Dear Devotees and well-wishers,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Today finally, Guru Maharaja was moved out from the Intensive Care Unit. However, he is still under strict supervision to prevent any future complications. He is eating a regular diet now and although supervised, the goal is for him to regain his strength and improve his breathing capacity.

His health now is stable and improving day by day, but what lays ahead is a long term plan to assist the recovery of his liver and overall health. Guru Maharaja will be including Ayurveidc therapies in his recovery plan.  

A few days ago, a team of doctors was explaining to Guru Maharaja that if he wasn’t able to breath on his own for longer, there was the probability he needed to have a tracheostomy, or a tube operated into his wind-pipe. At that point, he had a soft tubing in his mouth for breathing thus he could not talk but with great endeavor, he just pointed at an alphabet chart to make up the words he wanted to say.

After different pros and cons were explained to him, he held his hand in front of his mouth motioning as if he had a microphone. In the beginning none of us could understand what he was trying to say. After a lot of endeavor by pointing at each letter we understood that he was asking, “Can I talk and sing with that device in my throat?”

As we can see, Guru Maharaja is not being dejected or disappointed by any apparent obstacle that comes his way. He is always ready to adjust to continue his preaching service. When one of the doctors said, “You can even go home with that device on”, Guru Maharaja immediately expressed through pointing at the chart again, “Can I travel with it?” Everyone present just laughed in celebration of his determination.

The Health team once again thank you all for your numerous messages and promise to keep you updated with Guru Maharaja’s latest reports. Once he is able to send regular messages or any particular instruction, we will share them with you. We expect that after a few days, we will have a clearer picture of how much longer Guru Maharaja would have to be hospitalized for. As soon as all these details are clear we will make them public.

Please continue to send your offerings to and we will make sure Guru Maharaja will be reported on this as soon as possible. We humbly request you to continue your sincere prayers and chanting for his fast recovery.

We will keep you informed through, JPS App (available on both iPhone and Android), and twitter (@jayapatakaswami).  

On Behalf of Guru Maharaja’s Health Team

(Ys, Ekanatha Gaura das – Health Coordinator)

P.P. Iksvaku dasa