Sunday, Sep 02nd, 2018
21:30 hrs (Indian standard time)
Update #31

Dear God Family, Disciples and well wishers of HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaja,

Today being Sunday was a quiet day. Guru Maharaja is calm and peaceful. He didn’t eat much at breakfast time but ate most of what was served for lunch.

This morning they tried the speaking valve and there was good phonation but still no clarity. Guru Maharaja is still on ventilator. The doctors are letting him breathe by himself for 4 hrs and then give him support with ventilator for 2 hrs. He is tolerating the self breathing well and the doctors will reduce the duration of the ventilator as he gets stronger.

There have been some concerns about the functioning of the kidney. Hence, further tests have been scheduled for tomorrow to test the kidney function.

There have been many spiritual gatherings around the world, for the benefit of Guru Maharaja’s health and devotees have been intensely praying for his quick recovery.

1. HH Radhanath Swami Maharaja is dedicating this Janmashtami festival for the quick recovery of Guru Maharaja (See video attached)

2. A Bhagavatam Marathon has been organized in UK to offer 108 Bhagavatam sets for this Bhadra Purnima.

3. New Vrindavan, West Virginia, USA is also dedicating this Janmashtami celebrations for our Guru Maharaja.

Kindly intensify prayers in each of your satsangas and dedicate the same for our Guru Maharaja. Please also post the same together with pictures in

We wish you all a very happy Janmashtami.

On behalf of Health Team and JPS Seva Committee

Your Servant

Mahavaraha Das