Nama Om Vishnu Paadaya, ….
Hari Haraaya Naam Krishna Yadavaya Naama Hari…
Jai Jagannath, Jai Jagannath Jai Baladeva Jai Subhadra
Mukham karoti…

So today was the auspicious day of 4h of February and Monday, we had both the physio and voice therapy. The voice therapy is getting more complicated, so that I can speak better. But if you have any difficulty with understanding my speech, please write, if you are present here physically give it to Ekarani, and if you are on internet, send it in as a comment. Giteshwari and Kairavachandrika devi dasis are hopefully taking it down. This evening we cycled 920 cycles, we didn’t break any record. It is over 8 times 108. And tomorrow, in the morning we go to the Raila Institute, but the class should be still in the evening. We heard that in the marathon, the Chennai temple was 11th in the world! That is, an increase and in the 600 temples, so we believe that 11th is a big achievement. First three places went to different temples in Delhi and even Mayapur was 4th. Tirupati was 9th. I don’t remember the other slots. So, let us give a big hand to all the Chennai devotees and congregation who combined to do this historical, marathon, book distribution effort!! Haribol! Haribol! We already announced that in Europe the Bhakti Vedanta Manor in the UK was number 1 and the congregation did 20,000 books, Bhakti Vrikshas, they helped the temple to achieve the highest place in the UK and as a congregation, they were the highest in Europe. So like this we are seeing how the congregation is working hand in hand with the temples, to achieve higher outreach, to achieve greater book distribution, and to do wonderful Damodar puja lamp offerings and many other things. Today we will continue with the reading of the Krishna Caitanya book. It is from the Caitanya Chandrodaya Naataka.

So this is in Sanskrit which I don’t know. So I will read the translation:

“Again a voice from behind the scenes. RAMA! Bring fragrant purified water! MUKUNDA! Arrange the paraphernalia for the bathing ceremony! GADAADHAR! Bring the clothing, garland, ornaments and other things! I will do the abhishek for Lord Caitanya seated on the throne!”

This was said by Srivas Thakur. So it gives an idea of the excitement that all the devotees had to participate in this abhishek, bathing ceremony for Lord Caitanya. Hare Krishna!

The personality of Kali said, looking behind the scenes in every direction to his friend, adharma, friend, look! Look look! What do they see?

Kali was overwhelmed, and this is what he saw:

“Carrying auspicious jars in their hands the women come and go, they go down to the Ganges and from the Ganges shore to the town. In their words are His pastimes, in their eyes tears, on their bodies trembling, on their breasts looseness, and on their cheeks, hairs erect in ecstasy. This is very wonderful.”

THIS IS VERY WONDERFUL! Oh, no what did you do adharma? All these ladies are in ecstasy! What are you going to do? What are you going to do?!

So hearing the words of Srivas, all the devotees became immensely blissful and all their bodies had hairs standing on end! At that time, Srivas bathed Gauranga Mahaprabhu with the crystalline waters of the Suranidhi Ganga and worshipped Him according to the proper rituals! Mighty Nityananda held His umbrella above Gaura’s head! Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga! So the Sandhya arati song is describing the kind of situation we are seeing here.

Gadaadhar put betel nuts into Gaura’s mouth, while all the other bhaktas served the Lord with various articles, such as peacock fans and chamara whisks. Next is Murari Gupta’s Caitanya Carita.

All the devotees were absorbed in sankirtan rasa, completely immersed and overwhelmed. Everybody could hear Hari kirtan and they were chanting from all sides. And they were very happy, very joyful and vishmita? They were filled with wonder! And they were dancing and chanting with all enthusiasm. Now Caitanya Bhagavat.

On this day the devotees got the special mercy of the Lord while they were dancing. The Lord climbed up on the Vishnu throne, Lord Vishnu’s throne. Now Caitanya Mangal.

Advaita Acharya Gosain, He, on another day, came to Navadvip dham in order to see Lord Vishwambhar.

Caitanya Mahaprabhu had gone to the house of Srivas Thakur. Waiting for Lord Gaurasundar’s return, Advaita Acharya took His bath and performed His worship of the deities.

At Srivas prabhu’s house, Lord Caitanya joyfully standing and offering flowers, He spoke the following words.

I worship this club to destroy the miscreants who offend My devotees out of envy, whoever offends My devotees.

The Lord said, in everyone’s presence, with this, I will destroy all those offensive people. He also said, such atheists.

One person who is envious of My devotees, he has leprosy and he will suffer leprosy for many, many births, for many lives.

I will force him to take birth to live in a hell of witches and such. He will become a stool eating pig!

I will punish him and his followers with My club, I will destroy all the atheists.

It was My intention to go to the forest but this place has become a vast, great forest.

One man is like a tiger, another like a stone, another like a tree, another like a blade of grass!

Some people act just like jungle beasts. For this reason, this place is My Mahavana, great forest. Lord Caitanya, He is soft like a rose and He is hard like a club. So here He is angry that His devotees are being prosecuted and envied, but later we will see, how some of these people had a change of heart, and Lord Caitanya then blessed them.

So hearing that Advaita Acharya had come, Lord Gaura thought, I was not there to greet Him! So I should go to greet Him!

At that time, Advaita Acharya He arrived at that place suddenly! And He appeared before Lord Gaura!

Advaita Gosain, He offered a gift to Lord Gaura’s two lotus feet, and He offered His obeisances, falling flat like a stick! Falling on the ground prostrate! How many more verses from Caitanya Mangal? (Repeater said 8 to 9 verses of Caitanya Mangal and many other verses.)

Grasping His hands, the Lord said the following words, because of You, I have come to this world.

We will start from the next verse tomorrow. Any questions?

Question: Shurva Dey Babu: Guru maharaj, sometimes the atheist people, they argue with devotees and ask questions like, who is the creator of the Lord?

Guru maharaj : The Lord is not created. Ishwara parama Krishna Sachidananada Vigraha, Anaadir Aadir Govindam Sarva Kaarana Kaaranam. Things in the material world are created and destroyed, but in the spiritual world or the Absolute Truth, there is no creation and no destruction, they have been eternally existing, and the Lord is the cause of all causes. He is original and He is without origin. Aadi and Anaadi – original and without any origin.

Comment from Ratnavali dasi: I would also like to beg forgiveness for all my offences committed knowingly and unknowingly.

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Question: Is it possible to have a personal relationship with each of the Panchatattva by praying to Them sincerely>? Kaivalya Sundari dd

Guru maharaj: They are all Absolute, at least the first four. They can have unlimited personal relationship but whether one is qualified, we want to be the servant of the servant of the Lord, not to be directly in the service of the Lord. So, by being the servant of the servant. of the servant of the Lord, we get to serve the Lord! Haribol!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
4 February 2019