Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

So in the previous chapter we discussed how Lord Nityananda played Krsna lila with His childhood boyfriends. In this chapter it discusses how He played also Rama avatar and various other avatar pastimes. Do you want to hear Lord Nityananda’s play? Haribol! And who doesn’t want to hear? Eyes have it. Old English. Eyes means yes and knees means they don’t want to hear. Hari! Haribol! Haris have it.

So in this way, Lord Nityananda He and His friends played the different pastimes of the avatars exactly imitating what They did. This was their play.

One day, Lord Nityananda dressed like Vamanadeva and He went to cheat Bali maharaj, out of his kingdom which covered the three worlds. So Lord Nityananda played the Vamanadeva pastime and He went to deceive or cheat Bali maharaj. He said I will only ask you for three steps of land. But with the three steps, He would cover the entire universe, in fact in two steps! So this is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam 8th canto chapters 18 to 23.

So someone of the children played the role of the aged Sukracarya, who forbade Bali maharaj giving the charity to Vamanadeva, to give the three steps. But Vamanadeva took the three step benediction and with two steps, He covered the whole universe and the third step, He put on the head of Bali maharaj. Haribol! So one child dressed as an old man, to play the part of Sukracarya. So Sukracarya prohibited Bali to give the three steps of land to Vamanadeva. This is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam in the 8th canto 19th chapter verses 30-43 and 8th canto 28th chapter verses 1-15. So after punishing Bali maharaj and freeing him from bondage, the Lord accepted service as Bali’s doorman. This is described in Srimad Bhagavatam 8th canto 22nd chapter 35th verse and 8.23.6-10.

One day, Lord Nityananda built a bridge across the sea and all His boyfriends, took the role of monkeys! The description of the monkeys building the bridge is found in the Srimad Bhagavatam 9.10.12 and 16 verses as follows:

“Lord Ramachandra with the monkey soldiers went to the shore of the ocean and after hearing the fearful surrendered prayer of the ocean deity, built a bridge on the ocean by throwing into the water the peaks of mountains whose trees and other vegetation had been shaken by the hands of great monkeys.”

This is also described in the Valmiki Ramayana and Mahabharata.

So they cut the castor oil plants and they built a bridge across the water. There is a stream by the Iskcon temple in Ekacakra, which was probably the stream that they built the bridge across! So the children, they all began to chant Jai Raghunath! Jai Raghunath! Jai Raghunath! So the uprooting and throwing of the castor oil plants was in imitation of the monkeys’ activities of uprooting and throwing the mountain peaks, stones, trees, on the surface of the ocean, in order to build a bridge. There is a bridge which is seen from outer space between India and Sri Lanka. And it is about four feet deep. I mean, you can almost walk on it, all the way to the island of Sri Lanka.

So Nityananda accepted the role of Laksmana who angrily went with a bow in His hand to some other boy who was playing the part of Sugriva. He went to chastise Sugriva.

Oh king of the monkeys! My Lord is in distress! Dukha paay. I will kill you if you do not come immediately, .I will not spare you!

HOW MY LORD IS ON THE MOUNTAIN OF MALYAVAN, and He is very distressed and you are here enjoying with women? Rascal! COME NOW! This description is mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

On another day, Lord Nityananda spoke angrily to Parasurama. There is no fault on my part. Oh, brahmana, flee at once! Sri Ramacandra’s angry words to Parasuram is described in Srimad Bhagavatam 9.10.7 verse as follows:

“While returning from Sita’s home after gaining her at the assembly of competitors by breaking Lord Siva’s bow, Lord Ramacandra met Parasurama who was agitated from hearing the tumultuous sound of the breaking of the bow. Although Parasurama was very proud, having rid the earth of the royal order twenty-one times, his pride was vanquished by the Lord who appeared to bed a ksatriya of the royal order.”

So being angered by the heroic and challenging words of Parasurama, Lord Ramacandra took the vaishnava bow and arrows from Parasurama’s hands and spoke to Him as follows:

“I wish to vanquish your free movement earned on the strength of austerities and your unrivaled dominion over the earth. You cannot blame Me for this.”

Although Lord Nityananda, He was absorbed in the mood of Laksmana, but the boys they could not understand and they thought that this was just a game.

So on another occasion, five boys took the role of five monkeys and Lord Laksmana, He asked what was the news? So this time the Lord took the role of Laksmana. The five monkeys are the king Sugriva and the four ministers, Hanuman, Nala, Nila and Tara. Or, Hanuman, Jambavan, Mynda and Vivida as said in the Mahabharata. Ramayana says the previous four and the Maha says the latter four.

So who are you monkeys, wandering in the forest, from one forest to another? I AM THE SERVANT OF RAGUNATHA RAMACANDARA, TELL ME WHO ARE YOU?

So we will stop here.

The five monkeys replied to Laksmana – stay tuned in tomorrow for hearing that!

Any questions?

Question: Can I ask you a question about chanting Hare Krsna?

Guru maharaj: Is it on topic we did today? (Devotee said: No but it is about a question I was asked and I don’t have answer to). First we will let others ask any questions about today’s class, then I will answer your question.

Question: How to understand the Lord from human point of view it seems impossible to think that in two steps He can cover the whole universe without crushing the whole universe in which He Himself is standing? So how could He cover in two steps?

Guru maharaj: He was in the heavenly planets. One step He took up to the edge of the universe, and He punched a hole in the universe, the shell and let some of the water of the causal ocean and that washed His foot and that is the Ganges. It is flowing, some hundreds of meters away, and that was caught in the head of Lord Siva. That was second second step, He went and stepped down to the bottom of the universe So in two steps he covered the whole universe. Then He asked Bali where should I put the third step? Third step, because He asked for three steps. So in two steps he took everything. Then Bali said, put Your third step on my head, I surrender to You. So then Bali was arrested because he failed to give the gift, the promise of three steps. But then the Lord let him go after chastising him because he was so proud. He thought he had the whole universe but actually he was insignificant compared to the Supreme Lord. Because of his devotion, the Lord became his doorkeeper. Now there was another pastime mentioned in the Padma Purana. In a previous yuga, or previous kalpa, there was someone like Bali who was the king of the demons and he conquered Lord Indra and all others as he was having the dominion over the whole world and Indra brought Vamanadeva and he said that He asked me for three steps of land but since I don’t have anything, and you have the whole universe, I am nada and the whole universe is yours. That king said he is half brother of Indra. Just like Diti and Aditi, wives of Kasyapa muni. Diti was the mother of the demons and Aditi was the mother of Indra. He said I just wanted to be recognized by You and I could give you back the whole kingdom. I just wanted to be recognized by you and I could give you back the whole kingdom. I just wanted to be recognized, and I wanted to be accepted. Must have been very tempting for Indra. But we know You are the Lord of all the three world and He was asking for three steps. I have nothing so I am bowing down to you. He said, ok, you can have three steps. And in three steps He took the whole universe. One step up, one step the world and one step down. So He said thank you, you are good sport! Ha! So I will give you a boon. Anything you want. I want to go where You come from! So he got promoted to Vaikuntha and Indra he went back to his kingdom. Ha! So who got the better deal? Ha!

Question: Kanta Krsna das: If the Lord ‘s lilas are full of knowledge why was a bridge of stones built and why did the Lord have monkeys as His friends? (In Bengali)

Guru maharaj: Just like Hiranyakasipu had a benediction that he cannot be killed by a deva, by a demigod, by a demon, by an animal, by a human. But Ravana he just said demon or raksasa, he didn’t say humans or animals or monkeys. He would eat humans. He didn’t think they were significant. So he didn’t ask for that blessing So the Lord came as a human and He was assisted by animals. That is the pastime. Many devas and many souls came as monkeys. The Lord’s pastimes are inconceivable and you cannot ask why He should do this? He is independent. He doesn’t have to answer to you! Ha! He can do anything he wants, any time! That is why Lord Ramacandra, He was so dear to the residents of Ayodya, the monkeys, so many.

Question: Hare Krishna, one question online. Gopikanta Krsna das, question. What is the purpose of Lord Parasurama staying in the planet even after Lord Ramacandra appeared? Both the incarnations derived the pleasure of having darshan of each other?

Guru maharaj: Parasurama was a shaktyavesh avatar. He got some power from Lord Krsna. So He was able to defeat the ksatriyas 21 times, but He could live for a long time. So He was still alive when Lord Ramacandra came. So Lord Ramacandra is a form of Krsna and He is the Supreme Lord. So He brought down Parasurama little bit of His anach (?) these are all acintya lilas. There may be many purposes served by the Lord acting in these ways. So we may see some of the purposes, but there may be many purposes.

Question: Hare Krishna guru maharaj: PAMRO: In this pastime we are seeing Lord Ramacandra and Parasurama interacting, but in Caitanya lila we are seeing all expansions, incarnations, everybody amongst themselves, it is very astonishing to see those pastimes. We see that with the devotees Krsna performs pastimes and with His energies. He is performing pastimes. But in other incarnations we have not seen, He is performing pastimes with His own expansions and incarnations. So it is very astonishing and I want to understand this.

Guru maharaj: Krsna Balarama came and they had pastimes between each other. When Subadra was kidnapped by Arjuna, in the ksatriya fashion, Balarama wanted to get Arjuna. But Lord Krsna fell at His elder brother Balaram’s feet, and He said that Subadra wanted it. So there were many interactions like this between Krsna and Balarama and similarly, Ramacandra had pastimes with Laksman, with Satrugna and Bharata. Last question. Hurry up!

Question: Guru maharaj, many devotees, they chant japa and they say that we should chant Jai Sri Krsna Caitanyaon the Krsna beads. Some say we should chant Jai Sri Krsna on the first large bead and then we chant the Hare Krsna maha mantra. Which is the correct way?

Guru maharaj: 21.30, time up! Do you have eight beads and have a string after that? (Devotee said: I have also signed by you JPS!) I don’t do either of which you said. Before I chant on the big bead I chant Panca Tattva mantra. So somewhere in between the head bead and the first big bead, I chant Panca Tattva. And then I chant Hare Krsna mantra. I don’t chant on the Krsna bead. I am always going towards Krsna. Turn around and go towards Krsna the other way!

If I chant like this Jai Sri Krsna and then going down is that right, the devotee asked.

Gur maharaj: Why not. On the other end the small beads, I also chant Panca Tattva on that end. Not only on the large beads side. Ha!

Anyone leaving tomorrow. Oh no! Not Dipshika and Preeti!

One devotee wants to take ashraya.

Guru maharaj will meet the devotees and you can say the mantras on the side.

Who will hold the shoes?

Dipshika, Preeti, how did you enjoy your visit to Mayapur?

Devotees: It was blissful. All the time very blissful. (Guru maharaj said: very nice). Want to come again and again. Want to bring my parents. My mother is chanting one round and my father has not yet started chanting. So guru maharaj please bless him so that he can chant! Thank you so much. Guru maharaj please take care of your health.

Guru maharaj: That is their duty!

Question: Hare Krsna guru maharaj, I am Dipshika’s brother, Dipu. This is my first time to Mayapur. I don’t know what is my realization in Krsna consciousness but when my father disappeared in the month of February, we were supposed to be unhappy and sad but we were in ecstasy. But we don’t know whether we have lost our father or not!

Guru maharaj: When you get back to Krsna, your father and mother, 14 generations, 7 previous and 7 subsequent, all get delivered. So you have to get back!

Who has my shoes now Shanta Gopi?

Devotee: Before meeting you my mother was having disturbed night, could not sleep but after meeting you, she is having good sleep and no tension. It is because of your blessings.

So you can make a note what are the benefits of taking initiation? Good sleep at night!

Devotee: Want to take brahman initiation.

These are guru maharaj’s shoes, the devotees can go and get blessings by touching them.

So you can make notes, what are the benefits of taking initiation. Good sleep at night! Ha! Some old man he said he gained 5 kilos. But these are not the real reasons. We should try to develop our dormant love for Krsna. What is the news from Tripura?

Devotee: It is under development. Guru maharaj: Haribol! How much time? Devotee: Still I need your help. Give him a very big welcome Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! Gauranga! Nityananda! Gauranga! Nityananda! Gauranga! Nityananda! Haribol!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
2 May 2019