Friday Aug 31st ,2018
13:30 hrs ( Indian standard time )
Update #28 (Special Update)

Dear God Family, Disciples and well wishers of HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj,

This is a special update to inform you all that Guru Maharaj is being discharged from Stanley Hospital and will move to a private institution this afternoon for further recovery and rehabilitation.

Doctors have said he is stable and fit to be moved out though there is still some way to go for Guru Maharaj to recoup his breathing and stabilize some parameters. Arrangements are being done for the discharge and see that the move is smooth and safe.

At this moment we seek intense prayers for the smooth move. Always it’s the prayers that help Guru Maharaja and we are again seeking all your help .

It’s amazing to see the impact of Guru Maharaja’s presence. Nurses from other departments have been wanting to take darshan and seek blessings from Guru Maharaja thou they have not seen him.

Shopkeepers in the vicinity from whom we buy supplies are inquiring and praying for recovery of Guru Maharaja. The nurses and doctors are feeling blessed to have served Guru Maharaja. Even in a condition when he can be hardly heard and confined to a room Guru Maharaja has inspired many in different ways.

Guru Maharaj ki Jai!! Let’s continue and intensify our prayers.

On behalf of Health Team and JPS Seva Committee
Your Servant
Mahavaraha Das