Nama Om Vishnu Paadaya, ….
Hari Haraaya Naam Krishna Yadavaya Naama Hari Gopal Govinda Rama Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti…


Aajke ha! (Guru maharaj started off in Bengali!!) Ha! Today is the 13th of February. Today is Wednesday and today we had physical therapy, voice therapy and we had the GBC resolutions proposals, and we also went cycling. So today was a very busy day! And so we are starting a new chapter – Various services by devotees. This is part of the 21-hour ecstatic manifestation, when Lord Caitanya revealed His divinity, that He was an incarnation of Krishna. So the devotees they are reciprocating in different ways. So we get a glimpse, how wonderful it is to serve the Lord. We are thinking, maybe that being in the material world, we want to enjoy. People want to drink alcohol, to get so called stimulation. And then sometimes they get cirrhosis of the liver! And then the situation is very critical. Like this, people like to gamble, because they are greedy to get quick money. But then they might lose in the gamble and then they lose everything! So their situation is very critical. People want to eat meat, fish or eggs, onion and garlic, and as a result they get all kinds of bad karma. So in this way they suffer in various ways. So we ask devotees to take the extreme tapasya, sacrifice, of eating Krishna prasadam. How many are willing to take that sacrifice? (Guru maharaj lifted his hand). For devotees who have developed the taste for Krishna’s mercy, Krishna prasadam is a blessing! Jayananda prabhu he used to take up different service and distribute special prasadam. Some devotees got the gulab jamuns, the Iskcon bullets. However, some people said they became devotees because of prasadam! Ha! So then, we recommend that people should have a married life and practice their conjugal life in a regulated manner. And they should serve Krishna together, husband and wife. This avoids diseases like AIDS and other things, if people are loyal to their mates, partners, their spouses. So now we will go forward with Lord Caitanya ‘s devotees offering their services.

When the devotees saw the Lord’s supreme form of manifestation of His transcendental form, the devotees became submerged in the ocean of spiritual bliss. Haribol!

Caitanya Carita Mahakaavya

This Caitanya Carita Mahakaavya is in Sanskrit, so there is a prose Bengali translation, but we don’t know how correct it is. So anyway, I will ask my repeater to read the English translation:

“Gauranga, emanating great splendor and effulgence then said to Srivas, the jewel among brahmanas. I will go from this excellent room to your inner house.”


“Hearing this, Srivas’s younger brothers quickly cleansed and decorated the room in joy, and covered the middle door so that no one could see inside.”

It starts out by saying, “hearing these wonderful words from the mouth of Gaurangadev, Srivas’s younger brothers” – and the rest is the same.


“Srivas said to Gadaadhar, bring all the furniture including the bed, from Your house. Gadaadhar, with great prema, forgetting His actions constantly, brought everything there.”

It says that He brought everything from His house, and He put it in the house of Srivas, in the appropriate place.


“In the room they quickly spread a canopy above and arranged attractive chamaras. They placed the cushion on the couch with beautiful cloth and offered this to the Lord Gaurachandra.”


Gaurangadev entered the room and defeated the sun with His effulgence. He was like a thousand lightning bolts, lighting up the earth.


Gracefully the great Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, placed His feet on the ground, and sat on the attractive seating place. He was like the pinnacle of Mount Meru, putting other mountains behind.


The whole town of Navadvip pervaded by His pure, golden effulgence, was shining. This place diminished the beauty of Ilavrata varsha, created by Lord Brahma and described in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

Caitanya Bhagavat

Taking away all the illusion, Lord Gaurachandra gave His two lotus feet to the devotees, which were spontaneously worshipped by all the devotees. So this tells how Lord Caitanya, when He manifested Himself as Krishna, for 21 hours, what the different devotees did, and what the Lord did. So here He sat in a very beautiful room which all the devotees had, with great love, contributed to, and brought articles from Gadaadhar’s house. So now the Lord has extended His lotus feet, and all the devotees were worshipping them. So how many more verses? (Repeater said 13 or so.)

So we will end here, and we will continue on this chapter tomorrow. Are there any questions? How many people online? 195

Question: Dear guru maharaj, PAMHO, it is said that one can get mercy of Lord Caitanya only if he can get the mercy of Lord Nityananda. How can we get the mercy of Lord Nityananda? Sarojini Kalindi devi dasi.

Guru maharaj: It is also said that the spiritual master is dear to Lord Nityananda and that by serving the spiritual master, one can get the mercy of Lord Nityananda. Haribol!

Question: Sarojini Kalindi devi dasi: I am always inspired by your strong determination and dedication to serve your guru Srila Prabhupad. How can a disciple get strong determination to serve his or her guru?

Guru maharaj: If you think, how much you owe your guru, then there is no problem to serve him. We can never repay the debt. Hare Krishna!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
13 February 2019