Friday, Sep 14th, 2018
21:30 Hrs. (Indian standard time)
Update #43

Dear God Family, Disciples and well-wishers of H. H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaja,

Guru Maharaja’s transfer was smooth and safe. He remained stable and was admitted into the ICU last night. This morning the radiologist drained fluid from the right chest area. Subsequently, Guru Maharaja started with physiotherapy and breathing exercises. Since the kidney has been slow in picking up to the normal functioning, doctors are considering redoing the biopsy. Today the doctors stopped the oral feeding and resumed nasal feeding because he aspirated while drinking water.

Guru Maharaja is on ventilator support and the doctors are working to get him out of the same as early as possible.

Let us all pray intensively for Guru Maharaja’s kidney to function normally and also for him to be able to breathe normally. Kindly organize and dedicate more programs for the forthcoming Sri Radhashtami and please post details of these along with pictures, audio and video on

On behalf of the Health Team and JPS Seva Committee,
Your Servant
Mahavaraha Das