Wednesday, Sep 05th, 2018
22:00 hrs (Indian standard time)
Update #34

Dear God Family, Disciples and well wishers of HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaja,

Today there has been more positive news, thanks to all the world wide prayers and let’s hope and pray this trend continues.

Dr. Rela, the surgeon who performed the liver transplant, visited Guru Maharaja. He expressed to Guru Maharaja, that he was progressing better than expected though there is still some inevitable endurance for Guru Maharaja. He asked Guru Maharaja if he was happy and also assured him that his team will take good care and that Guru Maharaj should remain in hospital for some more time.

The preliminary reports of the biopsy do not suggest any rejection of kidney but just slow progress. Dr Rela also said the kidneys will pick up in time and at the moment there is no worry. But let us be aware that rejection of organs is possible at any time in the first 3 months.

When asked if he had any concerns, Guru Maharaja said he felt weak. So doctor suggested that Guru Maharaja must be mobilized. So after lunch he sat in his wheel chair for about 50 minutes. Guru Maharaja is still not able to eat the prescribed quantity, but he is slowly increasing his intake.

His speech has also improved and his voice is louder and clearer.

So let’s acknowledge the Lord’s reciprocation of our prayers, by thanking him and continue and intensify our prayers, so things move in a positive way during this critical period, and Guru Maharaja’s recovery is smooth and quick.

We thank you all for the wonderful programmes arranged world wide. As and when possible we will update Guru Maharaja and let’s hope we will hear his voice soon. We are also grateful to the various Maharajas, leaders of temples, yatras and congregations who have dedicated the recent Janamashtami celebrations for the benefit of Guru Maharaja.

On behalf of Health Team and JPS Seva Committee
Your Servant
Mahavaraha Das