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Accept our heartfelt welcome and chant Haribol for them! So today was my second day in Mayapur after a one year absence due to my health reasons. So today I attended a TOVP Exhibitions Creative Committee meeting. I went in the morning for darshan of the deities, I wanted to attend the mangala arati but my caretakers said that there are big crowds and I may get infected so I should not go. So to be able to serve you better, I have to keep good health. Today I had Chinese and Japanese prasadam! But there were no Chinese and Japanese cooking! So it was not the real thing! When I have the different ethnic menus, then the people from that place can cook. They can help with Prasannatma my cook. So today we are going to give the class on the Lord’s 21-hour ecstatic manifestation.

Lord Gaurasundar, He recalls the past event of his Sanskrit teacher, Gangadas Pandit. Normally Lord Caitanya, He would behave as a devotee. Even though He was an avatar of Lord Krishna. But this time He showed everyone amongst His intimate circle, also mainly Advaita Acharya, who had a done a great sacrifice to bring Him down from the spiritual world. He had fasted, he had worshipped the shaaligram shila with Ganges water and Tulasi manjaris and then He loudly chanted HARE KRISHNA! HARE KRISHNA! He wanted to bring the Lord down. He cried. He said my name is Advaita which means non-different. So if My name has any value, I want to bring the Lord down. I want Him to give out His pure devotion. I want Him to give out His love of Krishna. so the Lord said the reason He came down was because of Advaita Acharya, He brought Me! I wanted to show Him, yes, I have come. Normally He would act as a devotee. But for 21 hours He acted as the Supreme Lord. He did some amazing things. In the shaastra it says there are three ways you can tell an incarnation of Godhead. One is that all incarnations are predicted in the Vedic literatures. Second is that they would match up with the prediction, and third is they do things that ordinary people cannot do. So the Lord will come in kali yuga and preach the holy names. That He will be accompanied by His expansions, His energies, His devotees and those who are intelligent, they will follow Him. This is all of you, you are all very intelligent. The six Goswamis, they are very intelligent. Sanatan Goswami was a prime minister, Rupa Goswami was finance minister, like that everyone had some great qualities! Raghunath das, he was a multi-millionaire, he earned 12 million gold coins a year. At that time even one pence was divided into 80 conch shells, little conch shells. Even now a gold coin is like worth a thousand dollars. 1200 or something I forget. I am not in the gold business! So all these are very intelligent people, very qualified people, and they understood that Lord Caitanya was the most merciful avatar. So let us go ahead with the reading.

He will read the Bengali and I will give the translation.

So in this way Advaita and all the assembled vaishnavas, were reminded by the Lord of the previous experiences. So how does He know? Because He is the Supersoul in everyone’s heart, He knows.

All the devotees were merged in the ocean of spiritual bliss! And the Lord sat down and ate betel nuts. So the Lord Caitanya in His manifestation as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He ate betel nuts but normally He did not eat, because it has slight intoxication and so if someone takes betel nut saying it is prasadam, they may become prakriti sahajiyas, because their bodies will become agitated and they will think they are very advanced. So the really advanced devotees, they avoid taking betel nuts – this is the version of Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad.

Some devotees danced, some did sankirtan, congregational chanting of the holy names. Someone said Jai Jair Sri Sachinandana! Jai Sri Sachinandana! All Glories All Glories To Sri Sachinandana! Haribol!

If by chance a devotee is not present at that place, the Lord gave His order to bring that devotee there!

So the Lord, He extended His hand and said, give Me something to eat! And then He ate whatever they gave! Reading how in the Caitanya Chandrodaya Naataka, in some previous verse, that 108 pots of Ganges water was given to Him, that is about each pot may hold about 2 liters, so that is 216 liters and the Lord drank everything! We cannot drink more than 2 liters! So that is why the Lord is known as Yogeshwara. He is the Lord of all yogis and He can perform amazing feats. So this lila of taking everything – we can only take so much, but the Lord, He can take unlimited. And then in the next verse He is saying this to Gangadas Pandit.

After eating the Lord said, do you remember? Do you remember? One night, I sat by your side?

In the form of a doctor I cured your fever! On hearing this, the servant became overwhelmed and fell to the ground because it was true. The previous verse was told to one of his servants. This verse which follows is to Gangadas.

Seeing Gangadas the Lord said, do you remember? do you remember? How one night you were running away because of the fear of the king. Early in the morning or in the night, it was night, one night you were running away in fear of the king?

With your whole family you came to the boat jetty, and there was no boat! So you were put into a fearful situation when you could not find any boat.

The night came to an end, you could not find any boat. You became so distressed that you began to cry!

You feared that the yavanas, the king’s soldiers would mistreat your family, touching them. So you resolved to enter the Ganges. So decision was to enter the Ganges.

So I came as a boatman and crossed the Ganges, and came before you as the boatman in a ferry.

So when you saw the boat, you were very pleased, very satisfied. So then with great affection you began to speak to Me.

Arey bhai, oh brother! Save me this time! My caste, my life, my wealth and my body all belong to You!

Protect me, take me and my family across the Ganges. One coin, one rupee I will pay You and give You two rupees as a donation, baksheesh. You see that taka. Two baksheesh.

Then I took you and your family across the Ganges. Then I went back to Vaikuntha!

Hearing these words of Gaurasundar, Gangadas Pandit was floating in an ocean of transcendental bliss. These pastimes were done by Lord Gaurasundar! GAuuuuranga! Gauuuranga! Gauuuranga!

While crossing the Ganges, you thought of Me, do you remember? Now it was Me who took you across.

After hearing this, Gangadas Pandit, he fell unconscious to the ground! In this way, the Lord honestly narrated the activities of His devotees. So the Lord, He narrated the previous activities of Gangadas Pandit that were not known to any other devotees. So He told Gangadas exactly what happened. You took your family, you wanted to run away. You feared that the yavanas would molest your family. You wanted to take a boat, there was no boat. I CAME AS A BOATMAN! I brought you the boat. No one knows about this, but I now. Hearing this, Gangadas realized that the Lord was omniscient, He knew everything that was going on. So He knew everything that happens in the material world, nothing is beyond His knowledge. So you may think that if some danger happens, that this person or that person will help but it may be the Lord in disguise! If He can come as a boat man, he can come as a taxi driver, He can come as anything! There is one situation where Jayadev, He was thinking that He would write something in his book that Krishna, He humbled Himself before Radharani, but he hesitated to write that. So he went to the Ganges to take a bath Soon after that, Jayadev Goswami came back to the house. He wrote something in the book but then he left after eating. So the wife was following the custom that she won’t eat until after the husband eats. She was eating. So then Jayadev came back from the Ganges. Why are you eating? I already fed you! I just came back now!! She described, you came back and you wrote something in the book. He looked in the book, and the line that he was hesitating to write was written. Then he realized that Krishna Himself came disguised as Him and he told his wife, you fed the Supreme Personality of Godhead! So you never now, Krishna can come any way. So this is the end of the chapter entitled the Lord recounts the past event of Gangadas Pandit, under the section of the 21-hour ecstasy.

Are there any questions?

What time is it? 9.15 oh!

Any questions from our Japanese guests?

At the end I will take the offerings and fruits.

So there are diff kinds of yoga, yoga of knowledge or gyana yoga, one studies and controls the mind of studying the scripture and one can merge into the Brahman effulgence. And then there is ashtanga yoga which has various aasanaas and meditation. When one achieves perfection in that yoga, they can get mystic powers, they can realize the Supersoul in the heart, and then of course there is bhakti yoga when one gives one’s complete self in different practices of devotional service, and by that one can get complete realization. That is considered the highest of all yogas because it directly connects one with the Lord of Yoga. Normally it is very difficult to achieve. But Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda, they gave out this yoga, bhakti yoga freely. In fact, in Shantipur that is the place we go every year on the Dvadasi before Gaura Purnima, and there, Lord Caitanya said whoever, at this place, on this thithi, takes prasadam, he gets pure devotion for Govinda, he or she! So the sevite of the temple of Advaita he asked me, is there any other place to get perfection just by eating? Ha! So he convinced me to organize mass feeding there. Now we feed 30 to 50 thousand people every year. Some questions came up.

Question: Japanese guest: You said that God may come to help us in difficulty. We should always be thinking of Him. How can we notice and recognize Him?

Guru maharaj: It may be difficult, just like Gangadas, he thought this was a boatman, but the Lord came disguised as a boatman to help His devotee. He did not recognize that until Lord Caitanya told him, this happened to you and I came as a boatman. No one knew, but him and his family! How he was crying and how he was distressed. No one knew! So when Lord Caitanya told him, he knew only the Lord, because only the Lord can know this because He is omniscient. If you are fortunate you may realize, or you may not realize at this time. But later the Lord may reveal to you. So He promises that His devotee will never perish. Name bhakta pranashyati! So be a devotee of the Lord, and He will definitely protect you. Haribol!

Question: Hare Krishna gurudev! (Guru maharaj said, Hare Krishna!) PAMHO: (Guru maharaj said, PAMHH). Can I ask a question from yesterday’s class. When Srivas was about to leave his body, you said a divine personality entered and that he was saved. Then Narada muni entered him. Does it mean Narada muni entered Srivas’s body then? Your useless daughter, Rasamayi devi dasi. Who? Rasamayi! Where is she?

Guru maharaj: The Lord saved Srivas, He said that one may be the shakti of Narada muni that blessed you. Meaning that actually Srivas is an incarnation of Narada muni. So therefore, even though he was not so devotional in this lila, in his youth the Lord came and saved him. So He said something which only a devotee can understand that, it may be the Narada shakti has saved you. So I understood that because he was an incarnation of Narada muni, he was saved. That’s it! Any on internet?

Q: Dear gurudev! PAMHO (Guru maharaj said: PAMHH!)My name is Audarya Dham devi dasi (Guru maharaj repeated, Audarya Dham devi dasi): I am in Mayapur but I can’t be nearby now because I got sick. If sometimes for some reason I was not chanting my 16 rounds audibly but I chanted them even more in my mind, it means I did my sadhana or I did not do it? I know we should chant audibly but main thing why we chant is to remember Krishna. When I chant by voice, sometimes my mind is going elsewhere. But when I chant in my mind, I am always fully concentrated.

Guru maharaj: There are three types of chanting – mental chanting, soft chanting and loud chanting. So Haridas Thakur, he was asked by one lady, is mental chanting higher because it is more subtle? So Haridas Thakur said that loud chanting is a 100 times more powerful. Because you liberate the plants, insects, people who hear the mantra. So that destroys your offences. And when you are helping others, that chanting is more powerful. But mental chanting is also one of the processes – we chant our Gayatri mantra mentally, we are not supposed to show even lip movement. So one can also chant mentally sometimes, it still counts, if you are keeping track. But when we chant softly it is better and if you chant loudly it is 100 times better.

So how many online 256. On Facebook. How many on Mayapur TV? They have not started yet. Night before? Arrival, 2000. So thank you all very much! Haribol!

Thank you!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
22 February 2019