Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jay Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

Haribol! So today is the Dvadasi, yesterday we observed Ekadasi and today is 1st of May, 2019. This is the May day! For us every day is Krsna day! Ha! Haribol! Gauranga! Nityananda! So we are reading Lord Nityananda prabhu’s childhood pastimes where He enacted with His friends, various leelas of pastimes of Lord Krsna in Vrndavan, Mathura and Dvaraka and also different avatars like Ramachandra and others. So we will start reading and then we will have a question and answer session.

On one occasion, one child came as Narada muni, with a beard. Ha! And he spoke to Kamsa some confidential information. So some boy dressed up as Narada, he presented this pastime in dramatic format (The repeater said demoniac by mistake). Not demoniac Chi chi, Narada muni is not demoniac! Night and day difference! So the word used means beard. Previously when someone would play the part of Narada muni, he would wear a white beard and this practice is still prevalent. Following this tradition, some pictures show Narada as having a beard, but actually Narada muni is a liberated soul, so he doesn’t grow old. But since he is very old, we are conditioned to think that old person must have a beard, so they sometimes depict Narada with a beard. So after Kamsa’s demoniac friends were killed, Narada came one day and spoke to king Kamsa as follows:

Yasoda’s child was actually a daughter and Krsna is the son of Devaki. Also Rama is the son of Rohini. Out of fear, Vasudev entrusted Krsna and Balaram to his friend Nanda Maharaj, and it is these two boys who have killed your men. So Narada gave a confidential presentation, a secret counsel to Kamsa.

Another day, one boy dressed as Akrura and he took Krsna and Balaram on the order of king Kamsa. He went to Mathura which was the capital of Kamsa. Srimad Bhagavatam states this also, in the 10th canto 36th chapter, 30th and 37th verse states:

“Please go to Nanda’s village where the two sons of Anakadundubhi are living, and without delay bring Them here on this chariot.

Now that you understand my intentions, please go at once and bring Krsna and Balarama to watch the bow sacrifice and see the opulence of the Yadu’s capital.”

It is also said in the Sri B 10th canto 38th chapter, 1st verse:

“After passing the night in the city of Mathura, the high minded Akrura mounted his chariot and set off for the cowherd village of Nanda maharaja.”

Seeing Lord Nityananda crying in the mood of the gopis, it seemed to the other boys that a river was flowing from His eyes! So when Lord Nityananda was taking the part of the gopis, crying in separation of Lord Krsna, He was crying and crying. It seemed like a river was flowing from His eyes!

By the influence of the illusory energy of Lord Vishnu, no one was able to realize the actual position of Lord Nityananda as He enjoyed His pastimes with His friends. So in Bengali it uses the word, lakhha, it comes from the Sanskrit word laksha, which means to watch or to see.

So the children made a city of Mathura and there, Lord Nityananda, He wandered with His friends. Someone took the position of a garland maker, and someone accepted the garland from that garland maker.

Someone took the dress of Kubja and offered Lord Krsna the sandalwood pulp. So a large bow was made and they all shouted in joy when it was broken! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! So Madhupuri or Mathura was previously the residence of the demon Madhu. His son, Lavanasura was killed by Shatrugna in Treta yuga. Shatrugna is one of the brothers of Lord Rama. Srimad Bhagavatam 10th canto 42nd chapter 3 and 4 verse describe the Kubja leela as follows:

Kubja said: “Who else but You two deserve my sandalwood pulp? Saying this Kubja smeared generous amounts of sandalwood pulp on both Krsna and Balaram.”

The whole leela is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam 10th Canto 42.17-18 asf follows:

“Easily lifting the bow with His left hand, Lord Krsna, strung it in a fraction of a second as the King’s guards looked on. He then powerfully pulled the string and snapped the bow in half, just as an excited elephant might break a stalk of sugar cane.

The sound of the bow’s breaking filled the earth and sky in all directions. Upon hearing it, Kamsa was struck with terror.”

So Lord Nityananda and His friends enacted the pastime of killing the elephant Kuvalaya and killing the wrestlers Canura and Mustika. Then Kamsa was grabbed by the hair and thrown to the ground. So this elephant Kuvalaya refers to the king of elephants, named Kuvalayapida, who on the order of Kamsa was kept near the wrestling arena to kill Krsna. This is described in the 10th canto 43rd chapter, 13-14 verses as follows:

“The Supreme Lord Krsna, killer of the demon Madhu, confronted the elephant as he attacked. Seizing his trunk with one hand, Krsna threw him to the ground.

Lord Hari then climbed onto the elephant with the ease of a mighty lion, pulled out a tusk, and with it killed the beast and his keepers. keepers.”

So Canura was one of the wrestlers appointed by Kamsa to kill Balaram and Krsna. This is described in the SB 10.44.22-23 as follows:

“No more shaken by the demon’s mighty blows than an elephant struck with a flower garland. Lord Krsna grabbed Canura by his arms, swung him around several times and hurled him onto the ground with great force. His clothes, hair and garland scattering, the wrestler fell down dead, like a thunder bolt.”

Mustika is another wrestler appointed by Kamsa to kill Balaram and Krsna. This is described in the SB 10.44.24-25 as follows:

“Similarly Mustika struck Lord Balabhadra with His fist and was slain. Receiving a violent blow from the mighty Lord’s plam, the demon trembled all over in great pain, vomited blood and then fell lifeless onto the ground, like a tree blow down by the wind.”

So Canura and Mustika were great champion wrestlers but they were, as we heard, easily killed by Krsna and Balaram.

After killing Kamsa, Lord Nityananda danced with His child friends in such a way that the adults who saw the boys’ enjoyment, they began to laugh! So the killing of king Kamsa is described in Srimad Bhagavatam 10.44.34-36-37 as follows:

“As Kamsa thus raved so audaciously, the infallible Lord Krsna, intensely angry, quickly and easily jumped up onto the high royal dais. Lord Krsna whose fearsome strength is irrestible, powerfully seized the demon just as the son of Tarksya might capture a snake. Grabbing Kamsa by the hair and knocking off his crown, the lotus-naveled Lord threw him off the elevated dais onto the wrestling mat. Then the independent Lord, the support of the entire universe, threw Himself upon the King as a result Kamsa lost his life.”

Thus ends the chapter entitled Enacting various pastimes of Krsna by Nityananda Prabhu and His associates.

Nitaiiiii! Gauuuuranga! Nityananda! Gauranga! Nityananda! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Nityananda! Gauranga! Haribol!

Any questions?

So Lord Nityananda’s childhood pastimes were very sweet. He enacted all these dramas very wonderfully and all the people were enjoying watching Him and His childhood friends enacting these childhood dramas.

We welcome Dipshikha and Preeti and also welcome Dipshikha’s mother and brother. Let us give a big Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!

Question: Divya Nitai Leela devi dasi: Where is Ekacakra in Nitya Navadvip? Are the residents of Ekacakra also there in the Nitya Navadvip?

Guru maharaj: Good question. Lord Nityananda established the namahatta at Surabi kunja. Is that the Nityananda Ekacakra? But any way Ekacakra is part of the Gaura Mandala Bhumi and there since Lord Nityananda appeared, that place is also a dham, and in some areas around it is also considered as dham. So there was also a pastime there of the Pandavas who stayed in Ekacakra. And when you go to Ekacakra you can see the place where the Pandavas stayed. Ekacakra is quite close to Jharkhand which used to be part of Bihar but now it is separate. So it is not too far. So Ekacakra is half hour drive or so from Jharkhand.

Question: Punyasri Balai Priya devi dasi: Hare Krishna guru maharaj, PAMHO, (Guru maharaj: Please accept my blessings.) If we have to stay in a relative’s place where onion and garlic is cooked, will it be okay to cook in the same vessels to offer Krsna and take prasadam?

Guru maharaj: Normally we would purify such utensils by cleaning them with cow dung and then we use them to offer bhoga to Krsna and then take prasadam. That is what we do with non-veg. Onion garlic may be the same.

Question: Anjana Gopika devi dasi. Dear guru maharaj, PAMHO. Guru maharaj: Please accept my blessings. How can we imbibe ourselves in these pastimes, in our daily lives?

Guru maharaj: As we live our daily life, we remember the pastimes of the Lord and those are in our memory all the time. When I was working in the beginning in Iskcon in 1968, and I had to work to get money for the rent for Prabhupada’s house, I was working in a horrible environment. I was a sweeper. But I was always blissful thinking about Prabhupada, and his classes and about Krsna. So one day I was cleaning the floor, mopping it and there was a client in the restaurant. He spoke to me – I have a 5 thousand dollar suit. I have a 7 thousand dollar Rolex watch. I have outside, a 50 thousand dollar Mercedes car and I have a beautiful house worth a million dollars. And I have a very beautiful wife. Why I am not happy? And why you are a scum on earth, you are a lowly sweeper, how are you happy? Ha! I wish I could tell him. But I would lose my job! Ha! Ha! So if I could keep my consciousness in such a hellish situation, why you cannot keep yours in your daily life which is so nice? Husband and wife are both Krsna conscious. Haribol!

Question: Mishra Bhagavan das. Is it selfish to stay in Mayapur as it is easy to be Krsna conscious here? Or should we be in the west, preaching where there are no or very few devotees, rather than hiding in Mayapur.

Guru maharaj: Prabhupada asked me to stay in Mayapur and to become an Indian citizen. So I asked Prabhupada that you are ordering me to stay in Mayapur, stay in India and become an Indian citizen. But I like this, I like Mayapur dham, I like the Indian people, so is that wrong? Prabhupada said, you are lucky! You like doing what the guru ordered you. But whether you like it or you don’t like it, you should still do it. Ha! So if Prabhupada has given an order to preach in the west, then we should try to do that. But come to Mayapur get some strength and go to the west. But Prabhupada, if he did not give you such an instruction, then I can also engage you in preaching in India and Bangladesh. Ha! There are fewer westerners in Bangladesh, and not so many in Bengal, Bihar, eastern India. So we can also engage you in many different activities and you can inspire people by your experience in Krishna consciousness for many decades.

Question: Lalitangi Radha devi dasi: Dear Guru maharaj, PAHMO We were reading Bhagavad-gita and Bhagavatam to a pregnant woman mother. Just two weeks before her delivery she lost her baby because of strangling of cord. People expect blessings for the baby and read. How to understand such unfortunate incidents?

Guru maharaj: A child hears from the seventh month onwards. So maybe the child by hearing the Bhagavad-gita was already liberated! So why take birth? So much maya after you are born! Maybe the child was allowed to go back to Godhead right away. The child had prasadam in the mother’s stomach and heard Bhagavad-gita. Maybe that this child just went back to Godhead.

Is Mahavaraha there? Anyone to be introduced?

One team is leaving tomorrow. Reena, Pavana and Netra.

Reena, Pavana and Netra – we are leaving tomorrow guru maharaj.

Devotee: Tusti Mohan prabhu translated: She is saying that she is a devotee from Chile. She wants to travel tomorrow. Seeking blessings of guru maharaj and happy to be here. Begging guru maharaj to bless her that she is back next year. Maybe also the blessings of all the dham vasis, the devotees here.

Guru maharaj: All the devotees give your blessings! Let us give a Haribol!

So Reena, Pavana and Netra Hare Krsna guru maahraj: We are from Bengaluru and Pune, we are leaving tomorrow morning, guru maharaj. (Guru maharaj did shoooo and put his hand to his heart!) The devotees said: we also don’t feel like leaving guru maharaj. Guru maharaj said: you are laughing, I am crying!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
1 May 2019