Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today we will continue with the compilation of the Krishna Caitanya book which is highlighting the pastimes and little philosophy which are from Caitanya Caritamrita, Caitanya Bhagavat, Caitanya Mangal, Murari Gupta Korcha, Caitanya Caritamrita Maha kaavya by Kavi Karnapura and many other books. So these are compiled on the computer and we are seeing the translation and excerpts of the purport. Now we are at the point where Lord Caitanya is instructing His mother about the importance of bhakti to Lord Krishna. He has just returned from Gaya. He got initiated by Ishwara Puri maharaj. Now He is in separation from Krishna and people don’t understand His new consciousness. So He is educating different friends and relatives, students, vaishnavas, etc. So day before we had Ekadasi. Today was Wednesday. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday we have as shaving days. But Monday was Ekadasi so there was no shaving that day. Today my breakfast was served – oats porridge and muesli porridge. So Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have sweet porridges in the breakfast. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we have salty preparations like appam, idli, dosa, parathas, Punjabi paratha, paneer paratha. I have to consume 80 to 90 gm of protein every day and so they did a blood test this morning and my hemoglobin is improving and various other things. But what we are trying to do is this body is a machine driven by the material nature and we want to use it in Krishna’s service. But we have to get it strong enough to be able to serve Krishna. So that is what we are trying to do with the body. And I am getting a lot of emails from different devotees, some from India, some from the west. So I try to write 8 or 10 emails a day but sometimes we have more emails and sometimes we have less. So the people who take my dictation are gradually becoming more expert. So today we had physiotherapy and voice therapy. Voice therapy was all the vowels and two consonants mmmmm and zzzzzzzzzzz, zebra, zero. So we wonder how we have to say so many combinations of vowels. And only one consonant but they made us do this -mmmmmmmmaaaaaamm, meeee, miiiiiii. And they should be mmmammm, my maaaaaaaaaaaam, with closed lip so the mmmmmm sound comes clear. Meeeeee, myyyyyyyyy. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. So now after the three weeks there are variations, they are asking to raise the vowels up and then down aaaaaaaaaaa raising up and aaaaaaaaa down; eeeeeeee up and eeeeeeeeeeeee down. Starts high and low. So after the class I am going to speak, read, a few sentences and see how many of you understand that, without repetition. Now we will continue with the class. Enough entertainment!!

So if therefore the living entity again associates with the path of unrighteousness and is influenced by sensually minded people, engaged in the pursuit of sexual enjoyment and the gratification of the palate, they again go to hell as before. This is from the Srimad Bhagavatam 3.31.32.

So one who has never worshipped the lotus feet of Lord Govinda, how is it possible for him to live in comfort and die in peace?

To die peacefully and live a life free from miseries, worshipping Krishna and remembering Krishna is the way.

Therefore, oh mother, worship Krishna in taking the association of His devotees. In the mind, mother, always think of Krishna and chant the name Hari.

So working without devotion to the Lord, no real fruit is achieved. That work which is without devotion simply causes violence to others. So Lord Caitanya is advising His mother, always worship Krishna in the association of devotees, and remember Krishna in your heart, while chanting the name of Hari. If you leave the association of devotees or if you attempt to worship Krishna under the direction of a non-devotee there is no possibility of your attaining the eternal service to Krishna. Srimad Bhagavatam 3.23.55 tells us the necessity for chanting the name of Krishna in the association of devotees. Association for sense gratification is certainly the true path of bondage. But the same type of association performed with a saintly person leads to the path of liberation even if performed without knowledge. So in the instructions of Nimi, the Navayogendras spoke to King Nimi and King Nimi, the king of Videha asked the Navayogendras as follows: Even if one has association with a saintly person for half a moment, that association with pure devotees is a priceless treasure for any man, in this world of birth and death. So kindly tell me what the ultimate Supreme Good is? Lord Kapila told His mother Devahuti that the attachment for material entanglement is the greatest entanglement for the spirit soul. But the same attachment when applied to self-realized devotees, opens the door of liberation. In canto 4, chapter 29, verse 19, Sanat Kumar tells Maharaj Prithu, when there is a congregation of devotees, there are discussions, questions and answers, and they become conclusive to both the speaker and the audience. Thus such a meeting is beneficial for everyone’s real happiness. Like this there are many verses which glorifies the assembly of saintly persons. And one is fortunate to hear the flow of nectar, the glories of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. One becomes immune to all kinds of fear, miseries and illusion. Associating with the devotees who are discussing the pastimes of the Lord, that is a great benediction. And so the Prachetas were saying that they could achieve this benediction life after life in different bodily forms and on different planets. So every human being should glorify the Supreme Lord, hear about Him, remember Him always and everywhere. So many quotes, but Krishna Caitanya book will not have all these quotes. You have to go back and read the other books and take out the quotes. Like Krishna book, you don’t have all the quotes, in the 10th canto you get everything.

Like Kapila muni instructed His mother Devahuti, Lord Gaurasundar taught His mother. Hearing these words of instruction, Sachi maata was immersed in an ocean of transcendental bliss of ecstasy.

Whether the Lord was eating, whether He was lying down, whether He was awake, He did not discuss anything but Krishna. He was not speaking anything else. So we will end here.

I will read the purport now, without repetition, and those who understand can raise their hand.

So are there are any questions? I didn’t think I was at my best tonight. I have a bit of a sore throat. But any questions?

Haribol! Gauuuuuuuuuuranga! Tomorrow I am going for my monthly check up to the hospital. Hope I will be back in time for the class. There are no issues so, should be back. You have prasad?

Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
5 December 2018