Monday, Sep 10th, 2018
21:00 Hrs. (Indian standard time)
Update #39

Dear God Family, Disciples and well wishers of HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaja,

Today, Guru Maharaja sat on his wheelchair for almost 2 hours. Guru Maharaja could not do much in spirometry which is a measure of lung function, specifically, the amount of air that can be exhaled or inhaled. He seems to be doing better in his physiotherapy. Both these aspects are key factors in Guru Maharaja’s recovery and this is apart from the importance of him being infection free. Today evening he felt very drowsy so he was shifted to the ICU from the private room. The doctors have been moving Guru Maharaja to and from ICU for trying out various conditions on trial basis.

Guru Maharaja is now free from tubes and drains. Alternate staples over the skin incision was also removed. Nephrologist has been checking the kidney function everyday and taking a call on dialysis. If Guru Maharaja’s breathing will improve and he does not retain carbon dioxide then he can be moved to private room.

The private room is for the convenience of Guru Maharaja. It is a more sterile place and that is the reason doctors are looking to move him. We want to reiterate that moving him to private room does not reduce the seriousness of the situation. When Guru Maharaja moves into a private room, it will still be treated like an ICU and the same holds good whenever he comes home.

So let us not become complacent and remember that this is a critical period and we should remain focused wherever we are on prayers and help Guru Maharaja cross this period easily.

H. H. Bhakti Purushottam Swami, after he left Chennai travelled to Vaikuntha (Puri dham) which is known as Martya Vaikuntha or Vaikuntha on earthly planet. There he offered puja to Lord Jagannath for Guru Maharaja. Then he went to Sweta dvipa (Navadip). He worshipped Lord Gauranga by chanting holy name in Akhanda Hari nama sankirtan, going on in Mayapur, for speedy recovery of Guru Maharaja’s health. Today he is leaving to KAILASH to the abode of Lord Shiva to offer puja for quick recovery of Guru Maharaja’s health. Let us all pray for his safe trip too.

Request you to kindly continue with your serious and intense prayers and please post pictures, audio and video on

On behalf of Health Team and JPS Seva Committee
Your Servant
Mahavaraha Das