Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Nitai Gauranga, Nitai Gauranga
Jaya Rasabehrai Rsabehrari Radhe
Jaya Lalita Visaka, jaya Lalita Visaka
Jaya Sita Ram Laksman Bhakta Hanuman
Mukham karoti…

Need a Bengali to read the Bengali. Read the verse.

So Prabhu Nityananda, on the order of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He came, He appeared in the land of Radhdesh. Radhdesh is a place where the Ganges does not flow. Previously this place was a bit not so auspicious for agriculture, but after Lord Nityananda appeared there who is Anantadev’s origin, the origin of Anantadev, that place became very opulent agriculturally. So different associates of Nityananda appeared in Bengal and all over India. So Lord Nityananda was ordered to appear in the Birbhum district of Bengal which is known as Radhdesh, d with a dot underneath. Sometime the English people will pronounce it as Radha desh, but it is Radhdesh, we call it the mridanga DHA.

So the Lord coming into this material world in His different forms as Lord Caitanya, Lord Nityananda, Advaita, etc., He is coming to manifest or display His eternal pastimes and these pastimes by the Lord’s sweet will, actually His pastimes are not possible for anyone else to perform. He displays these pastimes just to give pleasure to His devotees. And we can get transcendental bliss just by remembering His pastimes.

So His father’s name was Hadai Ojha and mother’s name was Padmavati. He appeared in the village of Ekacakra. He appeared as the Lord of the Gaudiya vaisnavas. So the name of Ojha is a kind of distortion of the name Upadhyaya, which name is used by the Mithila brahmanas. If you remember, Sita devi appeared in Mythila and Mythila is one the ancient places of India. It is just north west of Bengal, far east of Bihar and south east of Nepal. So this place of Mythila was famous for having a very great culture. The father of Lord Nityananda came from that place. So now he migrated to Ekacakra gram, the village in Bengal. And the Lord on His sweet will, He appeared in that village. That village is also famous and it is mentioned in the Mahabharata, that the Pandavas they spent some time when they were exiled, in that village. And Bhima fought with some demoness in that village and defeated her. So Lord Nityananda He destroys the unwanted characteristics, aspects, anarthas, of the Gaudiya vaisnavas. And He awards transcendental service in the rasas of vatsalya, sakhya and dasya. In the Bengali verse it says the word ‘yati’ which refers to Mauleswar or Mayureswar. It was the famous place for trading silk cocoons and silk threads. It was also famous for Mayureswar Siva. So there are all kinds of opinions on this word yati. Some say it refers to Mayureswar yati, the silk thread or some say it means Lord Siva, Mayureswar.

So from His childhood, He was fixed mind, very intelligent, possessing all good qualities. He was as beautiful as millions of cupids!

Since Lord Nityananda’s appearance the Radhdesh became all auspicious. No famine, no poverty, all difficulties were vanquished, from the time of Lord Nityananda’s birth. Since Lord Nityananda’s appearance in that place, all kinds of material difficulties and sufferings were destroyed. And naturally people had the desire to serve the Supreme Lord Lord Krishna awakened in their hearts, chanting the holy names. Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

The day that Lord Caitanya appeared in Navadvip, Lord Nityananda who was staying in Radhdesh, He cried out in bliss. Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! Hariiiiiibol! He roared loudly!

The unlimited material universes were affected by His loud roaring! They were almost unconscious, the entire material existence, with the loud roaring of Lord Nityananda. Haribol! Haribol!

So some people said, oh it was a thunderbolt, others said it was a great calamity.

Other people said, WE KNOW THE CAUSE! It was the loud roaring of LORD NITYANANDA GOSWAMI, THE LORD OF ALL THE GAUDIYAS! So not only Nityananda but also Swarup Damodar and Rupa and Sanatana are also in one sense, Gaureswaras. They were the providers of devotional service to Krsna in conjugal rasa. So here Lord Nityananda is addressed as Gaureswara Gosain. He is the Lord of the Gaureswars. Haribol!

In this way different people had different opinions, but no one could recognize actually Lord Nityananda, because He was covered by His illusory energy rediscovered by the common people. Nityananda Prabhu is non-different from Sri Baladev or Sri Balaram, who is the source of all Visnu avatars. Naturally the marginal living entitites are conditioned by the material energy, and they are bewildered. Those who are under the control of illusory energy cannot understand the actual position of Lord Nityananda. So some materially conditioned souls think that Lord Nityananda is a Mythila brahmana. Some think that He married into the family of Bengal, Radha brahmanas. Others think that He was born in a low class family. So such deceptions are created by maya, and the truth of Sri Nityananda Prabhu are not understood. So those who are controlled by the material illusory energy, are trying to claim that the sons of Lord Nityananda’s sons are as powerful as Lord Nityananda. They are claiming special rights as Nityananda vamsa, which is opposed by the Gaudiya vaisnavas. Lord Nityananda is actually an avatar of Baladev, and He cannot be understood by the smartas and others who are interested in enjoying the fruitive activities of material life. So this is Lord Nityananda, Baladev’s mysterious pastimes, deceiving the materialists.

In this way, Nityananda Prabhu, He remained hidden, as He played with the children, in different pastime dramas. He enjoyed His spiritual bliss.

So all the pastimes that the Lord enjoyed with His childhood friends were all related to the pastimes of Lord Krsna. There were no other activities. So with His friends, He would enact the pastimes of Krsna in Gokula, Mathura and Dwaraka. In this way, He fulfilled the desires and assisted Gaura Krsna in His pastimes.

So some of the examples of the dramas that they performed, in the heavenly planets, they created an assembly of demigods, deva sabha, and there all the children formed this assembly. Some child took the role of mother earth, and she gave her appeal to the devas, telling her problems. So in this way, it led to the descent of the Lord.

So just as the devas would go to the ocean of milk, surrounding the planet of Visnu, all the children went to the side of the river and began to offer their prayers.

So one of the children hidden from the view of others, loudly declared, I WILL TAKE MY APPEARANCE IN MATHURA GOKULA! So these 5 or 6 years old children, how do they know all these pastimes? So just to do all these dramas we need practice, rehersal, dress rehersal. They automatically did it! No guidance! And the parents were watching this, how do these kids know all these pastimes? And how they are doing exactly the things mentioned in the sastras? So this assembly of the devas is known as the sadharma assembly. And they went by the side of the river, that is the shore of the milk ocean the Ksirodaksayi Visnu, ksirodaksa means ocean of milk, exactly as this pastime was mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatam. Mother earth praying to the devas, saying that there was too much military on the earth, she was being overburdened and so the Lord declared I will appear in Mathura anmd Gokula and I will reduce the military burden. So that is what the battle of Kurukshetra completely reduced the burden of the military of this world. So as the pastime is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam, the children were doing that exactly! So while they were all praying, Lord Brahma in trance, received this message from Lord Visnu. The devas reciting the Purusha Shukta prayers. Then Lord Brahma told the devas that the Lord is already aware of the problem on the earth, and when He appears, you should also appear in the family of the Vrsnis or the Yadus as the sons and grandsons of Lord Krsna. The original Personality of Godhead Krsna, will appear as the son of Vasudeva! Haribol!

One day, the children at the sunset, they performed the wedding of Devaki and Vasudeva.

One night while everyone was asleep, they made a prison and had Krsna’s birth and no one woke up! So this was the childhood play of Lord Nityananda. Do any of your children play like this? Even they may be avatar or something! Ha! Or at least a very advanced devotee of the Lord! How did Lord Nityananda and His friends know all these pastimes? Because they were there. There were reenacting them. Enacting the birth of Lord Krsna is a pastime that is explained in the Srimad Bhagavatam. And though Krsna appeared, everyone was asleep in the palace and around the prison of Kamsa, so Krsna appeared but no one realized it.

So the children created a Gokula, and Vasudev took Krsna from Mathura to Gokula. And then Vasudev took the Mahamaya from Yasoda and placed Krsna there. This way they tricked king Kamsa. So this pastime is mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatam. How Vasudev carried Krsna to Gokula and took the baby girl, Mahamaya to the prison house in Mathura, and there Vasudev placed on the bed of Devaki, bound his legs with iron shackles so that it would look like everything is normal. Then Vasudev came in and said. oh, we have a baby girl and she can become a daughter in law of Kamsa. Vasudev was just sweet talking to Devaki. The devas had said the eight son of Devaki, but it is a daughter, so why are you worried? Then Kamsa he tried to kill the daughter. Ahh.. she flew off in the air and she took her form as Mahamaya. Then she chastised Kamsa. So then exactly as the pastime is mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatam, the children were playing. So this was the childhood play of Lord Nityananda. Haribol! Nitai! Gauranga! Nitai! Gauuurrrrranga! Gaurannnnnga! Nitai! So in this temple you have Gaura Nitai and by Their mercy one can get the mercy of Radha Rasabehari. Haribol! So some of you wear necktie, bow tie, you put on your knee and someone asks, what is that? You say knee tie (Nitai!)that is Nitai, Go run go! Thank you for reading the Bengali! Any questions?

Question: In Sri Lanka what’s app is blocked, therefore sending a gmail. Yogendra Krishna das. Question. We are facing a tragic situation here filled with sorrow and fear day by day. From last Sunday there were serial bomb blasts. Lot of people died and injured, others in shock and still have not come back to normal. If we see Sri Lankan past, it has always been trouble, worries and no peace of mind. Currently climatic conditions are also not becoming favorable. People here are generally pious and helpful nature. We have heard from childhood a general statement that there is a curse to Sri Lanka by mother Sita, because she was brought by Ravana and put there. Dear guru maharaj can you please advise us why this fear prevails in Sri Lanka. Is the story that mother Sita’s curse was the cause for all trouble in Sri Lanka? If so what should we do for atonement to overcome this situation? Please advise and guide us.

Guru maharaj: In this age of kali, the way to make everything auspicious is chanting the holy names. If you chant Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Hare Rama also means Sita Rama. And if you chant this Hare Krsna Hare Rama mantra, then naturally things will become improved. If people are not vegetarian, then that is also a cause for suffering. Because animals are forced to suffer. So those who eat animals are also forced to suffer. But at least if we chant the holy names, and gradually the people eat Krsna prasadam then things will become improved.

Question: Dear guru maharaj, which actions of ours upsets you the most, and which pleases you the most. I also request forgiveness at your lotus feet for many times I have offended you due to my ignorance. Anonymous

Gur maharaj: Anonymous forgiveness! What was the question? The actions which are offensive and sinful displeases me the most, and actions which help people to be Krsna conscious, please me.

Question: Hare Krsna guru maharaj. We understand that body and soul are different but how do we realize this fact? Ys Madhuri Mamtamayi devi dasi.

Guru maharaj: So you are understanding is different from your realization? What is the difference between knowledge and realized knowledge? So I remember that in 1970s I had a high fever and the fever was causing heat and suffering in the body. At the same time I was listening to Prabhupada’s lectures in Vrndavan on Nectar Of Devotion. And I was feeling extreme transcendental bliss. Then I realized that my body and the atma were completely different. The body was in suffering, but the atma was in bliss. So how you come to this realization? I think that each person has their own personal experience. Some people, just by understanding they already realize it. Like you are seeing outside it is raining, and some people see it is raining and they realize it, but some people even they see it, they want to go out and get wet and then they realize it, oh it is wet! Sometimes they paint a park bench and then they put a sign there, “Wet Paint don’t touch”. Some people, they go and touch it and then they see their finger colored, and they say, oh, wet paint! Any other question?

Question: Hare Krsna! (Guru maharaj said Hareeeee Krsna!) Dear guru maharaj, please accept my humble obeisances! (Guru maharaj said, please accept my blessings to you disciple), what is the difference between Tadiya bhava and Madiya bhava, which one is best? Can you explain?

Guru maharaj: This is a very esoteric subject. Madiya bhava is a bhava of Radha and Tadiya bhava is some competitor gopi. Madiya means He is My Lord and Tadiya means I am His servant. So Madiya is considered more elevated. Haribol!

(There was no prasadam today so guru maharaj asked for his Jagannath stick to bless the devotees!)

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
25 April 2019