Nama Om Vishnu Paadaya, ….
Hari Haraaya Naam Krishna Yadavaya Naama Hari Gopal Govinda Rama Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti…

Gauranga! Nityananda! Advaita Gosain! Gadaadhar Srivas adi Gaura Bhakta Vrnda!

Today is Vijaya Ekadasi. Also known as Bhaimi Ekadasi. Today is a special day, when we can get rid of all kinds of offences, and to qualify to get back to Godhead. So today I had the physical therapy. I had also the Creative Committee Meeting of the TOVPE by internet. This evening I went cycling. I broke my record, yesterday I did 1310, and today I did 1350! Haribol! I did a surprise visit to our brahmacharis in Oceanic, to see how they were doing. They are getting ready, some of them, to leave for Mayapur. Anyway, today we are going to continue about Lord Caitanya, He eats all the food items, offered by the devotees. Heaps of prasadam, heaps of bhoga, He eats it all! Only the Supreme Lord can do that, because we have limited capacity, He has unlimited. Hare Krishna!

Caitanya Carita Mahakaavya

Seeing the crowd spread everywhere in the aangan, the garden of Srivas, and in the covering, the wives of Srivas and his brother, and others felt pain, thinking that we will not be able to see the Lord. Oh! Auh! Auh! But the Lord will see what the Lord has in store for them! Here, just as Krishna, He Had 16,108 wives. Normally, human beings we have to go one after another, it will take a whole lifetime to cover. But when Krishna came back from the Vrshni rajya sabha, He came as one in the ratha, when He stepped out, He was 16,108, and He entered into each of the palaces at the same time! So the Lord can do miraculous things! So we will see what the Lord does, how He will satisfy all His devotees, men and women!! So ladies don’t be worried, Krishna will give you, Lord Caitanya will give you unlimited mercy! What to speak of the men! Everybody, men and women will all get mercy! Haribol!

So the Lord is also the Supersoul. So Gauranga knew what they were thinking. Gaur considered all the pious wives of the brahmanas will not be able to enter the house? He then gave the order, LET THE BRAHMANIS COME IN!! Haribol!

Understanding Lord Gauranga’s orders, Srivas prabhu immediately called all the women. In great joy, Srivas immediately called all the women. The women joyfully entered the room and sighed in order to see the Lord Gauranga.
So the ladies entering the room saw the Lord manifesting His pure, attractive form, incomparable and most astonishing!! They became overjoyed and fully satisfied, fell on the ground, surrendering fully to the Lord’s lotus feet! Haribol!! Ulu dhwani!!

Saying repeatedly “be completely absorbed in Me” Lord Gauranga, the ocean of the greatest qualities, sprinkled the sweet rasa of mercy, towards these ladies, who had melted hearts, He offered His lotus feet, on their heads!!

Srivas prabhu and others, the greatest among the great devotees, saw the pure manifestation of Lord Gauranga, and began to think that the Lord was the personification of all the joy and bliss in their hearts!

The assembled devotees offered gold articles to the Lord’s lotus feet. With their offering, the cot or the throne the Lord was sitting on, became a desire tree, flowering with priceless jewels, valuable ratnas and gems. They offered gold, they got jewels! What is more valuable, gold or diamond? Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, all valuable jewels, flowing from the throne of the Lord.

So the Lord was wearing cotton cloth. He took His two pieces of cotton cloth off and wore beautiful silk cloth. In this way, the golden Lord Caitanya, Lord Gauranga, was most beautiful with silk cloth. He was the ocean of mercy. He personally gave the cotton cloth to the brahmana wives with affection! How many would like a little piece of Lord Caitanya’s dhoti? Haribol! Remember, this is in the 21-hour ecstatic manifestation of the Lord in the mood of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is revealing His identify to Advaita Gosain. Hare Krishna. a

So then Lord Gauranga gave the other pieces of cloth to the dearest devotees as prasadam, the male devotees. Seated on the cot or the throne of Vishnu, enjoying and shining brightly, the Lord made all the articles gifted to Him shine brightly! Haribol!

So, at one time, Lord Gauranga He took off the anointed sandalwood paste and then He put on fresh fragrant, sandalwood paste. The Lord took off the garments worn, in a secluded place, and then He put on new ones.

So this is a drama written in Sanskrit, and so it is telling the pastime that occurred there, in the house of Srivas. So this verse says: Chewing betel the Lord gave it up after chewing it thoroughly and filled the spittoon. Repeatedly the wives of the brahmanas, emptied the spittoon. What mercy! Only devotees can appreciate how happy one is to have the service of emptying the spittoon of the Lord!!

Lord Gauranga, the ocean of mercy, smelled the articles with good scent, ate the foods which were worthy of eating, and accepted suitable articles. Lord Gauranga performed all actions with grace!

The crown jewel of Vaikuntha manifested His supreme position. He said, give Me something to eat! He asked Himself.

Guru maharaj gestured to the audience and asked: If the Lord asked you directly give Me something to eat? Will you give? Will you be happy? Turning to another devotee, guru maharaj asked: If they Lord asks you give me something to eat? Will you be happy? Haribol!

All the devotees saw the Lord extend His palms. Whatever devotees offered, the Lord ate!

This is Lord’s eating, don’t get distracted because it is Ekadasi!! Someone offered bananas, someone offered soaked mung, someone gave yogurt or kheer – condensed milk, butter, milk. Whatever they gave the Lord ate!

The devotees gave into the Lord’s divine hands, all these items directly and the Lord, Mahaprabhu, He, without duplicity, without hesitation, He ate everything. Haribol!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! All the devotees, ran from street to street, and they bought the finest items they could find and quickly brought those items back to the Lord!

Someone mixed coconut pulp with sugar, with sugar candy. And they gave directly into the Lord’s hands, auspicious hands!

They brought a variety and abundance of sandesh and sweets and they gave directly into the hands of Lord Gauranga. And the Lord, He took the sweets and ate them!! So now, the word sandesh is used to indicate a particular type of dry sweet. But, at that time, sandesh means all sweets, various types of sweets. So they brought various types of sweets and gave them into the hands of Gauranga and He ate everything. Haribol!

Keho doi mua – so somebody brought this kind of sweet – round sweets and rose apples, type of cucumber, long type kaakdi and someone brought sugar cane canes and someone brought Ganges water.

Seeing the Lord’s very ecstatic manifestation, some devotees offered the Lord ten times or five times different offerings. So they kept coming back, offering more and more, seeing the Lord’s ecstatic manifestation. Haribol!

Hundreds and hundreds of people came and offered water. The Lord Gauranga, who is the great mystic Yogi, the great master of all mystic perfection, He drank everything which was offered! If hundreds of people each one offers you even a glass you cannot take. They were offering pots! Whatever they offered, He took it! Haribol! GAURANGA! Prasanna (guru maharaj’s cook there), how do you like that? Whatever you cook, the Lord would eat it! Aneka ananda paabo said Prasanna, I will be very happy that means.

Thousands and thousands of pots of yogurt, condensed milk and milk, thousands and thousands of bunches of bananas, not a punch but like about 150 bananas in a branch the whole thing that comes from the banana tree. How much mung sprouts were given!!

They offered large quantities of sweet meats, and so many fruits and roots. Thousands of containers filled with camphor and betel nuts.

What unprecedented, incomparable, potency was manifested by Gaurachandra. The devotees could not understand how He could eat so much! But He ate everything. The Lord ate everything! Haribol! Just like the Govardhan lila. Govardhan was eating, bring more, bring more! Like that the Lord was eating unlimitedly!

So Lord Gauranga ate everything happily, offered by the devotees – the foodstuff offered by the devotees. Then He began to describe the devotees birth and activities. So after accepting all the offerings from His devotees, the Lord happily praised their good fortune, birth and pious activities. Some persons considered that Gauranga Mahaprabhu described the previous pious activities of the living entities, by His transcendental quality of omniscience.

Thus the chapter ends, of the Lord eats the food items offered by the devotees under the section of 21-hour ecstasy. Haribol!

Did you have ecstasy hearing the Lord’s ecstatic manifestation? Gauuranga! Nityananda! Haribol!

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Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
16 February 2019