Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today we will continue with the compilation of the Krishna Caitanya book and we are glad that so many devotees have come here in person and we are also glad that so many are on the internet and there will be others who will come later and see the text as per their convenient time. So in this way we are trying to reach all the devotees that want to be reached. Actually on my Facebook page there is like 116,000 likes but everyone is not sent posting through the Facebook. Facebook may send that to 20,000 people. So if you want to see what is on Facebook you should look every day. Someone just told me that today is ‘giving Tuesday’. And of course here in India, Tuesday has only got 3 or 4 hours left but in the USA, Canada and other western countries, like it is morning now in the States. So giving Tuesday means that anyone who donates to a Facebook page, Facebook will match up to 2500 dollars. So even if someone has pledged, if they pay today, then Facebook will match it. That means husband, wife, daughters, everyone gives 2500 dollars each and Facebook will match it. Apparently Facebook matched 17 million dollars. So today is a good day to pay your TOVP pledges or if want to donate then donate it through Facebook, today you get a matching grant. I don’t know how exactly it works. I have a Facebook page after I give my class, we will check how exactly it works. And TOVP hopefully they have a page and if not, they should have one up in a few minutes.

So as far as my health update, today my physiotherapist came back and did the physio exercise and also walked a little steps, previously 8 steps now 11 steps. So first comes walking and eventually I hope to dance. Haribol! Gauuuuuuurangaaaaaaaaa! NItaaaaaaaaaaaai! If we have a necktie and don’t know where to put it, put it on your knee! Someone says, why are you wearing your tie on your knee? We say my knee tie Nitai! Ha! Ha! Ha! Say it Niiitai, Niiiiiitai, Niiiiitai! Start a new fad! Everybody wear kneetie! Somehow if they chant the names of Nitai or Gaur it may awaken their dormant love for Godhead! Haribol! So now we will continue with the reading, Caitanya Bhagavat Madhya Lila 1.1.9. I am trying to avoid using the Bengali and Sanskrit shlokas so that makes easy reading for the westerners.

By reading or listening these mundane interpretations of the scriptures they attain death and destruction. They are deprived of Krishna’s great festivals. So Krishna consciousness has many festivals. We have Govardhan puja, Gopashtami, Janamashtami, Gaura Purnima, Radhashtami, Nrsimha Caturdasi, wedding of Shaligram and Tulasi, so many festivals. Prabhupad used to say in 12 months 13 festivals! Actually there are more festivals. Throught the year there are so many festivals and the devotees of Krishna they get to enjoy all these festivals. They dance and chant, and feast on Krishna prasadam. They understand that Krishna is a person, the Supreme Person and He is the maintainer of everyone else. So these people that don’t accept Krishna, they are deprived of this ecstasy.

Putana the witch was given liberation by the Lord. Still foolish people leave aside Krishna and they meditate in other ways. So Putana not only was she liberated but because she put poison on her breasts to kill Krishna, to kill so many babies, she was a serial killer. But because she wanted to kill Krishna, Krishna reciprocated and He killed her because God cannot be killed. But because He somehow or another sucked her breath, therefore He thought, since I have taken milk from her breasts she is My mother. So He gave her position as one of His mothers in the spiritual world. See how merciful Krishna is. A serial killer, a witch who wanted to kil Krishna, took a beautiful form, came in and picked up the baby, oh, what a beautiful baby! I feel so much motherly affection. Can I feed Him my breast milk? She thought, if I had a baby, I would like one like this. Too bad I have to kill Him. Kamsa asked me to kill all the babies. So she put her breast in Krishna’s mouth, thinking I will kill Krishna. But He sucked out her life air and she shouted leave me, leave me..aaoooo. She fell over dead! So in spite of her having hellish, HELLISH, demoniac mentality, for the personification of death and deceit who decided to kill Krishna, the Lord delivered her from that mentality which was born of enmity to Krishna and awarded her a rarely achieved spiritual abode. Only those who are fortunate enough to consider the glorious mercy of Lord Krishna, can understand that no comparison or limit to that mercy can be found either in the material world or the transcendental spiritual worlds. Therefore only the most unfortunate, unintelligent, foolish, hellish persons give up the service to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, which is the topmost occupational duty and contemplates our endeavors for something else. How is anyone more merciful than He who granted the position of His mother to a she demon Putana? Although she was unfavorable and prepared deadly poison to be sucked from her breast, Krishna is so merciful! How will you give up the service to the lotus feet of Krishna and where will you find anyone so merciful? Uddhava is the friend of Krishna in Dwaraka and Mathura. He prayed to Krishna in a later pastime. What learned person would approach anyone by You my Lord for shelter. And You are the most affectionate, grateful and truthful well-wisher of Your devotees. To those who worship You in sincere friendship, You award everything they desire, even Your own Self yet You never increase or diminish. Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya Lila 22.95. It says that “Lord Krishna is very kind to His devotees. He is always very grateful and magnanimous, and He possess all abilities. A learned man does not give up Krishna to worship anyone else. 22.97. Whenever an experienced person develops real knowledge of Krishna and His transcendental qualities, he naturally gives up all other engagements and renders service to the Lord. Uddhava gives evidence concerning this”. So every religion tells us we should love God. But what His qualities are, what is His nature, what are His likes? That remains a mystery. But in the Vedas and puranas, this truth about Krishna is revealed. Whether you know him as Krishna, Allah or God, it is all the same person. He has unlimited names and we are meant to serve Him. By serving Him we actually achieve the real goal of human life.

Lord Krishna delivered the Aghasura demon who was most sinful, and granted Aghasura spiritual liberation. What happiness would someone give up for glorifying the Lord in kirtan? It means that if someone as sinful as Aghasura, he got delivered by Krishna, then why will someone want to serve Krishna? If he does not serve he must be thinking that oh, I have to give up some happiness to serve Krishna. So what happiness is there that you have to give up to glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead who delivered the most sinful Aghasura. If you analyze in this way, you see that you don’t have to give up anything, any viable happiness.

The holy name of Lord Krishna purifies the entire universe. Yet wretched conditioned souls restrain from chanting His glories.

Those festivals towards Krishna even Brahma and the other devas are overwhelmed in happiness. But they are given out by foolish people who take pleasure in inauspicious dancing or singing.

The holy names of Krishna delivered Ajamila and those who are infatuated by their wealth, birth, family and education, they don’t know Krishna. So in the Srimad Bhagavatam, it mentions how Ajamila was delivered by chanting the name of his son who is named after Krishna, so this is Krishna naam aabhaas, accidental chanting of Krishna’s name. So this delivered Ajamila. In the second line this verse is also confirmed in Queen Kunti’s prayer to Krishna in the Srimad Bhagavatam first canto 8th chapter, 26th verse.

“My Lord, your Lordship can easily be approached but only by those who are materially exhausted. One who is on the path of material progress, trying to improve himself with respectable parentage, great opulence, high education and bodily beauty cannot approach You with sincere feeling.”

Oh brothers, please hear my truthful statement. Worship the priceless wealth of Krishna’s lotus feet. Prabhodananda Saraswati has written in his Sri Caitanya Candramrita “Oh devotees give up all unfavorable bodily and mental activities that are contrary to the pleasure of Krishna. Krishna’s senses. And become attached to the lotus feet of Gauuuuuranga Chandra, Gauuuuuuuuuranga! Gauuuuuranga Chandra! Gauuuuuuranga Chandra!

Those lotus feet which Lakshmi feet has a desire to serve. Those lotus feet which are served by Lord Shankar or Shiva who is His pure devotee. Those lotus feet which the Ganges manifested from. Those lotus feet brothers, everyone should desire.

Who has the power in the whole of Navadvip who can refute My explanation before Me? Lord Caitanya, He is showing His students that He is the same Nimai Pandit, He is undefeatable. Just that He has added Krishna by His realization that Krishna is the source of everything.

The Absolute Truth is Vishwambhar and He is the personification of transcendental sound. Whatever explanation He gives, that is the Supreme Truth.

So Vishwambhar, the Lord of the spiritual world, the maintainer and nourisher of the animate and inanimate worlds, He is the Supreme Brahman and the personification of transcendental sound. He is the husband of Saraswati devi the goddess of learning. The goddess of transcendental knowledge. Any word that Lord Vishwambhar says or explains through the eternal pure complete, eternally liberated, spiritual and the most important vidwad rudhi as related to Krishna as reality and the Supreme Truth. Remember, there are three ways of understanding the abs truth. Vidwad rudhi, (what is the second one?) means that which is the authoritative version handed down by great seekers of the truth. The second one, I forget the name is something that common understanding of the learned people and the aagya rudhi is the misunderstanding of the foolish people. Most people think about the Lord in aagya rudhi. They speculate and come up with some wrong ideas. Just like someone said, oh, don’t worry, we only live once and we die and it is all over. They don’t know about reincarnation. They don’t know that we never die. They speculate. Like that it is all kinds of misunderstanding, why does God make good people suffer? What is good and what is not good, what is the absolute, understanding of that they don’t know. Also that karma comes from last 100 births. So 79 births before you may have killed your neighbor, so in this life you wonder why you are suddenly attacked. So the law of karma is very difficult to ascertain. That is why surrender to Krishna and Lord Caitanya is our best option. Because They will protect us from all the previous bad karma and we can return back to Krishna by chanting His holy names and serving His lotus feet. So we will end here and continue tomorrow. 1.117.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
27 November 2018