Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

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Nauka vilas -Who participated in that? Yesterday night I was talking about how the wife of Iveswara was expert in dancing, Tejagaurangi. So I just got a letter from them today! Ha! She is doing home schooling. He wants to teach people how to cook. He was a very good cook! So we wish him all good luck! Haribol! So today we continue with the description of Lord Nityananda, who was hiding in the house of Nandan Acarya, waiting to meet Gauuuuranga! Who? Gauuuuranga! Yes! Gauuuuuuranga!

His beautiful face defeated the beauty of millions of moons, tens of millions of moons! He is the life of the universe, and His enchanting beautiful smile on His beautiful lips, gave life to all the entities of the universe. The effulgence of His teeth defeated the beauty of pearls, and His two broad lotus eyes, were the color when the sun rises, and they increased the beauty of His face.

His arms went down to His knees. His chest was high; He was expert in moving His two lotus feet! So although His lotus feet were very soft, He was very expert in the art of walking. They say that in the spiritual world every walk is a dance. So Lord Nityananda’s walking was like dancing!

With great mercy and compassion, He spoke with everyone. On hearing the words from His lotus mouth, one’s bondage due to fruitive activities was destroyed. One who hears the beautiful words emanating from the lotus mouth of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, has no possibility of maintaining material conceptions. The conditioned souls think they are the doers, and they engage in material activities, while considering themselves as products of matter. But if the living entities hear the divine words of Nityananda Prabhu, their thirst for material enjoyment will be vanquished, and their constitutional position will awaken. He pleases everyone with His most compassionate merciful words! Jai Nitai!

When Lord Nityananda arrived in Nadia city, there were shouts of joy and jai jai dhwani – the victory shouts were chanted all over the world! Jai! Jai! Jai! Jai! Ha! Ha!

Who can describe the unlimited glories of that Lord who broke the sanyas danda of Gaurasundar? So Lord Nityananda is directly Balaram. Therefore, His glories cannot be compared with anyone else. How can anyone’s power be compared with He who transgressed His exhibition of subordination to Gaurasundar, by breaking His sanyas danda, accepted out of formality? Everyone is forced to follow the rules and regulations enjoined by Gaurasundar. Lord Nityananda being intolerant, He transgressed the rules and regulations which Lord Gaurasundar was following, to instruct all the living entities.

The entire universe is purified by chanting the names of He, Lord Nityananda, who has delivered the merchants, the fallen and the foolish! So people who engage in trading, cow protection, agriculture, banking, loaning money on interest, they are called boniks or vaisyas. When one forgets Krsna, he develops a taste for the propensities of a merchant, and as a result he takes birth in a family of merchants. Some merchants are sometimes given titles like aristocratic, rich or wholesale merchants. So such merchants being honored like this, they feel very proud. Some merchants are considered as superior and some are considered as inferior. Someone who sells intoxicants is also a merchant, but he is considered low class. Similarly, dealing in gold is also condemned, and so such businessmen are considered inferior. So people who appear in such families and otherwise who had similar businesslike propensity from previous lives, were also DELIVERED BY LORD NITYANANDA AND AWARDED THE TITLE OF ACARYA! There is a verse which says that bhakti is sarva padi vinir muktam. When all such titles and upadis are removed, the living entity returns to his constitutional position of serving Lord Hari. That is the liberated position. That Lord Nityananda would give freely. According to some material considerations, people are considered as high class, middle class or low class. People are considered to be either learned, uneducated or foolish. Learned means those who have education, uneducated have no education and foolish means even though they have education, they are fools. Ha! Krsna’s illusory material energy covers the intelligence of Krsna’s eternal servants, and causes them to be absorbed in material identification and matter. So in this way, a conditioned soul is bereft of Krsna’s service and he forgets his eternal identification, but by the instructions of Sri Nityananda Prabhu, the living entitites’ absorption in matter is removed and He bestows eternal benefit on them. The living entities are freed from material conception and travel to the spiritual kingdom. Haribol! Nitai! Nita! Nitai! Nitai! Some people are bewildered and engaged in karma, and entangled by the laws of karma. So to benefit the people of this mercantile propensity, Nityananda Prabhu, who is unlimitedly merciful, just by hearing the name of Nityananda Prabhu, the people of the entire universe are purified even from the propensity of committing sins, even the merchants, the fallen and the foolish, are purified and become of those of the Absolute Truth and devotees of the Supreme Lord. Jai Nita! Jai Nitai! Ha! Ha! Then no one can doubt their purity.

So Nandan Acarya was very happy to get Nityananda Prabhu. He welcomed Him, He fed Him and He kept Him in the house.

Anyone who hears about the arrival of Nityananda Candra to Navadvip will certainly achieve the wealth of love of Krsna. So since Nityananda Prabhu distributes the love of Krsna, so anyone who is conversant with that pastime of Lord Nityananda, will certainly get love of Krsna. Nitai Gaur! Nitai Gaur!

Thus ends the chapter Nityananda Prabhu arrives in Nanda Acarya’s house. Very auspicious to hear on Aksaya Tritiya. It is now 21.12 (time). 12 after 9. 12 after 21 Ha!

Any questions?

Question: PAMRO Guru maharaj: Cow protection is pleasing to Krsna. So is it the fruitive mentality that is being condemned here?

Guru maharaj: It is mainly concentrating on the traders, how different traders get absorbed in matter and they are being materialists, and how they were also delivered by Lord Nityananda. It is said what the activities of the vaisyas are and they mention agriculture and cow protection, trading, banking, loaning money. But mainly criticize those who are merchants – merchants means trading in intoxicant, gold and all those things. So normally some of those merchants who are very proud, they do not get Krsna bhakti. But they were also delivered by Lord Nityananda! I don’t think it was particularly criticizing cow protection. It was rather glorifying Lord Nityananda. Ha!

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Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
7 May 2019