Wednesday, Nov 14th, 2018
End of day 91 post liver and kidney transplants
21:30 Hrs. (Indian standard time)
Update #75

Dear God Family, Disciples and well-wishers of H. H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaja,

Guru Maharaja has been steadily improving on his various facets of health with a lot of prayers from all of you and by the profound mercy of Lord Sri Krishna. He is also working hard with physiotherapy 6 days a week, Speech and Voice therapies 4 times a week. He is also attending important meetings on skype and replying to mails.

Lord Damodhar has been very merciful and devotees have been putting more efforts in trying to achieve a target of 1 million lamps for speedy recovery of Guru Maharaja. Even though he still is in the critical period of recovery, the doctors assure us that his progress is good so far and they hope it will continue this way. So its prayers again that will help Guru maharaja to recover and get back to his services soon.

Please use the WhatsApp link below to report on a daily basis (even if you are reporting on

We request you to kindly post details of all Damodhar Aarti programs done by you on together with pictures, audio and video as this will please Guru Maharaja immensely.

*Please note that the next update will be on 30.11.2018*.

We wish you all a very happy Bishma Pancaka.

On behalf of the Health Team and JPS Seva Committee,
Your Servant
Mahavaraha Das