Nama Om Vishnu Paadaaya …

I will speak English first others Ac will not be able to repeat. So my Delhi physician, Bharat ki Rajdhani Delhi, he is a liver expert. He told me that within 3-5 years I should get a new liver, I should get a liver transplant. But in 2017 he suddenly said your condition has worsened and he said that you need a liver transplant in 3-6 months. So I went to the experts in Delhi and they said you are too great a risk and we won’t deal with you. I was rejected!! Then my doctor who came here, he said, Dr. Raila in South India, he is the number one in liver transplant. So right after Gaura Purnima I went there. He said I had to be within 3-4 hours’ distance so that I could immediately undergo liver transplant when a liver became available. So about seven months I waited, and I have never been out of Mayapur so long! We had Janamashtami there, Ratha Yatra there. I attended the Kolkata ratha yatra by Skype. But the hospital that I was in, Dr. Raila told me that I had an 8 out of 10 chance of success. 2 out of 10 means death. But everyone recommended that I take the chance and go through it. So I was waiting, waiting, for seven months, but this hospital gets liver on rotation, and when they got the liver, it was the wrong blood type. My blood type is B positive. Anyway, Mahavaraha prabhu who has been helping me as my secretary since the stroke I had in 2008, he found out that the government hospitals get the first choice, then they give to the private hospitals. So I changed to a government hospital. And that hospital had an operation theater for liver operation which was designed by Dr. Raila, who is my surgeon. But they said that this government hospital treats very poor villagers. You are a famous guru, not a poor person, so we may get some criticism. Anyway, I had some help and I went two times for a checkup. And second time they finally agreed that we will accept you as our patient. No sooner than I got the registration number, in three hours there was a car accident. Two people died, spot dead. But their liver and kidney were in good order! So they said, you are not going home, get ready for the operation! Then all of you have been praying for me, all over the world they prayed for me, some people had dreams of Nrsimhadev, so somehow by the mercy of Krishna and all the deities and prayers of the devotees, I am still here! I have a new liver and a new kidney! But they say I have been told that for one year I have to be extremely cautious, as I have to take immunosuppressant medicines so that my body does not reject the new liver and new kidney. That is why we wear masks and take precautions. But I am very happy to back here to my home in Mayapur! Haribol! Of course they were very nice in Chennai, they treated me very nicely! So you have some competition now! So this time is just before the Gaura Purnima festival. And at this time, Mayapur is the host to devotees from all over the world. And Prabhupad had announced that this was the spiritual headquarters of ISKCON. Therefore, the GBC comes here every year to have their Annual General Meeting. And this is a great opportunity for us to serve them and welcome them! It is something to be very proud of to be a part of Mayapur! With that comes a responsibility. That is to act very responsibly and serve all the vaishnavas.
Recently I have been compiling the Caitanya Lila book. And we see that how Lord Caitanya when He was acting as a devotee, He loved to serve other vaishnavas. When He had the 21-hour ecstatic arati, when He manifested His divine form as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, all the devotees were so blissful, so ecstatic, serving the Lord!! All the ladies offered foodstuff to the Lord, and He ate everything!! Bring Me more! Bring Me more! They gave 108 pots of Ganges water. Each pot was one or two liters! He drank everything! Nobody could do that, only the Lord! So they were all running to find out what offering to give the Lord and everybody started Hari dhwani! Haribol! Haribol! All the ladies did ulu dhwani! Ulu ulu ulu ulu ulu! Haribol! Jai dhwani! Ulu dhwani! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! Gauranga! Nitai! Gaur! So the demons thought that our sleep is being disturbed by these vaishnavas. They said that the boat is coming from the king Hussain Shah and he will have the police arrest Srivas and all the vaishnavas. Srivas is such a simple devotee that he took to heart the false news. We now have false news on the social media. And we find that 500 years ago they were also attacked by false rumors. So Lord Caitanya, Lord Gauranga, He kicked on Srivas’s door, open the door! Open the door! That person who you are worshipping is now here! Haribol! Srivas opened the door and Lord Caitanya manifested four arms. He appeared as Lord Nrsinghadev! He said there is nothing to worry about! I am here! I am in everyone’s heart; I will tell the king not to do anything! But He has an independent mind, and if he wants to do something anyway, I will personally go on the boat! I will tell him bring all your mullahs, bring all your high priests! Let them read the Quran and make everyone cry! No one will cry! I will speak, I will make everyone cry! You don’t believe Me, look at this four-year-old Narayani! Cry in love for Godhead! And immediately Narayani tried to cry in love of Krishna! So you are so blessed that you are in Lord Gauranga’s birthplace and His place of lilas. I have to go now and show myself before the deities. Please forgive me! Hare Krishna!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
20 February 2019