Thursday, Oct 04th, 2018
End of day 50 post liver and kidney transplants
22:00 Hrs. (Indian standard time)
Update #63

Dear God Family, Disciples and well-wishers of H. H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaja,

Guru Maharaja is looking alert in spite of his disturbed sleep last night due to pain in the back. This was as a result of his journey to the hospital and back, sitting on the wheel chair for long hours. Today is day 8 after decannulation and Guru Maharaja is tolerating it well. He is able to cough out his mucus on his own. He is on medication and some dietary changes for his high potassium. Some of his other parameters are up and down. By Krishna’s mercy these parameters should come back to normal as the kidney slowly begins full functioning.

Today, one of the best physiotherapists in Chennai visited Guru Maharaja. He has made an assessment and will come up with a therapy plan to be implemented from tomorrow. On a daily basis the doctors are liaising with an ICU senior consultant updating him of the daily progress.

We request you to kindly intensify your prayers invoking Krishna’s mercy for Guru Maharaja’s speedy recovery. This will mean that once Guru Maharaja is back in action, he will be able to fulfill his commitments to Srila Prabhupada. Please organize more prayer programs for intense prayers and post details on to please Guru Maharaja.

*Please note that the next update will be on 06.10.2018 and once every two days thereafter*

On behalf of the Health Team and JPS Seva Committee,
Your Servant
Mahavaraha Das