Saturday, 25th August 2018,
20:30 Hrs (Indian Standard Time)
Update #22

Dear God family, Disciples and Well Wishers of Guru Maharaja,

Today Guru Maharaja sat for almost 1.5 hrs on the wheelchair. Many mails from his Godbrothers, pending since the day of the surgery, were read out to him and he wished to reply them today itself.

The ENT surgeons changed Guru Maharaja’s tracheostomy tube to one with a speaking valve. They did not change it yesterday, as mentioned in our previous report, due to some glitches in the process. His voice is better now.

By Krishna’s mercy, the progress that Guru Maharaja is making is very encouraging. Thanks to all for your prayers. We request you to please continue praying even more vigorously as this is the best tonic for our Guru Maharaja’s quick recovery during this most critical period.

Tomorrow is Balaram Purnima and what a better day to pray for strength for our Guru Maharaja than on this auspicious day.

The Lord is very benevolent on His appearance day so let’s all pray intensely to Lord Balaram so Guru Maharaja can get all the needed strength to recover and continue his services to Srila Prabhupada.

Please report all prayers and special events organized for our Guru Maharaja’s recovery with photographs on

A very happy Balaram Purnima to all of you.

On behalf of the Health Team and JPS Seva Committee.
Your servant,
Mahavaraha Das