Dear Devotees and well-wishers,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Guru Maharaja’s health is relatively critical at this stage. He had to be placed on a ventilator due to his ongoing difficulty breathing. He is in the ICU Ward and the doctors are working to stabilize his condition. We would like to give you a broader picture of Guru Maharaja’s condition so there is a more thorough understanding of the gravity of the situation.

After the emergency in Mayapur and being treated in the ICU in a Kolkatta hospital, Guru Maharaja was airlifted to the specialized hospital in Delhi where his head doctor is based. Since the liver has been the main focus of his treatment from October last year, the medical staff here wanted to ensure that this condition (his affected liver) wasn’t deteriorating. All his organs were checked and medications were prescribed to safeguard Guru Maharaja’s overall wellbeing. However, the problem was his limited capacity to breath properly. Guru Maharaja’s lungs do not seem to respond, as it is needed for his condition to improve sustainably.

From the beginning of this crisis on May 10th in Mayapur, the attention has been in addressing the problems in the lungs. It was identified that Guru Maharaja had pneumonia, which complicated his breathing. All relevant tests and medications have been administered to check this problem. Nevertheless, Guru Maharaja’s body is not responding as it is expected. Thus the situation is at a critical stage. There are fluids accumulated in his abdomen and lungs, which is compounded by the pneumonia. Antibiotics and other medications are given to Guru Maharaja with due care to prevent complications with other organs.

As reported earlier, a team of devotee-doctors is supervising Guru Maharaja’s treatment given by the hospital. Two of these devotees are currently here with him in Delhi and others are participating via tele-conference practically around the clock. There is a constant discussion with the doctors’ team to consider pros and cons of treatments and the immediate course of action.

It is our intention to provide you with updated and accurate information regarding Guru Maharaja’s health. Nevertheless we request your understanding given the difficulties in doing so, due to the – sometimes – sudden changes in Guru Maharaja’s health condition.

Tomorrow is Nirjala Ekadasi. We humbly request everybody to observe it as an offering for Guru Maharaja.

Please continue to send your offerings to and we will make sure Guru Maharaja will be reported on this as soon as possible. We humbly request you to continue your sincere prayers and chanting for his fast recovery.

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Guru Maharaja’s Health Team

(Ekanatha Gaura das – Health Coordinator)