Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vacalam..

So today we are continuing with Lord Caitanya’s pastimes. Different historians have written about His different leelas and some of the historians have given different details. So Caitanya Caritamrita Mahakaavya verses and Caitanya Caritamrita verses Adi Lila 17.9, so the verses from Caitanya Caritamrita with translation and purport by His Divine Grace A C Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupad. I will just have the translation and purports read out.

Translation and purport by SP: (CC Adi Lila 17.9): Translation: In Gaya, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was initiated by Ishwara Puri and immediately afterwards He exhibited signs of love of Godhead. He again displayed such symptoms after returning home.
(Then the repeater, Aakarshak das prabhu read the Purport by Srila Prabhupad of this verse.)

As soon as Sri Gaurasundara returned from Gaya, the entire city of Navadvip was filled with the news.

So the Lord’s relatives and friends came running to see the Lord. Someone was ahead, someone in the middle and someone way behind.

The Lord, He spoke to everyone in a befitting manner and to see Vishwambhar everyone became very happy, very jubilant. So this shows how people in Navadvip had so much natural affection and devotion for Lord Gaurasundar. Although they didn’t consider Him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but they loved Him in any case.

So the Lord was accompanied by all these friends and relatives who had greeted the Lord and took Him to His own house. There Vishwambhar told everyone the topics of His pilgrimage.

The Lord said because of all your blessings on Me, I visited the sacred bhumi of Gaya and seen this abode of the Lord and the whole journey was without any difficulty.

The Lord spoke with a supremely humble tone and everyone He was very satisfied to see the Lord and His great humility.

Some touched the Lord’s head and gave Him blessing that You may live forever. Some touched different limbs of the Lord with their hands while chanting different mantras.

Some put their hands on the Lord’s chest and gave Him the following blessing: “May Govinda give You soothing, blissful mercy on You.”

Mother Sachi who is most fortunate was filled with joy seeing her divine Son. She forgot herself while in the bliss of seeing her Son.

The family of Vishnu Priya, the father became most happy and Vishnu Priya’s distress was vanquished as soon as she looked at the face of her Husband. Lakshmi Priya, Vishnu Priya are all different Lakshmis from the spiritual world. Lakshmi Priya is Sri Devi. Vishnu Priya is Bhu Devi and Navadvip Dham is Neela Devi. So these are the three consorts of Lord Narayana.

So all the vaishnavas became very pleased to see the Lord. At that time, they immediately went to see the Lord.

Now the Lord speaking very humbly, He spoke with everyone and He gave everyone a farewell and they went home to their own houses.

Khichu Vishnu bhaktas, some two or four people, were taken to tell them some confidential topics. So He sat them down to reveal His mind. So this verse indicates that the Lord took a small number of Vishnu devotees. In the world, there are two kinds of people – those who want to be masters of the material energy and enjoy their senses, and those who worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So the minority engage in the service of the Supreme Lord, these are called as vaishnavas or Vishnu bhaktas. So Sri Gaurasundara, He began to discuss confidential topics about Lord Hari with such vaishnavas, a few of such vaishnavas.

So the Lord said, o friends, please listen, I will tell you a confidential topic. I have never seen such wonders of Krishna. Please hear about them.

As soon as I entered into Gaya dham I heard some auspicious sounds.

Thousands and thousands of brahmanas were reciting the prayers from the Vedas. They said “look at, come and see Lord Vishnu’s footprints. The holy place where He washed His lotus feet.”

When Krishna previously went to the Gaya dham, at that place He stayed and washed His lotus feet there.

So the Ganges became sacred by touching the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu and that was caught by Lord Shiva on His head. So the place where the lotus feet of the Lord Krishna were bathed, that place in the world is known as padauda thirtha, a holy place of the Lord’s foot bathing.

So there are some Sanskrit verses here which say that who else is worthy of the name Supreme Personality of Godhead other than Krishna? And the water emanating from the nails of His lotus feet were collected by Lord Brahma and provided to Lord Shiva as a worshipable thing. This very water, the Ganges, is purifying the whole universe, including Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is blessed and He becomes more blessed by wearing on His head the holy waters of the Ganges, who is sacred because she has bathed the lotus feet of the Lord. The Lord’s feet act like thunderbolts which smashes mountains of thunderbolts of sins, smashes, SMASHES, that people have accumulated, by the Ganges. Therefore, one should meditate on the lotus feet of the Lord for a long time.

As soon as the Lord mentioned the paada Padma thirtha, and when He was chanting the names of Lord Krishna’s pastimes, His two lotus eyes poured down tears incessantly.

In the end the Lord, He lost His complete composure and He was chanting the Holy Names of Lord Krishna and profusely He was crying, crying out all the names of Lord Krishna. Now remember, that when He left He was Nimai Pandit and He was not particularly devotional. He would defeat other pandits by argumentation by His learning, Now, just saying the name of Krishna He lost His composure and He started to cry profusely crying out loudly the name of Lord Krishna. So He could not conceal His true nature. So vaishnavas present they must have been very surprised I guess at His change and also very happy.

So His flower garden became filled with the water of His great love of Krishna. The tears from His eyes inundated His flower garden. The Lord sighed heavily as He chanted Krishna, Krishna, the name of Lord Krishna.

Hairs all over His body were standing on end and the Lord could not remain still and the Lord, His body was filled with quivering.

Sriman Pandit and all the other devotees saw the wonderful crying of Lord in pure love of Krishna.

Tears were flowing from His eyes in all the four directions as if the Ganges had come there and as if she had descended and come there!

Everybody was thinking in their minds and were struck with wonder. They thought they had never see the Lord in this way before.

He must have got the special mercy of Lord Krishna or perhaps He has seen something on the path.

So after a while the Lord got His external vision back and He began to speak to everybody who was present there in a very humble way.

So the Lord said, friends, today go to your homes, tomorrow I will tell you where to come so that we may talk tomorrow.

I would like to tell all of you in some solitary place. I will reveal all the miseries, I will reveal all this to you tomorrow.

Lord Caitanya wanted to reveal to the vaishnavas His feelings of separation from Krishna. The love of Krishna that He was experiencing but He did not want any materialistic people because they would misunderstand His suffering for separation from Krishna. I can open My heart and reveal the pain I feel for separation from Krishna to intimate devotees like yourselves.

You can come to the house of Shuklambhar Brahmachari. You and Sadashiva should come early tomorrow. So He may have been addressing Sriman Pandit, the brother of Srivas and Sadashiva. Some say that He was referring to Murari Pandit and Sadashiva.

This was the first day of Lord Gaurasundar’s reaching in Navadvip dham. So He came back with a totally different mood, a mood of love of Krishna. So the vaishnavas were very jubilant to see these changes in Nimai Pandit. They had been blessing Him that He may have love for Krishna. This reminds me by talking about the Ganges that I think today or Monday or Tuesday, is the final Ekadasi of the Damodar month and from the Ekadasi to the full moon day is the time also one can observe the Bhishma Panchak. In Mayapur we have the Ganges there so we can directly bathe in the Ganges. But within the 80,000 yojanas over outer space if one chants the name of Ganges three times loudly, then the Ganges comes. So one can offer this Bhishma Panchak even here in Chennai or anywhere in the world. I have given my video on Facebook which should explain something of the glories of Bhishma Panchaka. As far as the diet is considered one has three options: Pancha Gavya, fruits and roots or havishanna. So this is a five day vrata. Many people go on some fast for the five days. And why not do it when you get some special mercy from Krishna? So we will print all the details hopefully tomorrow. Hare Krishna!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari dd
17 November 2018