Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today we are going to continue with the compilation of the Sri Krishna Caitanya book. Yesterday because we arrived late, we had questions and answers but there were not sufficient questions. So please have your questions ready and at the end of the class we will have questions and answers. Somebody told me when I was a new devotee that you should always ask questions of Srila Prabhupad and that you should ask the questions which will help other devotees. So after every class I would ask questions and then we had to go out and work to pay the rent for Prabhupad. In 1968 there were no books, so we had to work. So I would work in the evening and hear Prabhupad’s lecture on tape next morning. So one time at the end of the class, Prabhupad asked, are there any questions? And nobody asked any questions. P said where is Bhakta Jay, he asks good questions! I felt so good!!a So asking questions is a good way to get mercy from the guru. But you should ask appropriate questions.

So this morning I had physiotherapy and I had voice therapy because the voice therapist usually comes on a Sunday but over the weekend he was asked to give a seminar in Amritsar, Punjab. I told him that it could be very cold there. But I heard that they have good milk based food there – dahi vada, paneer paratha and other things. So he said that it was his first visit to Punjab. Then he took prasad with us and directly went to the airport from here. So he asked me to speak short sentences, 3 to 5 words and speak louder so that I could be understood. Usually I would speak very soft and people could not understand what I was saying but the day before yesterday night, I asked devotees, how many could understand what I was speaking. About half they said they could understand and the rest was 90%, 85% and 80%. Of course I thought if they are saying 80% they are just being polite. Yesterday we went to the hospital and three different doctors saw us and they adjusted my medication. And then I left the place and came back here.

So today we will read about Lord Caitanya after He came back from Gaya. He was initiated and He was a devotee. He expressed His separation for Krishna and He was in ecstasy. So He told the vaishnavas, He told His students, who said they could not understand anything because He was only talking about Krishna. Then He went to the Ganges and bathed there and then went home. Then He was teaching His mother just like Kapiladev taught Devahuti. So He told His mother how she should serve the vaishnavas. And how she should always think of Krishna. And many other things. So now we are continuing with what the vaishnavas are discussing what Lord Caitanya is talking to His mother.

So the devotees when they heard these discussions from their dear friends, all the devotees discussed together and considered and imagined where the Lord was, because when He left Navadvip He was Nimai Pandit. He was scholastically the best pandit. He could argue with anyone and His logic was impeccable. He would defeat a person, then he would take the person’s original argument and prove it correct, then He would smash that again and like this when people they saw Him they would run the other way, and now He came back and He was like maha bhaagavat. He was thinking about Krishna waking, sleeping at all times. So this was truly amazing for all the people, all the vaishnavas.

So they are imagining, is this because Krishna has manifested in His body or it is due to His association with the vaishnavas or is this just due to the previous purificatory rites? No one could understand why there is this sudden change and why the change was so intense. When He would cry for Krishna, the pure vaishnavas would also cry. And He would faint and fall down, all the vaishnavas also fainted and fell down. So potent was His association.

In this way the devotees contemplated and it made them very happy. Their hearts were filled with happiness. And this was for all the vaishnavas.

The devotees’ sadness was vanquished. The atheists, nonbelievers were destroyed. Mahaprabhu Vishwambhar manifested Himself. The atheists were destroyed as the Supreme Lord Mahaprabhu, Vishwambhar, manifested Himself. So in the night everything is covered by darkness but when the sun rises from the east, all darkness goes away. Like that the preaching of devotional service to Krishna by Vishwambhar Mahaprabhu who is the distributor of love of Krishna throughout the entire world eradicates the mental agony of the devotee, who were ridiculed and harassed by the non-devotees and began the pastime of oppressing the atheists who were opposed to devotional service. So this preaching of Lord Caitanya was like the rising of the sun and all the atheistic and non-devotees who were opposed to devotional service, they were vanquished, they went away like the darkness goes before the sun rise.

So Lord Vishwambhar Mahaprabhu in the mood of a vaishnava devotee, He saw the whole world as being Krishna conscious and seeing Krishna everywhere constantly.

Lord Vishwambhar heard the name of Krishna in the night and in the day. From His mouth came the words Krishna Chandra constantly. So Lord Gaurasundar exhibited the pastime of a maha bhaagavat vaishnava or pure devotee of the Lord. Everything He saw was in relation to Krishna. Ordinary materialists see everything as objects of sense enjoyment. Mahaprabhu did not set such an example. He did not present Himself as an enjoyer. He would see the animate and inanimate world with a vision of a person of a great devotee or a pure devotee who sees everything in relation to Krishna. He began to realize the pastimes of omnipotent Krishna in the heart of every living entity. Therefore, because He did not have any material vision like the materialistic conditioned souls, He would realize Vaikuntha, Goloka everywhere. So in Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya Lila 8.274 it is stated the maha bhaagavat, the advanced devotee, certainly sees everything mobile and immobile, but He does not exactly see their forms. Rather everywhere, He sees the manifested form of the Supreme Lord. So there are many quotes from Srimad Bhagavatam 11th canto. So the Navayogendras are instructing the king of Videha and they say how the fire of material existence and material suffering are mitigated by the Lord’s lotus feet which have performed innumerable heroic deeds and the beautiful nails of His lotus toes resemble valuable jewels. His effulgence emanating from His lotus nails resembles cooling moonshine which relieves instantly the suffering in the heart of a pure devotee. Just as the appearance of the moon’s cooling light relieves the burning heart of the sun.

The same Lord who was once absorbed in the rasa of scholastic pursuits, now did not relish anything other than Krishna.

So His students came early in the morning to study. They came and they gathered together for the studies.

Vishwambhar when He sat to teach, the Lord of the three worlds, He could not say anything other than Krishna. Only Krishna came from His tongue.

So the students asked what is the meaning of siddha varna samannoya? The Lord replied, so this phase siddha varna samannoya is the first sutra of kalaapa grammar or Sanskrit grammar. So the sequence of the vowels and consonants is well established since ancient times. So by quoting this first sutra of the kalaapa grammar, so the students asked of the Lord, what is the standard method of presenting the alphabets, is it proper and in reply the Lord said, that the eternal, pure, complete, internally liberated, spiritual and most important vidwad rudhi, every letter of the alphabet certainly refers to the Supreme Lord Narayana. People who don’t understand this should study the Sanskrit grammar of from some other perspective or following the aagya rudhi which is the path of ignorance. So there are vidwad rudhi, sadhana rudhi and aagya rudhi. So these souls who don’t relate the alphabets with the Supreme Lord Narayana, are following the aagya rudhi. But vidwad rudhi confirms that each letter of the alphabet is a direct manifestation of the Lord Narayana. So Lord Gaurasundar, He was teaching Sanskrit grammar by using the holy name of the Lord. Sriman Jiva Goswami wrote something like Harinaam vyaakharan, which is Sanskrit grammar using the Harinaam. So although the Supreme Lord is Adhoksaja, He cannot be described in any combination of letters from A to Z and in Sanskrit standard a to aha. The Lord He allows Himself to be manifested in the letters to help the devotees, the living entities to chant His glories.

So His students asked, how will the letters of the alphabets be perfected? Prabhu said or replied, by Krishna giving His glance over the letters, they are perfected. So in reply to the students’ question, regarding the perfection of the letters of the alphabets was due to the merciful glance of Lord Krishna. In other words, every letter is perfect because each one indicates the pure, complete, perfectly liberated holy names which are non-different from Krishna. Om Tat sat! Any one has any questions?

We are supposed to have a TOVP e-meeting Sunday morning but there is some discussion going on whether to have it on Saturday night. In that case it would interfere with the class. It was confirmed that the meeting will be on Sunday morning. So tomorrow could be a class!! Any questions on the internet?

Question: Lalitha Karthikeyan; What transformation exactly happened to Lord Caitanya during initiation that Krishna Prema immediately erupted in Him and He shed tears when He saw the lotus foot prints of Lord Vishnu in Gaya?

Guru maharaj: That is what happened. Before He saw Lord Vishnu’s footprints, and He wondered why He did not feel any ecstasy but after He was initiated and connected to the guru parampara, when He say the lotus footprint of Lord Vishnu He could not help but cry and on His way back to Navadvip he was in Kanainaathshaala which is in Jharkhand state just opposite to the Malda town. So it is on the Ganges. And there He saw Lord Krishna. who gradually came closer and close playing on His flute and then when it was obvious that the boy He saw was Krishna, with a peacock feather in His turban, with those shark like ear rings, with the Srivatsa mark on His chest, with the venu being played by Him. Then He came up to Lord Vishwambhar, He embraced Him and sent Vishwambhar into extreme ecstasy and then He ran away. And Lord Vishwambhar, Gaurasundar was trying to follow Him but under a tree He disappeared. Lord Caitanya was rolling there on the ground. That place is still visible. You can go there and pay your obeisances. There are the lotus footprints of Lord Caitanya there established by Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Prabhupad Thakur. So after experiencing these things when He got back to Navadvip He confessed to the devotes in a private meeting in Shuklambhar Brahmachari’s house how He had wasted His life with scholastic pursuits. And now He realizes Krishna is the most valuable thing or object and He told them you don’t know what it is like to have Krishna and then lose Him. Where is Krishna? WHERE IS KRISHNA? Krishna Kothay? Krishna Kothay and then He would put His arm around the devotees. Sometimes He would faint and all the devotees there would chant and cry. So many tears were coming from Lord Caitanya’s eyes that they thought the Ganges was flowing in the house of Shuklambhar Brahmachari. This meeting of Lord Caitanya continued for 12 hours and when Lord Caitanya finally bid farewell and left, the devotees looked at each other and could not say anything. They went back and told the vaishnavas that Lord Caitanya now, He is no longer in His scholastics without Krishna. He sees everything in relation to Krishna. So some of the vaishnavas thought that now we have nothing to fear from the atheists, we have Nimai Pandit and He will defeat all these atheists. Like that they all rejoiced that Nimai Pandit became a devotee. Hare Krishna!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
7 December 2018