I was informed that my doctor, Dr. M. Rela, who was the doctor who did my liver transplant, he said that if I go 7 days with the corona virus, without any serious symptom, then that is very good. 7th-10th day is the critical period. That day if we develop symptoms, it can be very serious. So, he prescribed that I should continue to take the gargle multiple times a day with hot salt water, to also inhale steam at least 3 times a day. In addition, my health forum has prescribed different medicines, vitamins and things I should take, which I am doing, and I will see. Now is the 2nd day, so we will see how things go.

Yesterday, I got information that they did the Dhanvantari fire sacrifice in Śrīraṅgam, and also in Māyāpur they are doing Nrsiṁha Pūjā of 108 Tulsis offered at the lotus feet of Nrsiṁhadeva. I heard that my śikṣā disciple, Jalangi devī dāsī also did a Pūjā.