Monday, Oct 01st, 2018
22:00 Hrs. (Indian standard time)
Update #60 (LONG)

Dear God Family, Disciples and well-wishers of H. H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaja,

Today most of you would have witnessed the live video of Guru Maharaja being discharged on The ground team of doctors and servants who have been working so hard were so excited that they instantly decided to broadcast it live and share with all of us, whose intense prayers, programs and austerities have contributed to overcome all odds to see this day. Guru Maharaja has been stable in the last few days and that has given confidence to the treating doctors and all of us to discharge him.

This Morning Guru Maharaja was seen by all the specialists and after assessing his condition and the facilities at home they were in agreement and happy to discharge Guru Maharaja. The Doctors felt that by just moving him to an ICU set up at home, will help Guru Maharaja recover faster.

Guru Maharaja’s home has been prepared well and converted into an ICU. He is moving from a hospital ICU to a home ICU. The home has been redone with all necessary equipment and facilities. He will have two professional nurses and our devotee doctors 24 hours per day. Guru Maharaja will have to visit hospital periodically for reviews and check-ups.

*The restriction on visitors will remain and be similar to that in the hospital as instructed by the doctors* . *This is one of their conditions prior to discharge.** All doctors and servants on the ground have been inoculated and tested for infectious diseases as *Guru Maharaja is to be quarantined for at least another 2 months.*

We request one and all, those based in Chennai, including those who have services to support the ground team, to resist the temptation to have darshan of Guru Maharaja as this will not be benefitial for his health. And those outside of Chennai, including leaders, are requested to also avoid the temptation to visit Guru Maharaja since this can put him at great risk of infection. Plans are on for Guru Maharaja to give virtual darshan but will entirely depend on his schedule, which will be packed with activities necessary for his speedy recovery.

The next few months are still very crucial and critical with a lot of caution to be exercised by all. Now is the time for thanks giving and also for more intense prayers for Guru Maharaja to steadily recover and progress well. So, let’s continue to intensify our prayers and post details on for the pleasure of Guru Maharaja. On this historical day when Srila Prabhupada set his foot on the shores of USA many decades back, let us pray to Krishna for Guru Maharaja to be able to fulfill his commitments to Srila Prabhupada.

On behalf of the Health Team and JPS Seva Committee,
Your Servant
Mahavaraha Das