Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada
Jaya Vitthala..
Mukham karoti…

The Lord appears in this world in order to satisfy and please His devotees. That is why as Lord Nrsimhadev He is known as Prahladanandana, Lord Krishna is known as Yasodanandana or Gokulanandana. So a particular avatar always gives pleasure to some of His devotees. Like Varahadev gives pleasure to Lord Brahma and many risis and sages. And also to the earth. So every avatar, in showing Their pastimes, They are pleasing some devotees. Lord Krishna pleased many devotees. In Braja, in Mathura and in Dwaraka. He was the source of happiness to many devotes. He shows His wonderful pastimes to give pleasure to His devotees. Otherwise He didn’t have reason to show such amazing pastimes! Also like Nrsimhadev, He gave pleasure to all the devas who were being harassed by Hiranyakasipu, and like this different avatars please different devotees. But Lord Caitanya, He travelled around India for six years or so. He travelled all through South India and then He came up to Maharashtra, He visited Pandharpur, there His brother Viswarup’s samadhi is present. Vishwarup is the avatar of Balaram’s expansion, Maha Sankarsan. And it says that He also visited Gujarat. So He must have gone through this part of Maharashtra to get to Gujarat. He would visit a different house every day, and every day He would go to the house, they would bathe His feet, He would give class, take prasadam and local villagers came and listened to His class. How many of you would like Lord Caitanya to visit your house? To bathe His feet and cook for Him? The system is that the ladies pour the water and men wipe the feet. So Lord Caitanya was visiting a house a day. Except for the four months of the rainy season, He would stay in some place. Like He stayed in Srirangam for four months. I don’t know exactly where else He stayed. I was in the temple in Narasaraopet in Andhra Pradesh. In Narasaraopet, Krishna came and was present in the cave where Mucukunda woke up. But Mucukunda was kicked by the yavana king. The yavana king thought that it was Krsna who was lying there, and so he kicked. Mucukunda had a benediction from the devas that if he was untimely woken up, wherever he looked at, would burn to ashes, or whoever woke him up. He burnt that yavana king to ashes and then Lord Krsna came out and gave him darshan. Then he surrendered to Krsna and got some blessings. Also that place is between Vijayawada and the Nrsimha temple and Lord Caitanya went to one place – Mangalagiri is in Vijayawada. Is it Simhachalam, that is in Visakapatnam. Any way the path which Lord Caitanya took was also via Narasaraopet. I told them that your town is blessed by the lotus feet of Lord Krsna and Lord Caitanya! And they said, oh, we didn’t even know. We were born here, we don’t that! And they were very happy. There we have a nice temple of Radha and Krishna, Gaura Nitai. Whole India is blessed. Maharashtra is blessed, Krsna came from Dwaraka to Pandharpur, Lord Vittala. Lord Caitanya visited Pandharpur and then He went to Gujarat. All the avatars have walked over this land, blessing it. We cannot imagine how great a benediction that is! That the Lord had personally come and walked over your land! And other planets they are not so fortunate. Rest of the world also has not such a great blessing. So Bharat is blessed with these pastimes of the Lord. And in kali yuga, the yuga dharma is chanting the names of Hari. Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Somehow we should get everyone to chant. I asked people to at least chant 108 times. In the program yesterday I mentioned that if we chant 16 rounds a day, that equals to 1 crore a year names of Krishna. In some of the buses I saw here the sign “Kaun banega crorepati”. We want people to be crorepati of the holy name. But even if people chant 8 rounds, it is 50 lacs. And if it is 4 rounds then it is 25 lacs. Two rounds is about 12 lacs a year. And one round is 6 lacs a year. So if anyone can chant a little bit, it can also save them from the greatest danger. In the Padma Purana there is a story, a lady, her husband died untimely. And she was only like 35. She had developed some bad habit that she went out with different men. So the father in law told her, I have unmarried daughters and you are welcome to stay in our house if you follow strictly, but if you do this then people will think my daughters are also like that and I will not be able to get them married. So then it is better that you stay separate. So she built a house and stayed separate. So somehow some peddler sold her a parrot. That parrot could talk. The parrot only said two words “Rama Rama”. So all day she would be chanting with that parrot, “Rama Rama” “Rama Rama”. So she was alone so she had a long discussion with the parrot but only two words “Rama Rama” Ha! So she actually developed some attachment to Rama. Although she was also doing some sinful acts but at the same time, she wasn’t doing it on the strength of her chanting, she did it because of her fallen nature. And so then there was a storm and she and the parrot got hit by lightning and she died. So the Yamadutas came to take her to hell for her sinful acts. But the Visnudutas were coming because she chanted the name of Rama so many times. So they saw the Yamadutas and they said, why these Yamadutas do not understand that she was chanting the name of Rama? They went and freed her from the ropes of the Yamadutas. They said, we are taking her BECAUSE SHE WAS CHANTING THE NAME OF RAMA! But she is a sinner said the Yamadutas. We will take her to hell. You have no jurisdiction any more, she chanted the name of the Lord said the Visnudutas. We don’t know who you are, we are representing Yamaraj said the Yamadutas, and no one escapes us. You talk to Yamaraj; he is also a servant of Visnu. You don’t know, this person belongs to us. So one Yamaduta came up, he is known as a crusher. He can crush! He came up and threw fire from his hand and the Visnudutas they simply held up their four arms, they held up their Sudarsan chakra and the fire was thrown back on the Yamadutas. And then the crusher came up with the club and he went and struck the Visnuduta on the chest, but it nothing to the Visnuduta. He just tapped the Yamaduta, just tap, tap! Ahhhh! Blood came out from his ears and mouth and he fell down. So now the other Yamadutas, they said, oh, they got the crusher so what of us! They picked up the crusher and went back to Yamaraj. They said to Yamaraj, we thought you were the most powerful person in the universe! They told how the Vishnudutas came and Yamaraj told them, you bring to me the people who lie, people who don’t chant the holy name of Hari, bring those people to me. But those people who chant the name of Hari, Narayana, Krsna, don’t bring them to me. I am also a servant of Lord Visnu and those who chant Visnu’s name, I have no jurisdiction. So those who want to be in the jurisdiction of Yamaraj do not chant Hare Krsna. Because if you do then you will not see Yamaraj. So I am sure many of you want to see Yamaraj, right!! Or may not! I had one family – the mother, daughter, son all are disciples – except the husband. He was dead against. But he was surrounded by devotees. But one day he was diagnosed with cancer. And they told him that you are in the fourth stage, there is no hope. So he was in his bed. Suddenly he saw these hairy people walk through his wall and carrying ropes of leather. He said, no, no, no, not me, not me! No, no, no, no, no! And then they left through the wall. He called his wife, do you have Bhagavad-gita? Do you have japa mala? Do you have neck beads? I want to chant and read the Gita. So he was chanting every day and reading the Gita, and wearing neck beads as he did not want to see the Yamadutas. This is a true story. He became a very enthusiastic devotee just by seeing these monsters walking through the wall. Who do you think they were? How many think they are Yamadutas? Of course, I don’t have the calling card but seems like the description of the Yamadutas and that person who was dead against, he became very pro devotional service after. So don’t wait for the Yamadutas to come. Chant now! Haribol! Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare! Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare! What time is it?

Question: Guru maharaj, when we are in your physical presence, even difficult situations become very easy but when we are not in your physical presence, how to remain connected to you?

Guru maharaj: Lord Caitanya taught us how to serve in separation. That is called vipralamba bhava. He would worship Krishna in separation. Similarly, we worship the guru in separation by following his vani, his instructions. So if we have a direct seva of guru, that is called vapu seva. And if we are serving the instructions of the guru, that is called vani seva. Sometimes the guru may be present but one is distracted, thinking about their next meal or something that distracts them. But when we are in separation that time usually we are not distracted. So sometimes serving the guru and Krsna in separation, is more intense. So that way you can remember the guru in your difficulty. Remember Nrsimhadev, remember Lord Krsna or Sita Rama Laksman Hanuman. Any other questions?

Question: Guru maharaj, dandavat pranam, how to have unflinching faith in instructions of spiritual master all the time and how can we execute instructions without any fruitive mentalities because lot of appreciation comes?

Guru maharaj: How to have faith in the instructions of the guru? When you carry out the instructions and you get some good result, naturally your faith increases. So how to get faith? You invest some faith, then your faith increases. So how to not have a fruitive attitude? Fruitive attitude is like a business. I do this, I should get that. I want a TV set, I want a two in one, I want a computer. I have done so much service. Why am I not getting a laptop? I want my favorite mobile phone. I phone or Samsung or something. Are we here for some business? We want to serve Krishna, to please Krsna, we want to serve guru because we feel indebted to guru, because he has helped us in so many ways to advance in our Krsna consciousness. So we don’t want to cheapen the things by making it some kind of business. By making our fruitive desires, we want to please the guru because he has done so much for us. Hare Krishna!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
22 April 2019