Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

Today is the sacred day of the appearance of Gadadhara prabhu. Jai Gadadhara prabhu ki jai! And we continue reading about the pastimes of Lord Nityananda with His childhood friends. Now He is doing Rama lila and He is lying unconscious as Laksmana and Hanuman is going to get the medicine to save Laksmana’s life. On the way, some ascetic told him to take a bath in his lake and have some fruits and roots, but it was all a trick! He was actually the uncle of Ravana and in the lake there was a crocodile, the boy grabbed the leg of the boy playing Hanuman and the boy playing Hanuman dragged the crocodile to the shore. He went back to the house of the ascetic and there he saw a big raksasa warrior and the raksasa warrior tried to eat Hanuman, swallow him. That is as far as we have gone. So the warrior is challenging Hanuman.

So the warrior challenged, you have defeated the crocodile. But how will you defeat me? Ha! Ha! Ha! I WILL EAT YOU! THEN WHO WILL REVIVE LAKSMANA! HA! HA! HA! I WILL EAT YOU! FRESH MONKEY!

Hanuman said, YOU ARE RAVANA’S DOG! I CONSIDER RAVANA MOST INSIGNIFICANT! Your Ravana IS A DOG! I consider him as most insignificant. And you are kept by him! Get out of my way! So Hanuman was saying that Ravana was just like a dog. I consider him as nothing! Extremely impotent or useless!

So in this way the two first exchanged some critical words, then they were pulling on each other’s hair and then they were punching each other with their fists – kila kili! In other words, they used foul language against each other.

So Hanuman, very expertly defeated the raksasa, the demon and then he approached and entered the Gandamadana hill. Sri Hanuman, in real life he flew, but as the boy he could not fly, so he acted like he flew.

Then some boys dressed as Gandarvas and Hanuman engaged in warfare with these boys for some time.

After defeating the Gandarvas, Hanuman took the Gandamadana hill on his head to Lanka.

Another boy playing the part of a doctor, put the medicine under the nose of Laksmana, thinking of Lord Rama at that time. So the boy playing the role of monkey doctor, Susena, imitated him by holding the four medicines of Gandamadana hill – visalya karani, savarna karani, sanjiva karani and sandhana karani – before the nose of Nityananda who was absorbed in the mood of Laksmana. This pastime is described in the Ramayana, Lanka 102.31 and 41-43.

Then Nityananda Mahaprabhu rose immediately at that time. Seeing this, His father and mother and all those present, began to smile and laugh in relief!

So the father, Hadai Ojha Pandit embraced his son Nitai and all the boys became overjoyed.

Everyone asked, dear son, where did You learn all this? Lord Nityananda laughed and said, these are all My pastimes! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Thus ends the sixth chapter entitled Lord Nityananda and His associates enacted the pastimes of Lord Rama and various avatars.

All glories to Lord Nityananda! How fortunate were those people who witnessed these pastimes! How fortunate were the boys who participated in the Lord’s pastimes! How fortunate are you that you heard about His pastimes! Ha! Haribol! Ha!

Any questions? If you have the question written, it would be faster.

Question: In Bengali. Gadadhara Pandit is said to have appeared in Chattagram as per some scriptures and in some it is written that He appeared in Navadvip? Which is right?

Guru maharaj: I was thinking of that and was expecting, but now I forgot! I had researched, this question as to where is Gadadhara prabhu’s appearance and I found out, but right now I forget! So I will try to remember and answer tomorrow.

Question: In Bengali. From Chattagram we are going to Char Dham yatra, 40 people from Bangladesh. We are leaving tomorrow morning.

Guru maharaj: How many? 40? How many from Chattagram? Give them a big Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! Hari dhwani, ulu dhwani, Haribol! Have an auspicious yatra to Char Dham. Have you taken darshan of Navadvip, Mayapur? After visiting Char Dham and Vrndavan, – Vraj Dham and Mayapur Dham are better than Char Dham. However, seeing Char Dham is also good. Who else has a question?

No question?

Question: Hare Krishna guru maharaj, (guru maharaj my blessings) guru maharaj (guru maharaj said: yes, disciple). Why don’t we worship to Gaura Gadadhara? We have heard that Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakura used to worship to Gaura Gadadhara deities. But in ISKCON, why don’t we worship? (In Bengali)

Guru maharaj: Nitai Gaur are for preaching and so generally we are worshipping Them as they are for preaching the sankirtan movement. Gaura Gadadhara are special exchanging rasas, so Gaur Gadadhara are not very much worshipped. But somewhere like in Navadvip dham, Champahati, they have Gaura Gadadhara deity. They invited me to come there for the puja of Gadadhara prabhu. And Bhakti Vinod Thakura, he had Gaura Gadadhara but they are not much worshipped. So They are very esoteric. In Australia, they greet each other by saying Gadai! Gadai!(I think guru maharaj was pronouncing Good Day the way the Australians say with an accent) I say – Gaura Gadai! Gaura Gadai! Gaura Gadai!

Question: Dear guru maharaj, please accept my respectful obeisances. When devotees suffer do we take it as their karma or Krsna’s arrangement for purification? Your insignificant servant, Hema Ahladini devi dasi.

Guru maharaj: The answer is yes. If the devotee suffers, any way we are para dukha dukhi. We don’t want devotees to suffer. We don’t want anyone to suffer. So we do what we can to alleviate suffering. In some case it may be due to arrangement by Krsna for their purification, and then some reaction to something they did or the disciples did, or maybe it is something that Krsna is showing just to instruct His devotees. Like, Parikshit maharaj, he was cursed to die in seven days. It wasn’t due to his karma, and wasn’t to arrange for his purification but he was used to bring the Bhagavatam into this world, to purify all of us. So just saying it is for this reason or, that reason, we cannot limit Krsna – He can do it for any reason. Someone has come here for Israel. Let us welcome her! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! This sound is made by the angels in the celestial planets. (guru maharaj referring to the ulu dhwani made by the devotees.) This is an auspicious welcome. Thank you! Last question.

Question: If the second initiated devotee forgets to chant his Gayatri knowingly or unknowingly, what is the effect of that what is the reaction and how should we cope with that?

Guru maharaj: If someone has neglected to chant his Gayatri mantras as soon as they realize their fault, they should beg for forgiveness and begin to chant again. And if more than one year has gone by, they should receive the mantra again. But if a short time has gone by, they should immediately start to chant again and they can ask forgiveness from their spiritual master.

Alright, so let us take a group photo. Devotees from Chittagong and devotees from Israel.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
4 May 2019