Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

Am I audible through the mike? Ok, remember that last night Laksmana asked in the drama the five monkeys who they were? He said, I AM THE SERVANT OF THE LORD RAGHUNATHA! Who are you? Tell Me your identity!

So they said we are wandering in fear of Bali. Please take us to Ramacandra. We wish to take the dust of His lotus feet.

Lord Nityananda who was playing the part of Laksmana, embraced all of them and led them to Lord Ramacandra. They offered their prostrate obeys to the lotus feet of Lord Ramacandra. This is described in the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

One day they enacted the killing of Indrajit by Ramacandra. Indrajit was the son of Ravana. One day they also, in the mood of Laksmana, He accepted defeat. So Lord Nityananda accepted defeat as Laksmana. This was described in the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

So one of the boys was playing the part of Vibhisana, was brought to Ramacandra. He was coronated as the king of Sri Lanka, and Lord Ramacandra personally did his abhishek or coronation. So the description of Vibhisana’s arrival in the camp of Lord Rama and his coronation as the king is found in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

One boy said, I AM RAVANA THE GREAT! I I am releasing my shakti shila weapon! Stop it if you can, Laksmana!

So saying this, the boy who was playing the part of Ravana, threw a lotus flower at Lord Nityananda, and in the mood of Laksmana, He fell to the ground. So this throwing of a lotus flower was imitating releasing the shakti shila weapon.

So the Lord in the mood of Laksmana, fell to the ground unconscious. All the boys tried to wake Him but they couldn’t revive Him. So the boyfriends of Nityananda were acting as the best of the monkeys, in the war against Ravana.

In Lord Nityananda’s body who was playing the part of Laksmana, no symptom of life remained in His body. All the children held their heads to their hands and cried. So Lord Nityananda playing the part of Laksmana, He had no consciousness visible in His body. It seemed that He was devoid of life.

When they heard Nityananda’s mother and father, they came running immediately and they saw their son had no sign of life in His body.

Then they also fell to the ground, unconscious. Anyone who saw this tragedy, was struck with wonder.

So then the children, they described the whole, entire incident. Someone said I understand why He is unconscious.

One boy previously played the part of king Dasarata, father of Lord Rama. When he heard that Rama had left for the forest, he left his own body. This description of Dasarata leaving his body because Rama his son was exiled to the forest, is described in Ramayana.

Someone else said there is a boy that is dressed as Hanuman. If Hanuman gives medicine to Him, He will be cured. So in the Ramayana, Susena, the king of the monkeys spoke these words that Hanuman, if he gives Him medicine, He will be cured.

So before the incident, the Lord had instructed His friends, when I fall unconscious you should all gather around Me and cry.

After a while, send Hanuman for the medicine. If he puts the medicine on My nose, then My consciousness will come back. So He told the secret, but they all forgot!

The Lord who was in Rama lila Himself as Laksmana, in His own mood, He fell unconscious. Seeing this all the children were all bewildered. So Laksmana is the incarnation of the Maha Sankarsana, the expansion of Balarama and Nityananda is not different from Balarama and therefore He took the mood of Laksmana. And the childhood friends of Nityananda lost their intelligence, in other words they became overwhelmed, unsteady, senseless, illusioned or powerless.

Because they were so confused, the children could not remember the instructions of Nitai. Instead they cried loudly, brother! Brother! Please get up! BROTHER, BROTHER, PLEASE GET UP! NITAI! PLEASE GET UP! So they had become mad, forgetful, unintelligent. They forgot that Lord Nitai had told them to get Hanuman to get the medicine. Audio break here.

So when they heard the people’s comment, then they remembered what the Lord had said. And then they sent the boy dressed as Hanuman, who immediately went for the medicine.

Another boy dressed as an ascetic, welcomed Hanuman and he gave him some fruits and roots. So this conversation with Ravana’s demon uncle Kalanemi, who was dressed as an ascetic, and Hanuman’s fight with the crocodile demons, Gandarvas, are not found in the original Ramayana written by Valmiki.

Welcome, he said to Hanuman, Kalanemi. Welcome, my dear sir! Please stay and grace my ashram! My great good fortune is to have such a person as yourself coming to my ashram!

Hanuman replied, I must go and perform my important mission. I would like to come but I cannot delay. I cannot stay.

You must have heard Ramacandra’s follower, Laksmana has been hit by a shakti shila weapon of Ravana. And that He has fallen unconscious, the younger brother of Lord Ramacandra.

Therefore, I am going to Gandamadana mountain and I will bring the medicine. Then He will be cured. He will survive!

The ascetic said Audio break here

So the two boys repeated whatever Nityananda had instructed them, and everyone was watching them in astonishment. And they listened to their conversation.

On the request of the ascetic, the boy playing Hanuman, went to take bath in the lake. Then another boy in the lake, he grabbed the feet of Hanuman.

So the boy playing the part of the crocodile, tried to pull Hanuman in to the water but Hanuman he pulled the child playing the part of the crocodile to the shore.

So after a short fight, Hanuman defeated the crocodile. He returned to the ashram of the ascetic, he saw a mighty warrior, mahavir.

Should I stop here? Ha! Or you want to finish?

Ok eleven verses.

Any questions?

Hanuman ki jai! Ramacandra ki jai! Nitai ki jai! Gauranga! Nitai Gaur! Nitai Gauranga!

(A deity of Hanuman was brought to guru maharaj and he touched his feet)

Jai Hanuman Jai Hanuman, Hanuman Jai Hanuman Jai Sri Hanuman!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
3 May 2019