Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Radha Madhava…
Mukham karoti…

If not then we have to go back to the drawing board. Thank you, you have donated 54 thousand. She doesn’t have father, mother, nobody, only Krishna and you.

The Lord Gaurasundar said, Sridhar, glorify Me! Offer prayers to Me! Sridhar said, Prabhu, I am most foolish minded! Moodhamati!

What recitation of prayers do I know? I am a low class, insignificant person. What ability do I have? Lord Gaurasundar said, your words alone are prayers to Me!

By the Lord Gaurasundar’s order Saraswati, mother of the universe entered into Sridhar’s tongue and Sridhar began to offer prayers.

All glories to Mahaprabhu! Jaya Jaya Mahaprabhu, All glories to Vishwambhar! Jaya Jaya Vishwambhar! Jai Jai Jai Navadvip Purandar, All glories to the Lord of Navadvip. Haribol! Gauranga!

All glories, all glories to the Lord of the Ananta koti, unlimited universes! All glories all glories to who was born from the womb of the pious mother, Sachi devi!

All glories, all glories to the Lord who is hidden from the Vedas, all glories to the best of the brahmanas, the king of the brahmanas. In every yuga, in order to establish dharma or religious principles, He comes in various forms.

You went throughout the city wandering, unknown to all, in Your hidden form. Unless You reveal Your glories, who can understand You? Who can know You?

You are Dharma or religious principles, You are karma or pious activities, You are bhakti or pure devotion. You are the revealed scriptures, You are the Vedas, You are the object of all meditation.

You the mystic perfections, You are enjoyment, You are yoga, You are faith, You are mercy or compassion, You are the illusion and greed.

You are Indra, the king of the angels, You are Chandra the demigod of the moon, You are Agnidev, lord of fire, and Varuna the lord of water. You are the sun, You are the air, You are wealth and You are strength.

You are pure devotional service, You are liberation, You are Brahma and Lord Shiva. But what will You be? Everyone is Yours! They are all Yours!

Previously, you personally told me that the Ganges was Your foot water.

My sinful consciousness did not recognize You. It was You who made the town of Gokul glorious and now You have appeared as the Lord of Navadvip! Haribol! Who is going on Navadvip parikrama? Haribol! Keep a look out for Lord Vishwambhar!!

You keep bhakti concealed within your body. Bhakti or devotional service. Bhakti or devotional service has been manifested in Navadvip dham. Haribol!

Through devotional service or bhakti yoga, Bhishma was able to defeat You on the battlefield. Due to bhakti yoga or pure devotional service, Yashoda was able to bind You.

Due to bhakti yoga or pure devotional service, Satyabhama was able to sell You. Through bhakti yoga or pure devotional service, there was a damsel of Vraja who You carried on Your shoulders. So the pastime was that Narada had a Parijata flower given to him by Lord Indra and he gave it to Lord Krishna, who gave that to Rukmini. At that time, He was in Rukmini’s house, or palace. So then Narada concluded that Rukmini must be the most chaste wife of Krishna, the dear most. So Satyabhama’s servants were present and they revealed this to Satyabhama. And Satyabhama became very jealous. How she got a Parijata flower? Krishna then said that He would bring a whole Parijata tree to Satyabhama. He went out to Indra loka, Amaravati, to mount Meru, and then He took one Parijata tree and brought it down to Satyabhama’s house. Of course that tree happened to grow over the wall, (audio interruption) she bound Krishna to the Parijata tree and gave Him in charity to Narada muni. This is in the Harivamsa Vishnu Parva Chapter 76. Haribol!

Audio interruption

You in their minds. You took the cowherd bow Sridham and carried Him personally. So how great is Sridham! And how merciful is Krishna!

So one day Krishna and His friends, his cowherd boyfriends, started a new game. There were two sides. Whoever lost in the game, they had to carry the other side on their shoulders. There were two sides, one led by Balaram and one led by Krishna and in the game Krishna lost. So He carried Sridham, Badrasena carried Vrishaba and Pralambasura carried Baladev. You know the story where Pralambasura took Balaram out and then he assumed his gigantic, demoniac, form. Balaram understood, this is not a cowherd boy, he is demon. He gave him a punch! And he was finished.

You are conquered by pure devotional service. Therefore, it is most confidential. Ordinary people do not understand this.


Audio interrupted

At that time You were defeated by two or four people. But this time , You will be bound by one and all!

Audio interrupted

Which Saraswati gave Sridhar the ability to say. All the vaishnavas, exalted vaishnavas, were struck with wonder!

Thus ends the chapter entitled Sridhar’s glorification of Lord Sri Gauranga! GAuuuuuuuuranga!

Sometimes people ask me how does one get enthusiasm to serve Srila Prabhupad. This devotional service, where one gets to serve the Lord personally, isn’t it so wonderful? I mean, the Lord is wonderful and His service is wonderful! That was given by Prabhupad and expanded throughout the world. So how much indebted are we to Prabhupad? To Prabhupad’s servitors who are giving this mercy to everyone. So we should be very much indebted to Lord Caitanya, Nityananda, Pancha Tattva and all the gurus in the disciplic succession, especially to Srila Prabhupad. Haribol!

Any questions?

Question: Hare Krishna guru maharaj! Guru maharaj said; My name is Madhumati Gaurangi dasi. Guru maharaj, said, oh, Madhumati. Welcome! I heard in your last class. Lord Caitanya is also greedy, Lord of greed. I cannot understand how can He be the Lord of mercy and be the Lord of greed at the same time?

Guru maharaj: Greed is not a bad thing. Depends on what you are greedy for. If you are greedy for bhakti very good, if you are greedy for some material thing it is sinful. The greed for serving the Lord is called laulyam, that is very good. What are you greedy for? (Madhumati said I am greedy to be deliver… (not clear)

Question: Hare Krishna guru maharaj: He is also illusion, can you explain that

Guru maharaj: If you have heard the previous several months of classes, when Lord Caitanya was Nimai Pandit, He covered Himself with illusion that no one recognized him. They didn’t now that He was the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Now He is revealing to Him, who He really is. So He was covered by illusion, so the people could not recognize Him, they thought he was a great pandit, he was a great scholar, they didn’t understand that He was the Supreme Personality Godhead. He defeated the Keshav Kashmiri, but He thought, that I don’t want to defeat him publicly, because he will be disgraced, if we steal his elephants and goods, and he will suffer so much. So the Lord was thinking how to defeat him in such a way, that at the same time he would not have to suffer so much. So even then when he was defeated he did not recognize the Lord. The Lord was covered by His illusory energy. Then Keshav Kashmiri prayed to goddess Saraswati. Why did you forsake me? Everyone I defeat, but why couldn’t I defeat this boy? Mother Saraswati said, because he is my husband! Ha! Ha! She is Lakshmi, one of the Lakshmis. And therefore I couldn’t help you. Then he went to see Lord Caitanya, show me who You really are! quietly.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
2 March 2019