Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Radha Madhava…
Mukham karoti…


The … potencies of maya. There is a controlling potency which is called .. and is impeded by the three modes of material nature. One who has acquired kaama vasaika siddhi can obtain anything from anyone to the highest possible limit! So Krishna is telling this to Uddhava, these 8 mystic perfections are considered to be naturally existing and unexcelled within this world. So …

Anima, lagima, mahima, praapti,…


He saw this bright effulgence in that place.

He saw the goddess Lakshmi Akkama, giving betel nuts in the hands of the Lord. Chatur Mukha Brahma, Pancha Mukha Shiva were in front of the Lord, offering their prayers.

He saw Anantadev with a thousand heads, raised over the Lord’s head as an umbrella. He saw Sanat and the four Kumaras, Narada muni, Shukadev Goswami, all offering prayers to the Lord or glorifying the Lord.

Heavenly damsels with folded hands were glorifying the Lord from all directions and they were supremely beautiful.

When Sridhar saw these things by his eyes, he was astonished. And at that time as such he reeled and fell to the ground. Lord Caitanya was known to him as Nimai Pandit, and He was telling him I am the father of Ganges. Sridhar would cover his ears and he would say, Vishnu, Vishnu, Vishnu, it is so offensive. How can you say such a thing? Now he was saying Him before him with his own eyes that he is Vishnu, the Supreme Lord.

Get up get up, The Lord ordered, Sridhar regained his consciousness. So thus ends the chapter entitled, Sridhar faints upon seeing the opulent manifestation of the Lord. So after 9 I am supposed to go down and see the Bengali devotees. Any questions?

Any questions from you? (Guru maharaj sang this in the way we sing the birthday song!)

Question: My question is from yesterday’s class. You said that a devotee can do anything to have personal interaction with the Lord. You mentioned it. My question is that (not audible)

Guru maharaj: As the Lord said I will give the eight mystic powers, just giving you a sneak preview. He refuses, He says I don’t want that. The Lord offers him, mystic powers, to be a king, he doesn’t want. HE IS OFFERING HIM TO BE MERGED IN THE LIGHT OF THE IMPERSONAL BRAHMAN REALIZATION! Will you take it? No way! The Lord said, you have to take a boon from Me. You have to take something. What do you want? I won’t tell you now, see what he wants. Then you will see what a pure devotee wants. If you are leaving tomorrow, tell me and I will tell you! Ha! I will have only one introduction.

Question: What are the good qualities and deeds Sridhar performed that he could Lord’s opulences and the eight mystic powers that he could conceive?

Guru maharaj: He chanted Hare Krishna and he spent 50% of his profit in Krishna consciousness. Haribol! There was not very much profit, selling bananas in Bengal! But he did that. And he was a pure devotee. Lord Caitanya would go to him every day and take his banana leaves, banana stems, bananas and also banana flowers and banana cups. You can use everything from bananas, even the roots, they make more bananas, more banana trees! Ok.

I will meet one group. (Krishna Kishora das prabhu introduced a group to guru maharaj.)

Ok. Haribol! Please don’t forget to say prayers for Gopa Gopika devi dasi.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
1 March 2019