Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today we are continuing the compilation of the Krishna Caitanya book. Lord Caitanya has returned from Gaya, initiated by Ishwara Puri and from Nimai Pandit He has been completely changed as a pure devotee, the greatest devotee of Krishna. So everything He described was in relation to Krishna and that is what we are reading now. So I am reviewing all the various scriptures which tell about His pastimes giving the translations and making it complete and the purports. Today was Sunday so we didn’t have our physiotherapy but I did it with the devotees. About 12 different sets and we had our voice therapist come and he taught a new consonant. First I learnt the vowels and joint vowels and the first consonant mmmmmmaaaaam. So he would have me pronounce each consonant and each vowel because for 45 days I was in tracheostomy and I could not speak. When they closed it up, I was still unable to speak. By voice therapy I am gradually now able to speak. In Puri the Eastern India Divisional Council meeting which my office manager attended for me and sent me different proposals and discussions which we tried to vote and then we had a visit from a disciple couple from Damodardesh in the Middle East. They are moving tomorrow to Mayapur so I spoke to them. Then they had me go down and see a new car whether I want it or not. Finally, Murlidar Govinda has arrived from Dallas. Sarvajaya Madhava das and his family sponsored a Samsung 9 mobile phone. I am giving my Samsung 8 as prasadam. So that pretty much sums up my da. So now we will go thru this Krishna Caitanya book.

So the different philosophies of the Vedas or Vedic scriptures starting from the Aagamaas and the Vedanta Sutra including all other bona fide Vedic literatures and scriptures, whatever philosophy they are containing, all these scriptures say that the wealth is pure devotion to the lotus feet of Krishna. So various scriptures of the Vedas, Pancharaatras, the Upanishads, and the Vedanta which is the essence of all the Upanishads as well as the various philosophical scriptures, all point out that the service to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna is the goal of life.

Teachers and professors are bewildered by Krishna’s illusory energy. They get illusioned and give up the devotion to the lotus feet of Krishna and take to other paths. So the material energy is very powerful. It is illusion created by Lord Krishna. So this material world appears real because it is one of the energies of the Lord but it is temporary. Its form is temporary so it always changing and a person gets disease, old age and finally dies and then they take rebirth, soul goes with the subtle body of the mind, intelligence and false ego and takes birth again. So devotional service to Krishna can free one from this cycle of birth and death. But the illusory energy of the material world bewilders such people and these people leave the devotional service to Krishna and take other paths.

Lord Krishna is the ocean of mercy. He is the life and soul of the universes. He is very affectionate to His devotees.t He is the son of the cowherd Nanda Maharaj, darling son of cowherd Nanda Maharaj.

Even if one studies all the scriptures, if he does not have any devotion or inclination to chanting Krishna’s holy names, He is downgraded or achieves durgati. Inauspicious destination. So previously we discussed that there are three ways of understanding the scriptures. In the vidwad rudhi, one hears from the authorities. One gives up the vidwad rudhi and accepts aagya rudhi where one gives up the service of Krishna by listening to someone who is not having any knowledge or faith in the position of Krishna. So someone in this position even though he is a learned scholar, even though he has studied all the scriptures, if he does not develop any taste for the transcendental names of Krishna, such a proud self-proclaimed scholar is simply an unfortunate, foolish traveler to hell rather than like wa swan like person.

So Nimai Pandit tells His students, that one thing that you should study as the eternal truth is worshipping the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. That knowledge has the symptom of devotion for Lord Krishna.

My dear students do not study any other truth, the shaastras declare or describe. Any truth other than devotion to Sri Sri Radha Krishna. So Nimai Pandit who had the cream of all the sons of brahmanas as His students was now telling them that they should simply study the devotion to Sri Sri Radha Krishna. That is something new for these students. They never heard Lord Caitanya or Nimai Pandit speak like that before.

Persons who are intoxicated by their knowledge, their learning, by their honorable families, by their wealth, they do not attain Lord Krishna. Only by devotional service can one easily achieve the lotus feet of the King of the Yadus. Lord Krishna, the King of the Yadus.

Lord Krishna is conquered by the nectar of devotional service. See this, consider this and judge for yourself. To prove this point, I quote these words from various scriptures.

“Where was the hunter Dharma’s piety, Dhruva’s maturity and Gajendra’s knowledge? Where was Kubja’s beauty? Where was Sudama’s wealth? Where was Vidura’s noble birth? Where was Ugrasen’s chivalrous strength? Lord Madhav is pleased only by devotional service and not by material qualifications.”

So in this way the Lord taught His disciples, His students, the Lord manifested his ecstatic spiritual love and the unlimited bliss that He felt.

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Transcribe by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
25 November 2018