Nama Om Vishnu Paadaya, ….
Hari Haraaya Naam Krishna Yadavaya Naama Hari Gopal Govinda Rama Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti…

Today is Varaha Dvadasi. Lord Varaha appeared on this thithi, millions of years ago and He liberated the demon, Hiranyaksha, who had cast the earth to the bottom of the universe, to the bottom of the Garbodaka ocean. Since boars, pigs are expert at lifting things up from a dirty place, so Lord took His appearance as Lord Boar, He came from the nostril of Lord Brahma who sneezed, and there was like a microscopic little insect, but it was a microscopic boar and it kept going around in circles and got bigger and bigger, big as a rat, big as a cat, big as a dog, big as an elephant and it became bigger and bigger, until He was big enough to lift the whole earth planet in His tusk! How big is that!! What is the diameter of the earth? Outside there is, Vishnu Priya, student, what is the diameter of the earth? Look it up in Google. Anyway, that is how big Lord Varahadev was, that the hole earth planet fit in His tusk. Did you find out? It is 12,742 km. So the Lord Boar may be He at least 10,000 km between His tusks, figure out how big He was, how long, how wide! He was immense! And He came from a microscopic form! Haribol! Haribol! Lord Varahadev ki jai! So He put His foot on the earth planet, and kicked with His forefoot the demon Hiranyaksha, and the demon was killed instantly. Where did His foot touch the earth? Where? Where? Who knows? Someone raised their hand. It is in Navadvip. Which place? It is a place called Koladvip. Kola is the name of Varahadev. That is where He touched the earth! In His holy dham. Sri Koladvip ki jai! So there are 9 islands in Navadvip – Simantadvip, Godrumdvip, Madhyadvip, Koladvip, Ritudvip, Jahanudvip, Modadrumadvip, Rudradvip and Antardvip. Who can repeat all these nine island? Haribol! They repeated! So Varahadev after coming from the Garbodaka ocean in the outer space, He shook the water from His back and all the higher celestial beings, the rishis the yogis took the water as a blessing. But there wasn’t so much personal association you could have with Lord Boar. But Lord Caitanya, He was personally with all the devotees for His whole 40 years of pastimes. The Lord recounts the past events of His devotees – that is the new chapter we are starting today.

I just wanted to tell you that yesterday I broke my record yesterday and I did 1350 cycles and today 1385!! Haribol! A new world record!! And today we fed the brothers, some of the male nurses that were taking care of me. We also had our voice therapy at midday and he was telling us the meaning of the Karnataka prep bisi bela bhath. Bisi was warm, bela is pulse and bhath means rice. Bisi Bela bhath. Haribol! Today we had Radhika and the Gurusevini prepare us aaapam. I want to take maximum south Indian preparations before I have to separate myself. (guru maharaj put his hand to his heart!) You won’t miss me but I will miss you!!

At that time, each devotee remembered his previous activities. They were very joyful, very satisfied to see their previous devotional service and they fell to the ground, crying.

The Lord said to Srivas, Oh, Srivas! Do you remember, you once heard the Srimad Bhagavatam from Devananda Pandit at his place?

Every verse of the Srimad Bhagavatam is full of loving, devotional mellows. As you heard those verses, your heart melted!

You began crying loudly, you became overwhelmed in ecstasy and you fell to the ground!

The ignorant or foolish students, not understanding the devotional service, questioned, why is he crying? The foolish students couldn’t understand.

You lost your external consciousness while experiencing different changes due to the pure love. The students took you and carried you outside the door.

Devananda Pandit did not stop them, as the guru was ignorant – similarly were his disciples. Just as the students under the shelter of Devananda Pandit, could not understand the ecstatic transformations of Srivas due to the fruits of his devotional service, they committed an offensive act at the feet of Srivas, because they were controlled by their material perception. Because the teacher Devananda did not check the actions of his ignorant students, he was also GUILTY OF THE OFFENCE! Devananda was also ignorant of devotional service. He gave no information about the exalted position of devotional service, in his teachings to his students. Therefore, since the guru had no understanding and no qualification in devotional service, his disciples were devoid of devotional service. So how one is affected by offence, if he doesn’t understand the greatness of devotional service! Sometimes devotees go out and chant on the streets Harinaam sankirtan and they distribute books. Materialists say, it is better to worship in your house. Why do you disturb people by your public chanting and book distribution? But this world is having a scarcity of devotional service. Every activity of the material world shows scarcity of devotional service. So a person like Devananda Pandit remains ignorant of devotional service, does not preach the glories of serving the Supreme Lord, so therefore he commits an offence. This is the lesson of this pastime. That there is scarcity of devotional service in every aspect of this material world. When one does not engage in glorifying the Lord to remove the scarcity, he is touched by that offence! Therefore, we need all of you to remove this scarcity of devotional service! Go out and spread the message, spread the love of the Supreme Personality of Godhead! Hare Krishna!

When they took you and dragged you outside the door, tumake taaniya, you returned to your house, your home, greatly distressed, greatly sad! Lord Caitanya is telling this pastime to Srivas that happened in Srivas’s life not too long ago!

Feeling unhappy at heart, you went and sat in a solitary place and you began to look at the Srimad Bhagavatam again.

Seeing your sadness, I came from Vaikuntha, the spiritual world, and I appeared in your body. So it is also interesting that the school of Devananda Pandit was in Koladvip! Ha! Ha! which we have already told you about that Varahadev touched Koladvip. At that time, it was known as Kulia. And that place was known as aparadha bhanjan Kuliapat, the place where offences are forgiven. So at the time Navadvip was on the eastern side of the Ganges, where Mayapur is today and the western bank of the Ganges was known as Kulia. So Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Prabhupad Thakur, he said that there is evidence that Kulia is on the western bank of the Ganges. Not on the eastern side. So he gave various evidences how Navadvip was on the eastern side of the Ganges and how Lord Caitanya had appeared on the eastern side of the Ganges.

I sat in your heart and made you cry by giving you My loving devotion!

You became ecstatic by hearing the Srimad Bhagavatam. As if by rain, as if by monsoon rain, the whole place became wet from your tears! So either the place got wet or drenched or soaked.

By realizing the words of the Lord, Srivas became overwhelmed, he rolled on the ground, he cried, he deeply sighed. Thus ends the chapter entitled the Lord recounts the past events of the devotees, under the section, the 21-hour ecstasy. Are there any questions on this topic? Just as you feel transcendental bliss in glorifying the Lord, you see here, the Lord also experiences bliss in glorifying His devotee! Haribol! Haribol! Tomorrow is Lord Nityananda’s appearance day, Nityananda Trayodasi Nitai Gauranga Nitai Gauranga, Nitai Gauranga jaya Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gaura Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! So any questions today? If there are any words you had difficulty in under, if you are here, tell to Ekarani devi dasi, she is raising her hand in the back. If you are online, send the words in.

Oh, so many questions today!

Question: Hare Krishna Guru maharaj: How do we develop love to read Caitanya Caritamrita like you? Your insignificant daughter Sriguru Sevanandini devi dasi.

Guru maharaj: I am waiting for that day when I have love! Lord Caitanya is so wonderful, He is so WONDERFUL! I am very fortunate to be able to read His pastimes!! Prabhupad has given us the mercy of living in the birthplace of Lord Caitanya, and so when I read His pastimes, I just realize how wonderful He is and how blessed are the devotees who are able to participate and see those pastimes. But we also have mercy that we are able to engage in devotional service, thanks to Srila Prabhupad. Many devotees are sending their personal questions. Personal questions should be written to me, personally. I won’t answer personal questions in public. Gurudev I want to marry this person, what do you thing? Why should I answer this question publicly? Would you like to have your answer public, broadcasted? So please ask questions which will be useful for everybody, not personal things.

Question: This is your most fallen disciple gurudev. Please never leave us, please accept me as your disciple. Please bless me to do a lot of Krishna seva. I don’t know to serve Prabhupad and Lord, so please instruct me so that I can carry out your orders. Please bless me to be successful in my life. Kaavya M. Class 12

Guru maharaj: Blessings. No questions there. I give you my blessings!

Question: As tomorrow is Nityananda Trayodasi. To receive the mercy of Caitanya Mahaprabhu we need to first receive Lord Nityananda’s mercy, so to receive Nityananda’s mercy what should we do? In what mood do we need to serve Lord Nityananda so that we get blessed of the mercy as Jagai and Madhai. Geetagamya Gayatri dd

Guru maharaj: Sometimes Lord Nityananda is known as the mercy avatar. Lord Caitanya was absorbed in the love of Krishna. Sometimes He also was very merciful. But He empowered Lord Nityananda to give out His mercy. So you can pray to Lord Nityananda that you can serve Him tomorrow and the guru is considered to be dear to Lord Nityananda. He is Lord Nityananda’s representative, so you can also serve your spiritual master. Hare Krishna!

Are there any online questions?

People are asking unrelated questions.

Question: Lord Nityananda was an avadoot. Can you tell us more? Lalita Kartikeyan

Guru maharaj: Avadoot means He did things very spontaneously, like He would swim across the Ganges and back. Sometimes He went from Katwa to Navadvip by river and told Mother Sachi to immediately go to Shantipur and He jumped in the river and swam down to Shantipur. So like that He did things very spontaneously. Haribol!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
17 February 2019