Nama Om Vishnu Paadaya, ….
Hari Haraaya Naam Krishna Yadavaya Naama Hari…
Mukham karoti…

So today is the auspicious 3rd of February, Sunday, the day of Suryadeva. I had no physical therapy today. I mean, I had but I didn’t have my therapist. And we had a meeting, about three hours, of the TOVP exhibits on internet. Then I had my voice therapy where I also went over all the words that you had difficulty in understanding. Then this afternoon I went cycling. I did over 1200 cycles!! That is a record! That is a world record!! Then we had a meeting how to give care to the disciples using the internet. And that went a little long. So that is why we are starting a little late. So only a short class and question and answers.

Sometimes the translator translates Arun as pink, sometimes as red but Arun was the sun rising kind of saffron or orange color. So the people were looking at the Lord with wonder and astonishment. His eyes, were the color of lotuses, color of the rising sun, freshly blossoming, like the light from the rising sun. As He moved quickly on the path, His feet were like saffron lotuses.

Caitanya Bhagavat, Madhya Kanda:

On that day the assembled devotees gave the Lord abhishek, bathing ceremony, as the king of kings. So the personality of Kali is speaking to his friend, adharma. Friend look! Look! By His powers Sri Caitanya is manifesting to everyone’s vision, the house of the best of brahmanas, Srivas, like a portion of ilavrta varsha, splendid, splendid, like the dense waves of light from the rising sun, on the peak of mount Meru. At that time of the abhishek, Lord Caitanya, as a madman overcome with bliss, and as a splendid lightning enters the deity room, ascends the broad throne of the Shaligram shilas and other deities, pushes them aside, sits down, He is surrounded by all the devotees of the Lord as He hastily runs to and fro, expertly bringing articles of worship, shedding tears, the hairs on their bodies are standing erect, and their hearts pure from defeating the enemy of material desires, they are totally ecstatic in the consciousness of Gauranga. Gauranga! Gauranga! Kali does not have a chance! Haribol! Down with Kali! All for Gauranga! Haribol! Haribol! Hariiiiiiibol!

One day Sri Gaurasundar Mahaprabhu came to the house of Srivas Pandit. He was accompanied by Nityananda Chandra who was the most restless. Gradually the pure devotees gathered there. Gradually the devotees, bhakta gana sakala, gathered there. Hare Krishna!

Gaurarai Mahaprabhu’s consciousness was absorbed in spiritual ecstasy. Manifesting His supreme opulences, He looked all around.

The devotees understood the indication of the Lord and they began chanting loudly kirtan from all directions
On other days, the Lord danced in a mood of a servitor of the Lord and occasionally, momentarily, He would manifest His opulence, again withdrawing them.

With joyous hearts, abandoning their lamentation, they returned with Sri Gaurahari to the house of Srivas Thakur.

In the presence of everyone, the Supreme Lord said, Oh, bestowers of Krishna mellows, devotees, listen to My appreciation, the one thing I want to say.

If I renounce My mother and go to some other place, then all the people will criticize Me that Gauranga has done wrong. He has acted improperly.

Hearing the Lord speak in that way, Murari Gupta said, Oh Lord, nobody will say anything like that. The conditioned soul cannot speak against His eternal Lord like that. Or no living being could speak like that of their eternal Lord.

When the Lord heard these words from Murari’s mouth, Bhagavan Gaurasundar, with His long arms, embraced Murari Gupta and with a happy heart, He entered the house.

Because of His great ecstasy, all the hairs stood on end on Murari’s body and he recited an ancient sloka, or verse, you should listen to this.

Translation by Srila Prabhupad:

“Since I am but a poor brahma bandhu not brahminically qualified, although born in a brahmana family and You Lord Krishna are the shelter of the goddess of fortune. It is simply wonderful, My Lord Krishna that You have embraced me with Your arms.”

Hearing this wonderful verse, the Lord displayed a wonderful ecstasy. He manifested to show Murari brilliance like a thousand suns and thus He radiated His effulgence.

The Lord siting on the aasan, He spoke these sweet words. He spoke in a sweet voice that you should understand that My body is made of sachidananada ghana- it has the quality of eternity, cognizance and it is ever blissful and Supreme, you should know. So that was Murari Gupta’s Korcha – notes of Murari Gupta. Now we are going to change to the Caitanya Chandrodaya Naatak, that we will start tomorrow as it is already late. Are there any questions on today’s readings? How much did you understand what I said? How many still need a repetition? (80%understood the devotees said.) So we will only repeat 20. Ha! Ha!

Question: How can anyone be free from envy and jealousy in the spiritual life? Jisu Sen.

Guru maharaj: That is the original sin, why we are here in the material world. For some reason we envied or were jealous of the Lord. So that is the one thing we cannot dovetail. We dovetail anger, you can dovetail greed, you can dovetail everything but not envy, matsar. I can be greedy to get more mercy of Krishna, I can be angry of someone who offends Krishna, everything can be dovetailed, but envy, no! So we should give up envy. But how do we do that? You do that by Krishna consciousness. By being advanced in Krishna bhakti, you think that if I have any good quality it is due to the mercy of guru and Krishna. And if someone is doing better, we are inspired that oh, they have achieved success! I will follow their example and get the mercy also. Envy means, oh, that one is ahead, let me trip him up! I will be ahead of him; he will be in the dust! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hai! I will be the king of the mountains! You see that keeps us here in the material world! It is a hellish mentality. So we want people to do better, we want to associate with them, we want their mercy, we want to follow their good example, we don’t want to envy them that oh, they got the mercy. Let me throw mud on them. You see in Vrndavan, Krishna went out with Radharani, They left the Raasa dance. So the other gopis they thought, this gopi must have had special bhakti to take the Lord away. And they were happy that at least one gopi had conquered Krishna. So we want Krishna to be happy. And if we are envious, Krishna will not be happy. That is the worst thing we could do. So if one understands this, they can avoid envy because it is counterproductive. Thank you very much.

One more question.

Question: Dearest guru maharaj, hearing the pastime of Gauranga, (guru maharaj said: GAURANGA!) even the stone like heart is melting. But the fortunate Kali who saw such glorious Lord Gauranga’s abhishek, how was it possible, he did not become a devotee? Shantagopi devi dasi

Guru maharaj: (Guru maharaj told the repeater: Your voice did not project out, you have to go to the voice therapist!) There are four kinds of people in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that do not get His mercy. So Kali, he is one of those. His job is to introduce tamo guna in the society. So even he is impressed by what Lord Gauranga is doing but his job doesn’t change. It is just that he is neutralized sometimes by Lord Caitanya’s mercy. Right now Kali is on the role and specially here in India, what to speak of the rest of the world, people imitate the west and act in a sinful way. So we want to spread the chanting of Hare Krishna and the message of GAuuuuuranga! We want to neutralize Kali’s influence and help people be Krishna conscious. Hare Krishna!

In the Caitanya Chandrodaya Naataka even Kali had some good things to say. He was amazed by Lord Caitanya’s influence. How He was manifesting Himself! So Kali and irreligion did not know what to do! Haribol!

Thank you all! Bol Nityananda bol Haribol! Haribol!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
3 February 2019