Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…
So today we will continue with the compilation of the Krishna Caitanya Book. Yesterday we had Ekadasi and today I broke fast, had khichdi and paapad and yogurt in the morning. So today there is rain in Chennai. So my physiotherapist couldn’t make it but we did our own physiotherapy. They were saying I get tired very quick so I am trying to go early to bed. I was trying to go to bed last night at 10, it became 10.45, and then the nurse was giving some injection, closed my left eye which since the stroke does not properly close. So like this things delay. I hope if I get enough rest then I hope I would be able to walk and dance in kirtan. But this Krishna Caitanya book is so much sweet nectar that my god brothers were encouraging me also. So now we will ask Devagauranga das brahmachari to read the Bengali and I will translate.

Please Krishna in this way favor me that I can be in Your service, that I can serve Your lotus feet. Keep me as your maidservant’s son.

So he was praying just like a son of a devotee’s maidservant, did not know anything from the time of his birth except devotional service to Krishna. So you should similarly bless me, always engage Me in Your unalloyed devotional service accepting me as a son of Your dependent maidservant. So that I may remain constantly engaged in your non-duplicitous service and never on the pretext of service, become a master by forgetting You. So living entity is praying to the Lord like this to always remember and serve the lotus feet of the Lord.

If You deliver me now from this miserable condition, then Prabhu, I will not have anything but to remember You.

In this way while the child stays in the womb of the mother, he is constantly burnt yet he likes his situation because he is able to remember Krishna. Although the child is suffering a lot in the womb, by remembering Krishna’s service and serving Krishna, he gets happiness of Krishna consciousness and he accepts the suffering in that condition as relishable and desirable.

So under the influence of prayer, he doesn’t feel suffering in the womb. In due course of time he comes out from the womb, although he is not particularly desiring it.

Oh mother, said Caitanya Mahaprabhu to mother Sachi, please hear attentively about the living entity’s condition. He loses consciousness as soon as he touches the ground. This is in regard to a living entity who is materialistic and has forgotten Krishna.

Sometimes he is unconscious, sometimes he cries, he is not able to say anything, he is floating in an ocean of miseries. Sometimes he cries, sometimes he breathes deeply in and out.

By the illusory energy of Krishna, the individual soul, servitor of Krishna, suffers, in this way, if he does not worship Krishna. Krishna na bhajile ei motho dukkha paay so even if you are devotee of Krishna if you forget to worship Krishna you will suffer in the same way. Every living entity is constitutionally a devotee, a vaishnava or an eternal servant of Krishna. But as soon as he turns away from that devotional service of Krishna, he comes under the control of the illusory energy and he becomes born out of the desires of material energy, therefore he is the source of unlimited miseries. So the living entity is constitutionally an eternal servitor of Krishna but if he forgets Krishna then he is put under the control of maya, Krishna’s illusory energy and he is given all kinds of miseries. Sometimes he is elevated to higher planetary systems and he gets material prosperity and sometimes he is drowned in hellish condition. Previously we gave an example like someone who is dunked in water by the king and then taken out for a breath of fresh and then dunked again, like this one is revolving around the universes until they meet some saintly person or guru who gives them instruction to be Krishna conscious. Due to his worship of Krishna he is delivered from this material condition. So those who are nitya mukta jivas or eternally liberated souls or the baddha jiva or eternally conditioned souls, we want to take the nitya baddha and make them nitya siddhas. So this is the job of the ghoshti anandi vaishnavas. The bhajan anandi are those devotees who want their own liberation and they don’t care about the others. So one is put under the control of the witch maya, the illusory energy of the Lord but if somehow one can get close to Krishna and he carries out the orders of the spiritual master and does service to spiritual master, he can get out of the clutches of maya and become eligible for Krishna’s service or for shelter at Krishna’s lotus feet. One is immediately freed from the clutches of maya. Someone may get misdirected and develop their desires for enjoying their senses and then if they are fortunate, they start to render devotional service and they give up all material desires and willfully offer themselves as an eternal servitor of Krishna.

So after some time the child develops knowledge and intelligence. If in that state he worships Krishna, he is certainly fortunate.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t worship Krishna, if he takes bad association, again he is submerged in the depths of the sinful activities and illusion. So two living entities are described – one is fortunate, he worships Krishna and the other is unfortunate, averse to worshipping Krishna. So the dishonest action of the non-devotee is to give up the service of Krishna. And they develop extraneous desires either karma or gyana, fruitive enjoyment or speculative knowledge. They consider spiritual objects to be limited and insignificant and they try to understand it thru their sensual knowledge and they become materialistic and so these living entities are extremely unfortunate and devoid of the taste for service of Krishna. They tend to measure everything thru their material senses. Their forgetfulness of Krishna allows them to be carried away by material knowledge and such conditioned souls are carried away by the waves of piety and impiety. That compels them to suffer the pains of birth and death. In Srimad Bhagavatam 11th canto 26th chapter 3rd verse, Lord Krishna speaks to Uddhava as follows:

“One should never associate with materialists, those dedicated to gratifying their genitals and bellies. By following them one falls into the deepest pit of darkness, just like a blind man who follows another blind man.”

That is the end of this section. Are there are questions?

Question: What becomes if a bhajan anandi does not preach? Does he fall down?

Guru maharaj: Bhajan anandi may go back to Godhead. It depends if he is fortunate but he goes alone. The ghoshti anandi wants to take as many people as possible with him.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
4 December 2018