advaita Acharya was experiencing.

The ever blissful Lord Gauranga, who relieves the lamentation and suffering of all the devotees, He came to where Advaita prabhu was rolling on the ground.

Seeing Advaita prabhu’s lamentation, He grabbed His hand. He took Advaita Acharya inside the Vishnu temple, and He sat down there with Advaita Acharya. At that time, there was a Vishnu temple in every Hindu’s house, and particularly in every brahmana’s house. And some houses there were also halls like Chandi mandapas in which ritualistic ceremonies were performed. So Lord Vishwambhar took Advaita by the hand and brought Him inside the Vishnu temple, closed the door, and sat down with Advaita.

The Lord smilingly said, listen Acharya, what is Your desire? Tell Me! What do You want to be done?

So Advaita Acharya replied, You are the essence of all the Vedas. I simply want You Prabhu!! What else could I want? What else could I ask for?

Lord Vishwambhar smiled and said, I am here! I am right here! Tell Me, what else do You want from Me?!

Advaita prabhu replied, whatever You said Lord is completely true! Susatya! You are the subject matter of all the Vedas and the Vedanta.

Still, I want to see some of Your transcendental opulences! Lord Gaurahari replied, so what is Your desire? Tell exactly, what You want to Me?

Advaita replied, Lord, what You previously showed to Arjuna, that, I have a strong desire to see that form You displayed to Arjuna!

As soon as Advaita spoke these words, He saw a chariot, surrounded by armies, engaged in huge warfare, on the battlefield.

He saw on the chariot a handsome, blackish, personality, with four hands, holding conch shell, disc, club and lotus.

In the unlimited Universal Form of the Lord, He saw at that time, moon, sun, oceans, mountains, rivers, and forests.

So we will stop here, and tomorrow we will hear more about the Universal Form. What is the time? 9.20 pm. If you have had any difficulty understanding something I said, then if you are on internet send it up to me and if you are here present, give it to Ekarani devi dasi.

Are there any questions? I will take two questions.

Question: Why Advaita or Arjuna wanted to see the Universal Form of Krishna? Why don’t they ask to see His supremacy form of Krishna in Vrindavan? Rukmini Raman das

Guru maharaj: Lord Caitanya asked Advaita what He wanted to see and He told Him, I want to see the Universal Form. I want to see Your Vaibhav, Your glories. Why He did not ask to see something else, what can I say? The Lord asked Him, what He wanted to see and He said! In the Srimad Bhagavatam, the Lord asked Maitreya what He wanted to see? And he said, he wanted to see, how His material energy worked. He did not ask why did you want that? Why not something else? If you want to see Krishna in Vrndavan, very good! And I hope that your desire will be fulfilled, but we cannot say why different people ask for different things! They ask what they want! Now when Maitreya asked for this, the Lord smiled. He sees Krishna Himself and he asks to understand the material nature! Now, why? What can we say? That is what he wanted to see! The Lord smiled, because he could ask for anything. He could ask to be transferred to Goloka Vrndavan, but instead, he wanted to see the material nature. Then the Lord flooded His ashram and he was drowning, and then he went thru all the sufferings. And then, shuk! everything came back to normal. So the Lord showed that by His material energy, He can create this type of illusion. We may ask, so why did Maitreya ask for that? So these type of questions are not reasonable, because everybody is an individual and they ask for whatever they want. You can think if the Lord asks me what I want, I definitely want to serve the Lord. I want to see His beautiful, all attractive form! I want to serve Him, so like that you think if the Lord asks you. I will give you anything you want. If want to be a king, I will make you a king. If you want mystic power, I will give you mystic power! If you want to merge in the Brahma jyoti, then you can do that! What do you want? What will you ask for? Good question!

Last question

We would like to congratulate Ajita Gopinath and his better half, Radha Rajeshwari devi dasi, it is their wedding anniversary today. Let us all give them a big Haribol! Haribol!

HG Mahavaraha das prabhu said: We also would like to share a very sad news. One og guru maharaj’s disciples, Lileshwar Gauranga das, he is from Curitiba, Brazil, 22 years old brahmachari. In an attempt of robbery by some people outside, this brahmachari reacted to the attempt of robbery and due to that he was badly injured and admitted to the ICU. And we got the news that he left his body. He was a very good bhakta. He joined ISKCON in 2012 and he was very good, very active and sincere devotee, sincere brahmachari as well, and due to this untoward incident, unexpected, he left this world. So we want guru maharaj and along with guru maharaj, and with his request, devotees online now, we pray along with guru maharaj we pray for his soul to reach the lotus feet of the Lord. (Mahavaraha das prabhu showed a picture of the devotee with guru maharaj on his phone to the audience).

Guru maharaj: Let us all chant Hare Krishna for his successful destination to the spiritual world.

Sri Krishna Caitanya Prabhu Nityananda, Sri Advaita Gadaadhar, Srivas Adi Gaura Bhakta Vrnda.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
28 January 2019