Dear Guru Maharaja,

Please accept my prostrated obeisances in the dust of your sankirtan feet.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

It is amazing to watch you in another year in seva, another chapter in
loving relations with your unlimited dependents in service to Srila

When I last saw you in New Delhi during your 3-month stay to heal your
physical system, we had some wonderful exchanges with you. On your bed you
shared a long list of jokes that I have never heard before. But what was
most charming was in the evening when you were exercising in your mobile
wheel chair, moving about the room.

Jestingly, I pretended to be a police officer and said, “Hey you, you are
speeding with out a permit. Let me see your license to drive!” You made a
transcendental about face and came directly over to me, and said with a
humorous but serious face, “Let me see your badge!” I was certainly humbled
by your response.

Even through such a simple exchange you taught a great lesson. From that
I could see, that for my self, or any of your dependents within the society,
an inquiry to what is our ‘badge of service’ to the mission, yourself, and
Srila Prabhupada? Our relation with you, through parampara, is our
connection with the Lord; that is the only Medal of Honor that we can

The spiritual master is ‘agent of mercy’ as we attempt to serve in
parampara. Your love for Srila Prabhupada is a confirmation of the above,
through distribution and dedication, a unique ability to transform hearts.
Our society is expanding on many levels, towards this goal, training its
leaders to serve, contribute, and continue a legacy.

Your example has been a guiding light in this regard, selfless service,
reaching the hearts of all. We thank you again and again for your example
and tolerance of some of the ‘small time’ policemen under your charge.

Your servant,
Bhaktisiddhanta Swami.