Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So we are compiling the Krishna Caitanya book and Lord Caitanya has returned from Gaya to Navadvip dham. He got initiated from Ishwara Puri in Gaya and He had darshan of Krishna in Kanainaathshaala. He arrived in Navadvip with great separation of Krishna. He was a maha Bhaagavat, a pure devotee of Krishna. He had revealed His inner feelings to some of the devotees of Navadvip. He had tried to teach His students but they said they could not understand anything. They went to the Ganges and took bath and then He went home. At home He is teaching His mother just like Kapiladeva taught Devahuti, He is also teaching His mother about Krishna bhakti. So that is where we are today.

Today I had my physiotherapy. Also some voice therapy. But something is wrong in the medicine, I cannot get to sleep at night. So I get very tired in the activities but I am not able to sleep. So this is my health update. Otherwise I am gradually getting stronger although I am supposed to put on some more weight but I have been losing weight. We don’t know what the reason is but we will soon find out.

So let us now read out the compilation of Krishna Caitanya book. Gaurasundar is telling His mother, listen, listen, mother. Devotional service to Krishna has such a deep prabhaav. Such a deep meaning. In all respects, please do this mother, develop your attachment to Lord Krishna. Serve Lord Krishna. Chant His holy names.

Krishna’s servitors’ mother, they are never destroyed. The wheel of time it stops seeing the servitors of Lord Krishna. The wheel of time is frightened to see the servitors of Lord Krishna. So those who are worshipping the lotus feet of Krishna are not amongst the conditioned souls who are under the influence of the illusory energy of Lord Krishna and not under the influence of the repetition of birth and death. So there is a purport by Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur, I will just give a gist. One who is a devotee of Krishna is not destroyed by the influence of time because his birth, his life is absorbed in Krishna’s seva, no matter what period of his life, he is always engaged in Hari seva. Even the demigods who are under the influence of the time factor and have to take different births by the influence of the wheel of time, by the influence of devotional service they become afraid. Kaala chakra or the wheel of time especially influences those who are against the devotional service to Krishna. And those living entities who are under the influence of the illusory energy have to take various births, and in this way they wander throughout the universe. In other words, they take different births in the universe and they are always destroyed. But devotees of Krishna are in the eternal, transcendental service to Lord Krishna, self-realization, aatma vit. In that way the fearful wheel of time is not able to touch devotees.

Residing in the womb of the mother and facing different sufferings due to rebirth and death Krishna’s Sevaks or Krishna’s servitors, Krishna’s mother, they don’t know anything. They don’t experience any of this. If one is a devotee they don’t have to reside in the womb, take rebirth or die, they go to the spiritual world. To get a description of the glories of devotional service to Krishna and the devotees of Krishna, one can refer to the statements of Lord Kapiladev to His mother Devahuti reported in Srimad Bhagavatam 3rd canto chapter 25, 32-44 verses. One who worships Krishna is not subjected like the conditioned souls to birth, sustenance and death, which are the effects of the time factor. Actually the devotees of the Lord are never vanquished by the influence of time. They lead a life of devotional service and eternally engage in the service of Hari. The formidable wheel of time which brings about the birth, sustenance and death of everybody including the demigods in the heavenly planets, is frightened by seeing the influence of the devotees’ devotional service. The wheel of time has its domain over the non-devotees. The conditioned souls or those who are averse to the service of Krishna, it forces them to take birth and eventually kills them. But since the devotee of the Lord are eternal, spiritual and self-realized, such a formidable wheel of time cannot touch them. Rather, it follows them like an obedient servant. Kapila muni told His mother to take shelter of His lotus feet and she can go back to Godhead. Anyone who takes shelter of the Lord’s lotus feet are eligible to go back to Godhead without any fear. The devotees are safe from the sufferings of birth, death. Sri Prahlad constantly remembered the Lord even when he was in the womb of his mother, Kayadu.

Krishna is the father of the whole universe. Whoever doesn’t worship Him my dear Son, killer of the father, a great sinful person, has to undergo suffering, birth after birth. My name is Jayapataka. Pataaka means flag, Jaya victory, here the word is paataka, paataka means great sinner. Some people say, oh, Paataka! Ha! Little difference, two syllables can make all the difference in the meaning. Pataaka and Paataki. Krishna is the father of the entire universe. Anyone who does not respect His father is rebellious and sinful and therefore subjected to miseries birth after birth. Since Krishna is the source of all animate and inanimate things, He is the true father of everything. Well, a father who provides all necessities of life to the son or daughter should be respected. If someone either foolishly doesn’t serve Krishna, or neglects serving Krishna purposely, then they have to get various sufferings in the material world. So devotional service can save one from such suffering. If one doesn’t do devotional service one is forced thru the kaala chakra, and birth after birth, and suffers hellish conditions.

Listen with full attention mother, the individual soul’s destination if they don’t worship Krishna they achieve a hellish destination. Prabhupad would quote this verse from Caitanya Caritamrita many times:

Krishna bhuliye jei jiva anaadi bahir mukh, ata eva maaya taare dey samsara dukh, kabu svarge uttaye, kabu narake dubaaye, danda jane raja jeyen nadi te chubaya.

Whichever individual soul forgets Krishna, who is since long time materialistic, that person is given by illusory energy different types of suffering in the material life. Sometimes he goes up to the heavenly planets, sometimes he is submerged in the hell. It is like a king who would punish a criminal by dunking him in the river. This is one of the systems that they would hold someone under the water till aahhhh and when he couldn’t hold it anymore they would bring him up and then down aahhhhh. And then DOWN, and then up ahhhhhh. In this way they would punish people. So therefore the person against serving Krishna is forced to different sufferings in this material world. Sometimes they would give him a short stay in a nice environment, then they are put into some hellish condition. And they get a little breath later and then down again. So to avoid this just worship Krishna, and the illusory energy will stay away. This is also the teaching of Lord Kapila to his mother Devahuti.

Dying again and again he is forced into some womb. Every part of his body getting the results of his previous sinful activities. Kapiladev told His mother, as a mass of clouds does not know the powerful influence of the wind, a person engaged in material consciousness does not know the powerful strength of the time factor by which he is being carried. Whatever a materialist by his intense endeavor and labor with great pain just achieves some so called happiness, the Supreme Lord as the time factor destroys and in this way the conditioned soul laments. The materialist does not understand that how this body is itself impermanent and his attraction to his home, land and wealth is all in relationship to his body and also temporary. Out of ignorance only he things that everything is permanent. Recently a town called Paradise in California, 98, 99, or some 97 percent all houses were burnt down. All the people were staying intents, or malls or parking lot. They had nice homes and nice facilities but all burnt down in a matter of hours and they were lamenting how they lost everything in the fire. So this is the material world. We stay in a home and spend so much energy buying it and stay in and fixing it and it can be taken in a moment. Similarly, our life can be lost in one moment. Last news I saw was 88 people lost their lives. In 1953 there was a massive flood in Rotterdam and 1500 people died. It describes how one’s satisfaction, standard of living is due to his deep rooted attraction for his body, wife or husband, home, children, animals, wealth and friends and in such association the conditioned souls think themselves quite perfect although he is always burning with anxiety. Such a fool performs all kinds of mischievous activities for the hope which could never be fulfilled, in order to maintain his so called family and society. So the teachings of Lord Kapila to mother Devahuti are repeated here, how illusory energy binds us to the material world. So we should in all circumstances engage in devotional service. The purport to this point of 18 pages applies to the verses 204 to 236 of the teachings of Lord Kapila to His mother. So it is already, what time? 9.41 pm. So saankya yoga means study of the material world from a proper spiritual perspective and by doing that one understands how one is put in a situation by neglecting to serve Krishna. or we have forgotten the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I remember watching a video of some preacher, outside the Krishna consciousness movement and he was saying to the people how they should pray to get a better job, to get a raise in salary, his idea was just to encourage the people to approach the Lord simply for some material benefit. Not saying the good qualities or great qualities of the Lord or His devotees. So in this way you can see how many people are being misled and as a result they again and again have to take birth in the material world. Of course they have some relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, they probably can take birth as human beings but they should develop their lost relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, let us not talk to them at all. You know like, Lord Jesus said, the first commandment is Love Thy God and in every religion it says ow we should be attached to Krishna, how we should love the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but instead people have forgotten the Lord and they are just worried about their mundane life.

Any questions?

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari dd
1 December 2018